Les Miserables Winter Holidays Exchange 2015

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A non-denominational holiday gift exchange for fans of Les Miserables!

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Les Miserables Winter Holidays Exchange 2015 (lesmiswinterhols_2015)

Active since:
Assignments Due:
Sat 19 Dec 2015 12:00AM PST
Works Revealed:
Sat 19 Dec 2015 12:00PM PST
Creators Revealed:
Sat 26 Dec 2015 12:00AM PST
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In the spirit of year-end festivities, writers and artists in the Les Misérables fandom are invited to participate in the the Les Misérables Winter Holidays Exchange! Participants will sign up, assignments will be distributed, and creators will create anonymously until creator reveals go up!

Time goes by Pacific Standard Time (PST). You can check the time here and convert to your timezone here.
14 September, 12:00AM: Signups open
28 September, 12:00AM: Signups close
3 October, 12:00PM: Assignments are sent out
30 October, 12:00PM: Mandatory check-in
21 November, 10:00PM: Submissions/first drafts are due [Countdown]
21 November – 5 December: Pinch hit and editing period
12 December, 12:00AM: Final submissions are due [Countdown]
19 December, 12:00PM: Works are revealed
26 December, 12:00AM: Creators are revealed



What is the Les Mis Winter Hols?
It is a non-denominational holiday gift exchange for fans of Les Miserables - authors and artists alike - to come together and create fanworks for each other from October through December!

Does the work have to be winter- or holiday-themed?
Not at all, but it’s all good if it is.

Will the schedule change at any point during the exchange?
It’s pretty set in stone at this point, however changes may be made depending on real-life conflicts.

What is the check-in for?
It’s to check your progress on your assignment. The mods will send out a Google Form to check if you need any extensions or have to drop out for any reason.

I don’t want to write or draw, but I still want to help out.
Thank you! You’re welcome to spread the word using Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and invite any friends you think would like to participate. Spread excitement for when works are put up and revealed!

How do I sign up?
EDIT: There is a detailed sign-up tutorial on Tumblr with pictures and examples.

The left sidebar should have the signup link; all you have to do is click on it! From there, you’ll be entered into the collection itself, but you’re not done quite yet! There’s still the signup form you need to fill out with your requests (what you would like to ask from your gifter) and offers (what you’re comfortable with writing/offering to someone else).

You may specify what kind of fanwork you would like to receive - you may write and receive a piece of fanart, or draw and receive a fanfiction, so as long as you note that you want either or both.

You can also do this for your offer form.

Ratings are required for both requests and offers so that no one is obligated to create or receive content that makes them uncomfortable.

The signup form is arranged that each "request" or "offer" form is to max out the number of combinations you can have for a group of characters. For example, if you want Joly/Bossuet, Joly/Musichetta, and Musichetta/Bossuet, you can put them all in one form. This does not mean you will get Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta; it means you will get any of the pairs you put in the 'pairing' field.

(Alternatively, if you would like the moresome as well, feel free to put them in the 'pairing' field. If the tag doesn't exist, just note the threesome request and mod will keep it in mind when matching participants.)

If you would like to receive or offer genfic/art, please have one (1) form with no relationships, listing all characters you would like to receive/offer genfic/art for.

Participants are matched up based on at least two (2) matching relationships (or lack thereof), and at least two (2) characters.

Check out the sign-up form or contact the mods for further assistance.

What are Dear Creator Letters?
A more detailed version of your submitted prompt(s) posted on LiveJournal, Tumblr, etc. You can list anything you would not like to see, whether you prefer one prompt over another, or any other preferences you have. You can link these letters in your signup for your gifter to read. There is, however, no obligation for your gifter to follow this letter, although they can if they want to!

Dear Creator letters are completely optional and you do not have to have one! If you do want one, however, don’t feel pressured to finish it before you sign up. You can contact the mod with your finished letter after signups have closed and we’ll make sure to get it to your gifter!

What do I do once I get my assignment?
You can start working on it! You have approximately two (2) months, or nine (9) weeks.

Your assignments were matched up based on having a prompt that matched an offer. You do not have to fill this prompt! You have free reign to fill any prompt you get.

Am I allowed to fulfill more than one (1) request?
Yes, you are! As long as at least one of the works is done, you can fill as many prompts as you want!

