Just Married Exchange 2020

Just Married is a marriage-themed multifandom exchange for marriage tropes of all kinds: convenient, accidental, undercover, arranged, forced, and so on. Participants will write a fic of least 1500 words and receive a fic of at least 1500 words in return, and matching will be done on fandom, relationship and marriage trope freeforms. Fanart and podfic is also accepted in this exchange, please see the Sign Ups, Assignments, and Requirements section for guidelines.

Find exchange updates at our Dreamwidth community! To contact the mods, email marriageex@gmail.com or PM the mod DW account justmarriedmod.

Nominations: May 2-12
Sign ups: May 15-26
Assignments out by: May 29
Stories due: July 26
Works revealed: August 2
Authors revealed: August 9

All deadlines are 11:59pm UTC. To convert UTC to your time zone, click here and “add a city or time zone.”

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

Random works