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Welcome to Jukebox 2017!



Jukebox is a fanwork gift exchange. You sign up, receive an assignment, submit an anonymous work (fic, art, or podfic) by a deadline, and consume and comment on works, especially the gift made for you, when the works are made available. All works in Jukebox are based on songs and music videos.

The moderator is Morbane (hello!). If you have questions or problems, you can contact me at jukebox.mod@gmail.com.

Group discussions and information updates occur at:
http://jukebox-fest.livejournal.com and http://jukebox-fest.dreamwidth.org

Key information
What can be nominated?
Pinch Hits


Removing gifts
Why songs?
Are there or aren’t there fandoms in this fest?



2017 Schedule

Brainstorming: 13-17 March
Nominations: Friday 17 March to Saturday 25 March
Sign-ups: Tuesday 28 March to Wednesday 5 April
Assignments go out by: Friday 7 April (may be earlier)
Assignments due: Saturday 27 May
Works go live: Friday 2 June
Creators are revealed: Wednesday 7 June

In more precise terms:
Nominations end at 23:59pm EDT 25 March | 3:59am UTC 26 March)
Sign-ups end at 11:59pm EDT 5 April | 3:59am UTC 6 April
Assignments must be posted by 11:59pm EDT 27 May | 3:59am UTC 28 May
Works are revealed at 4:59pm EDT 2 June | 8:59pm UTC 2 June)
Creator names are revealed at 5:59pm EDT 7 June



If you wish to select the songs and music videos that will be part of the Jukebox 2017 challenge, you can nominate your choices at the tag set between 17 and 25 March.

You don't need to nominate anything in order to sign up. However, you can only offer or request canons that are in the tag set, so if you want something to be in there, you need to nominate it yourself.

There will be posts on the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities with more detail about how to nominate.

You will need an AO3 account. If you don’t have one, email the mod at jukebox.mod@gmail.com - I have invites I can send you.

You can submit up to 7 choices this year.


What can be nominated?

Each nominated canon must be a piece of recorded music that is shorter than 20 minutes. This may include a video.

The piece of music must be able to stand on its own without reference to a longer work. You can nominate songs from musicals or operettas or other media – but if it would be necessary to understand the whole musical, or the whole operetta, etc, in order to appreciate the piece, then that piece of music is not appropriate for this exchange.

Songs should be considered separately from their artists. Prompts should include musician RPF only if the song or music video can be considered to have an autobiographical or self-referential element. People who appear in music videos are generally to be treated as characters, not as their real-life or RPF selves.

Preferably, there will be a YouTube link, or a link on the artist's website, or another publicly accessible link, and I will ask you to help me collect these during nominations. I will create a table of links and lyrics for use in the exchange.

Covers by specific artists can be nominated separately.

Songs that don’t quite fit the requirements, but that fit the goals of the exchange, can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. For example, I am willing to include music without lyrics, and to include spoken-word poetry pieces where the performance and audible rhythms, sound effects, etc, are an important component.

Songs don't have to be in English. Since English is the common language of this exchange and the only language I speak fluently, I appreciate people providing translations to English, but this is not a strict requirement.

You can either nominate a piece of music on its own, or a piece of music with an associated music video. It's possible to differentiate these when nominating on AO3.



To take part in the main challenge to create and receive a gift, you will need to sign up on AO3, using the sign-up form that will be accessible from the left side-bar of this collection, between 28 March and 5 April.

Your sign-up form includes an offer and a request section.

In the request section, you can choose between 3 and 10 pieces of music, select which medium or media you would like to receive as a gift for each piece, and give prompts for the person who will be assigned to create a gift for you. You can also enter the link to a Dear Creator Letter that includes longer prompts or discussion of your general preferences, if you wish. Or you can include these preferences in the form. If there are topics that would ruin a gift for you, like infidelity, incest, mention of contemporary politics, gore, etc, please list these in your requests as Do-Not-Wants so that your creator knows to avoid them.

In the offer section, you can choose between 3 and 10 pieces of music and select what medium or media you are willing to create in for each piece.

Once you have signed up, you are committing to creating a gift for another participant, who will be assigned to you based on the things you offered. Although circumstances may get in your way later on, please don’t sign up unless you intend to complete a work by the deadline. Please only sign up with one AO3 account.

The requirements for a work are:

  • For fic: 1,000+ words. Treats may be shorter.
  • For podfic: 500-5,000 words, provided both in text and in a recording. Treats may be shorter or longer.
  • For art: at least 1 piece of original hand-drawn or digital art. These works should be complete, checked for unintended marks or lines (don't draw on lined paper, please), and at an appropriate resolution. Manips, collages, and similar graphics may not be used to complete an assignment but may be given as treats.

Please avoid including anything your recipient has specifically said they do not want in a story, piece of art, or recording.

If you are offering podfic as part of a team, where one person writes and the other records, please submit only one sign-up for your team. You will only be able to enter one AO3 name per form. When one of you signs up, please email me with the AO3 name and a contact detail for the other person on your team. Your team will receive one gift as part of the challenge. Please contact me if you have any questions about signing up or submitting your work.