Additionally, if you choose to fill more than one of your recipient's requests, each work does not necessarily have to be 700 words long or 500 x 300 pixels large. They must, however, add up to 700 words or more altogether; or span the equivalent or more of 500 x 300 pixels.

How strict is the anonymity for this exchange?
It would be more exciting if everyone kept it a secret until works go up, but that’s up to you. mods won’t be policing this, but it’s highly suggested to keep this a secret! Beta readers are also allowed, so long as your prompter doesn’t know.

If you would like to contact your recipient, or communicate with them somehow, rather than talking to them anonymously on Tumblr or elsewhere, please talk through the mod instead! You can email lesmisholsmod@gmail.com or ask us on Tumblr [link] to get in touch with your recipient for you, and get back to you.

Please do not post your gift publicly on other websites until work reveals and creator reveals have gone up :)

I missed the signup deadline!
Consider signing up to be a pinch-hitter if and most likely when we’ll need them! You can also make treats for the collection. Treats are fanworks generally additional to your assignment (if you are a signed up participant), or just any other work for anyone participating in the exchange.

You are allowed to create any number of treats for any participant. But please submit them after submitting your assignment.

I don’t like my assignment.
If it’s an error in matchup, please contact the mod right away and we’ll get it sorted out. All matchups are utilized, but even then, mistakes will be made.

If it’s preference, give it time. You might not feel any of the prompts right away, but inspiration may strike where you least expect. If you really can’t get into it, please contact the mod immediately! We will help you as best we can.


How do I post to this collection?
Go to your Assignment page on AO3, which you can find under the "Assignments" link on your Profile page, or on the Inter High collection page in the right-side navigation bar as "My Assignment". You should see two buttons at the bottom of your assignment: "Post to fulfil", and "Default".
Click "Post to fulfil", and you'll be taken to a posting form. This will automatically post your work into the current year's challenge. It also has your recipient's name already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.
AO3 also has a "rich text" option in the upper right corner above the main work entry area that might prove useful to you, especially if you're submitting fanart. Visual example.
If you're posting a Treat, you won't have an assignment or "post to fulfil" button. Instead, go to the current challenge page on the AO3, and click on "Post To Collection" under the challenge title. This will take you to a form with the challenge collection name already filled in. Fill in the recipient's name manually, then fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.

I don’t think I can finish my assignment in time!
You can contact the mod for an extension as late as December 12, 12:00AM PST. You can ask for an extension at any point during the exchange.

If you still think you can't get it in by December 12, 12:00 AM PST and would like to drop out, please contact us immediately, either through personal means or by sending an email to lesmisholsmod@gmail.com! You must also make sure you have defaulted. (Your AO3 user profile > Dashboard > Assignments > Default)

Reveals are up and I don't like what I received :(
I'm sorry! Works are moderated to make sure they've filled at least one of your prompts, but outside of that you won't get any mod interference. Let's just not be rude, drop a thank you comment, and move on :) Please remember to leave a comment for your gifter! They have worked very hard on their fanwork for you.

There are also plenty of works in the collection for you to check out.


Have any other questions? Contact us via Tumblr, Twitter, or shoot us an email at lesmisholsmod@gmail.com. We are here to help! Let us make your lives easier. Don’t stew in questions and regret. And have fun! :))



1. No rudeness is tolerated. This includes anything regarding a ship, character, participant, commenter, or fanwork, especially in regards to this exchange.

2. Participants must request at least four items for the exchange, and fill at least one request in their respective assignment.
☀ Both fanart and fanfiction are welcome!
☀ Fanart must add up to at least 500 x 300 pixels in size. Edits and icons based on art not made by the creator do not count as fanart.
☀ Fanfiction must add up to at least 700 words, in English.
☀ There is no word/size maximum, nor for number of filled requests.
☀ All works must be completed 12 hours before reveals. There are no exceptions, unless you arranged for an extension with the mod.

A participant's first submission must recognizably fulfill one of their assigned requests.

3. It is mandatory that you leave a comment on your received fanart/fanfiction. Length does not matter, but just be sure to thank and acknowledge your gifter's hard work!

4. Please contact the mod for questions and extension requests! Email lesmisholsmod@gmail.com, leave an ask/submission message at lesmiswinterhols.tumblr.com, or contact the mod through any personal means.
5. Have lots and lots of fun! More points are addressed in the FAQ (above).