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More Holmes

A place to find fanworks for the rarer parts of Holmesiana.

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The vast majority of Holmesian fanworks on AO3 are for five fandoms: the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the television shows Sherlock (BBC), Elementary, and House, M.D., and the Guy Ritchie-directed movies. Finding works for anything else – or getting the word out that you’ve made such a work – can sometimes be tricky.

This collection is designed to spotlight fanworks for any other adaptation than the big five: from the Granada television series to the Bert Coules radio plays, the Watson & Holmes comics to the novels by Laurie R. King, The Great Mouse Detective to Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, the Lenfilm Adventures of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson to Hayao Miyazaki's Sherlock Hound, as well as any of the hundreds of adaptations that don't yet have a canonical fandom tag on AO3. Everything More Holmes is welcome!



What is "More Holmes"?
The tag #moreholmes originated on tumblr to make it easier to find posts about Holmesian verses that are neither BBC Sherlock nor Elementary (the two most popular Holmesian fandoms on tumblr).

AO3 has different search tools than tumblr, and a longer memory. For the purposes of this collection, More Holmes is any Holmesian 'verse other than AO3's big five, i.e. anything other than BBC Sherlock, Elementary, House, M.D., the Ritchie films, or ACD canon.

Why have a collection?
There are so many rare Holmesian fandoms, many of which don't yet have a tag that can be tracked! We hope that this collection will make it easier to find works from the rarer Holmesian 'verses, especially when the 'verse or the work is new to AO3.

Why is the collection moderated?
Because not everyone reads the rules of a collection before adding to it. We won't be gatekeeping for anything beyond whether a story is centered on a More Holmes canon.

How do I add a work to the collection?
Pick whichever method you like best:

  • For an existing work, scroll down to the "Add to Collections" button (near the comments button), click, and type in "more_holmes"; or
  • For a new work, start on our collections page and click our "Post to Collection" button (near the top); or
  • For a new or existing work, open the work to edit it, find the "Post to Collections" field, type in "more_holmes", and publish.

After you hit publish, your fanwork will publish normally, and we'll get a message that you want the work in the collection. We'll check that it is in fact a More Holmes work, and approve it! Easy!

Are multi-chapter, multi-fandom collections of ficlets eligible?
As long as the More Holmes ficlets are clearly labelled and easily findable via the chapter titles or a chapter index, yes.

Are crossovers/fusions eligible?
As long as the focus of the work is on characters from a More Holmes canon, yes.

  • moreholmes x moreholmes: yes!
  • moreholmes x ACD: yes!
  • moreholmes x (BBC Sherlock, Elementary, House M.D., or Ritchie films): only if the main characters are from a moreholmes 'verse
  • moreholmes x non-holmesian: only if the main characters are from a moreholmes 'verse

Can I be notified when a work is added to the collection?
As far as we are aware, AO3 has not made it possible to subscribe to a collection (yet). However, we do have a tumblr that will be reblogging works as they are added (along with other more holmes content), so you can follow us there!