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On a Hollow Ship

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"Do you miss him?" Clytemnestra asked.

Penelope stopped weaving the burial shroud. Clytemnestra thought about Iphigenia, whom she couldn’t weave one for because Agamemnon fed her to a monster. "Sometimes. Telemachus is a difficult child."

So is Orestes, Clytemnestra sighed. All Agamemnon’s ruthlessness but none of his wit.

"Is it worth waiting?" She asked.

Penelope stared at a faraway point on the wall. "Sometimes I'm unsure I want him to return. What about you?"

"I do," Clytemnestra said. But for a different reason.

"Take care. Agamemnon is difficult too."

Does she know? Clytemnestra wondered, but Penelope only continued her weaving.