Podfic Broken Telephone

Old timey femmes holding tin cans connected by a string.

Podfic Broken Telephone is an experimental podfic challenge where Person A makes a podfic. It becomes the prompt for Person B. Person B’s podfic becomes a prompt for Person C’s podfic. And down the line we go until everyone’s had a turn.

Using a podfic as a prompt means that each podiccer will pick at least one key element from their prompt podfic and use it in their work. A key element could be, but isn’t limited to: fandom, character, ship, trope, format (dialogue-only, epistolary, etc) or podficcing style (SFX, music, accents, etc). Think of “key element” as something about the podfic that you’d talk about in a rec.

Because of the sheer number of participants, three "chains" were formed to keep the run time of the challenge to six months or less.

This collection represents all of the podfics that are part of this challenge BUT to get the full effect and to see them in the order they were made, check out these series:


Chain 1
Chain 2
Chain 3

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