2014 Jack/Daniel Ficathon

Jack and Daniel in BDUs walking side by side

J/D Ficathon XI

The 2014 ficathon has concluded, but the collection remains open for participants who wish to add their Ficathon XI stories to it.

To post your work from this page, click the Post to Collection button above. The AO3 Tutorial for posting to a challenge can walk you through it if you're uncertain. (If you've already posted your work, no need to post it again to the collection, just follow the instructions in the next paragraph.)

If you've already posted your work, go to your work's page, click the Add to Collections button at the bottom, and type 'jd_ficathon_xi' (no quotes) into the field.

If your recipient is on AO3, don't forget to enter their name in the 'Gift this work to' field under Associations. That way they get a lovely happy notification that your fic is here for them to read. <3

Enjoy, and please feed the writers!

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