pod_exchange: a long podfic gift exchange

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A gift exchange for long podfic, where the minimum length is 1 hour OR 10,000 words.

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About pod_exchange: a long podfic gift exchange (pod_exchange)

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Mon 30 Sep 2019 12:00AM BST
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Mon 07 Oct 2019 12:00AM BST
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Mon 07 Oct 2019 12:00AM BST
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This is a gift exchange for long podfic, where the minimum length is 1 hour or 10,000 words. Participants may request up to six fandoms, at least three of which must be nominated fandoms.

There is a discord server for this challenge, which can be found here. Joining is optional. We are also on twitter @pod_exchange.

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The tag set for this exchange is here. You may nominate up to six fandoms. Fandoms are only eligible if they have more than 100 fics longer than 10,000 words. This is to ensure there is a sufficient pool of potential fic to be podficced.


You may request up to six fandoms. You are encouraged to list your likes and dislikes in your sign-up, or in a linked Dear Creator Letter. Feel free to use this as an opportunity to list additional fandoms you'd be interested in receiving podfic for that were not eligible for nomination.

You may offer up to six fandoms, and will be matched on at least one fandom you offer. You do not have to create a podfic for the fandom you were matched on. If your recipient has included extra details, you may create a podfic for a fandom they have requested that was not nominated, if you wish.

NB: Any extra details provided by your recipient are optional, but please do respect any hard do-not-wants, especially triggers.


All sign-up information will be compiled into a treats spreadsheet that will be posted publicly once sign-ups close. You do not have to be signed up to the exchange to create a treat. If you are signed up, you must have posted a podfic for your recipient before you can post any treats.

The minimum length of a treat is 45 mins or 7,500 words.


There will be two mandatory check-ins before the deadline where you'll be asked to share your progress. You aren't required to have completed a certain amount of work by this point, but if you are less than halfway done by the second check-in, we will ask if you need help finishing.

If at any point you are struggling, please let us know. We'll do our best to work with you to provide whatever assistance you need to finish your gift. If that isn't going to be possible, don't worry. Go to your assignment on AO3 and click the "Default" button. We will find a pinch hit for your recipient.


You may post your gift as soon as it is finished. It will be unrevealed until the collection goes live.


Nomination period: 27th May - 3rd June
Sign-up period: 4th June - 11th June
Assignments sent out: 15th June
First check-in: 30th July
Second check-in: 30th August
Posting deadline: 30th September
Podfics revealed: 7th October