Welcome to MTAC! This collection holds works that were originally archived at the MTAC archive, and is closed to new works.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 26 July 2017, and will begin after October 2017. The archive import was completed January 2018.

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About MTAC (mtac)

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This collection contains works originally located at, which were imported to the Archive of Our Own through the Open Doors Project. MTAC was an archive for NCIS fanfiction that had amassed over 1000 works. Due to hacker attacks and activity slowing since the site's early years, the moderator, Jessi, is working with Open Doors to import the site's fanworks to AO3! You can learn more about the import in the import announcement.



If you still have access to the email you used to post your works to MTAC, you should have received an email with the option to claim your works at the time they were imported. If you do not have access to that email account, or did not receive the notification, please contact the moderator at the contact email address listed above.

All unclaimed works are imported as restricted to logged-in AO3 users only, and will be made publicly viewable after a 30-day transition period. If you claimed your works before that period ended, you will need to change the restriction setting.

For questions about using the AO3, please contact Support. For questions about submitting works to MTAC, please contact the moderator at the email address listed above.



Submission guidelines from the original site (some details may no longer be accurate and links may no longer work):

Site Related

1. How often do you update?
We approve stories daily.
2. How can I find the most recent updates?
Updates are on the Updates page
3. I have an author/story I think you should list. What should I do?
Feel free to suggest to the author they submit with us. Or Contact Us with the contact information of the author and we will contact them.
4. Do you accept incomplete stories?
Yes, Work in Progress (WIP) stories are accepted as long as they are noted as such.
5. Will you link to stories on other sites?
Yes. We prefer to host stories locally so we do not have to worry about links breaking when sites are restructured or taken down, but if an author prefers it, they can link to the stories on their site. We will NOT however link to - as it is too unreliable in service and has annoying pop-ups.
6. What is the story with your ratings?
You can find a description of our ratings system on our Ratings Information page.
7. Why do you list author's websites and LiveJournals if you have their fic?
An author may write in many different fandoms or have original fiction that we don't host, but that you might be interested in reading.

NCIS Fandom Related

8. Who are OFC and OMC?
OFC (Other Female Character) and OMC (Other Male Character) are characters what belong wholly to the author of the story, or a character from another another show or book. They are not part of the NCIS universe as designed by the creators and writers of the television show.
9. Who is Mary Sue?
Mary Sue is the term given to a story in which the author placed themselves in the story as a main character (with or without changing their name). In many cases these characters are written as being better than the canon characters of the show.
10. What are "Canon" and "Fanon"?
From Wikipedia. In the context of fiction, the canon of a fictional universe comprises those novels, stories, films, etc. that are considered to be genuine (or "official"), and those events, characters, settings, etc. that are considered to have inarguable existence within the fictional universe. Sometimes, however, events or characterizations portrayed in fan-fiction can become so influential that they are respected in fiction written by many different authors, and may be mistaken for canonical facts by fans. This is referred to as "fanon".
11. What is "slash"?
Slash is a fan fiction story that contains a romantic relationship between two individuals of the same sex (whether male or female).
12. What is "PWP"?
Technically PWP is "Plot, What Plot?" PWP is loosely defined as a story with no real plot. For example, it could be a story with just a spot of humor, or a story with just a sex scene depending on the rating and other categories chosen.