Your requests will not be visible to other participants during the sign-up period. They will become visible when sign-ups are over and assignments go out.

You need an AO3 account to sign up. If you don’t have one, email the mod at jukebox.mod@gmail.com.



If you have signed up, you will receive an assignment by 7 April. You must create a gift that matches one of your recipient’s requests and submit it to AO3 before the deadline on 27 May. Your gift does not have to be something you listed as an offer in your sign-up form. However, if none of your recipient’s requests match any of the things you offered, please email jukebox.mod@gmail.com.

If you are creating art or podfic, you will need to host part of your work off AO3, and link to it within the work posted to AO3. Please email the mod, in advance of the deadline, if you need assistance with this.

You do not need to adhere strictly to your recipient’s prompts. However, please take into account any squicks, triggers, Do-Not-Wants, or similar things your recipient asks not to receive, and avoid them in the gift you create.

You are encouraged but not required to get feedback on your work, such as from a beta reader, before the works go live. There will be a beta reader post on the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities where you can get in contact with a beta.

Jukebox is an anonymous exchange - creators’ names are not revealed until several days after works go live. Please don’t widely discuss what you’re making and which of your offers matched which of your recipient’s requests.



If you realise you won’t be able to complete your assigned gift in time, you will need to default, or formally withdraw from the challenge. You can do this by pressing the Default button on your assignment on AO3, or by sending me an email stating that you need to default. I do not need to know why you are defaulting - there are many valid reasons. I will also auto-default anyone who does not have a work posted at the deadline.

If you default and then the person assigned to create for you defaults, you might not receive a gift. You are only guaranteed a gift if you complete an assignment.

There is no other consequence for defaulting unless, as well as failing to post a work, you fail to comment on any gifts you receive. Please comment on your gift whether or not you submitted a work.

As a courtesy, I appreciate it when people are able to default before the deadline, because then, the person creating a gift for the defaulter’s former recipient has longer to work.


Pinch Hits

A pinch hit is an assignment that has been defaulted on, where a new creator needs to be found. Pinch hits will be posted to the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities this year. You will be able to claim them (meaning you must create a work for that assignment) by submitting a screened comment on one of the communities or by emailing jukebox.mod@gmail.com. Pinch hitters are held to the same requirements as ordinary creators, though they may be given a later deadline to submit their work. All works must be complete before reveals.



Treats are extra works that people create outside of assignments. They will not be substituted for pinch hits except in unusual circumstances. You don't need to be signed up to submit a treat. Please contact the mod at jukebox.mod@gmail.com if you're not sure how to post a treat to the collection. Treats don't have to fit the minimum size requirements. After works are revealed, I will set the collection to Moderated so that late treats can be submitted whenever you wish.



A beta gives advice on a work in draft stage. This may be spelling and grammar, technical tips for art software, or any variety of things. You are not required to use a beta before submitting your assignment, but you are encouraged to do so, and there will be posts for betas to offer their services on the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities. This is a good way to get feedback on your style and get a second opinion on things you're not sure your recipient will like.



All works will be revealed at the same time on 2 June. Creator names will be hidden at this point. Please do not personally reveal or discuss which work or works you created until author reveals.

This is the time to read, listen, view, and comment.

You are encouraged to thank your creator for their effort. If you defaulted on the exchange and you also do not acknowledge your gift, you will not be able to participate in future.

If the gift you receive is unpleasant to you because it contains things you listed as do-not-wants, squicks, or triggers, please contact jukebox.mod@gmail.com, and I will look into getting you a new gift. I may also penalise creators who have directly contradicted their recipients’ preferences regarding material to be avoided.

Creators’ names will appear against the works on 7 June. You are then free to discuss what you created and share it on whatever platforms you like.



Removing gifts

Please do not remove gifts after the challenge is over. If you believe you absolutely need to do this, please warn me so that I can save a copy for your recipient. If you do not warn me, but delete your work with no warning, you will not be able to participate in future.


Why Songs?

A song can be only a few minutes long but describe a whole world. By running a fest based on song and music video canons, I want to take advantage of the rich inspiration a song can provide. I also want it to be as easy as possible for participants to (re-)acquire and consume a canon in order to write to a prompt.


Are there or aren’t there fandoms in this fest?

Not in the sense of Pokémon or Naruto or Harry Potter, no. Songs and music videos are the only canons you can nominate or request in this exchange. Just as a song can include a whole world, participants are encouraged to focus on those worlds. This is not the exchange to request a Labyrinth fic using the themes of a David Bowie song, or an Iron Man fic set to a song that Tony Stark would listen to.



Please talk to me, Morbane, at jukebox.mod@gmail.com, if you have a problem, or just a question. It’s my job to try to make this challenge run smoothly and make sense. It's a job I enjoy, so please don't feel like you're bothering me if you need to ask a question.