Podcast Fandom Prompts

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A prompt meme challenge dedicated to podcast fandoms of all kinds!

(Open, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)

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Hello and welcome to a prompt meme specifically created with podcasts in mind!

All podcasts are welcome, but people are strongly encouraged to request and fill prompts for smaller fandoms, less popular characters and rarepairs, as well as headcanons and aus that don't get much limelight.

There's a lot of podcasts out there, plenty of them with less than a few hundred fics! Increasing their fic count is hopefully something this collection can be useful for!

More problematic content is also more than acceptable here. Kink Tomato; DLDR is in full play in this collection.



"Are big podcast fandoms less welcome?"

Not at all! I just want to emphasize stuff that gets less content so people can hopefully be connected with someone into the same niche stuff they are. All podcasts are welcome. Put as many magnus archives prompts in here as you want lol

It's also worth noting that podcast fandoms are usually a bit more niche than other media anyway, and some podcasts that are fairly well known or once enjoyed a lot of fame may not actually have that many works, or at least many new ones!


"Do the prompts have to be anonymous?"

Nope! That is entirely up to you!


"What if i really like the prompt but not for a podcast fandom?"

I mean you can write it, but it won't be posted here lol



- be respectful of everyone involved

- when filling, you must make an effort to follow the prompt

- prompts can be as general (e.g. one word prompts with no characters or fandoms requested) or specific as you like ("tma season 4 role reversal jonmartin 80s time travel android au fixit whump fic that must include the lyrics of a Brittany Spears song"). Note that all fills WILL be for a podcast fandom whether you list a specific fandom or not

- crossovers are allowed but at least one listed fandom MUST be a podcast fandom (saying "x fandom combined with any podcast" counts as well)

- all types of content and headcanons are allowed as long as they are not bigoted. No one is getting harassed for their tentacle noncon or incest fic on my watch