Jack/Daniel Ficathon

Jack hugging Daniel and grinning. Text: 'Meaning of Life Stuff.'

Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, inspiring great ficathon fic for a decade and then some!

This is an annual ficathon/fic exchange featuring the pairing Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson. Come for the fic, and stay for the After Party, the ficathon's festival of related and complementary fanworks in all media.

Please see the profile and FAQ for more info, and watch this space and the J/D Ficathon community at Dreamwidth for news.

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About Jack/Daniel Ficathon (jd_ficathon)

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Welcome to the Jack/Daniel Ficathon at Archive of Our Own! Started by Trelkez at Livejournal in 2004, run by Melayne Seahawk from 2008 through 2013, and run by Princess of Geeks, with help from Sid, Paian, Eilidh17, and Magickmoons since 2014, the J/D Ficathon is an annual fic gift exchange focused on the Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson pairing in Stargate SG-1 and the rest of the Gateverse. Signups for the ficathon are at Dreamwidth, and fanworks can post to any platform(s).

The parent collection contains subcollections for all previous years. If you ever wrote for a J/D Ficathon, we'd love for you to add your work. If you're thinking about participating this year, we'd love to have you!

J/D Ficathon updates can be found at Dreamwidth. We also have a presence at Livejournal and at Tumblr.



How does this work? You sign up in a comment at Dreamwidth. You don't have to be a Dreamwidth member to comment. Your signup includes what you will and won't write, what you'd like in the fic written for you, and what you don't want in the fic written for you. You get an assignment via email, which you keep secret from everyone except your beta reader. Participants post their fics on or before the due date (or contact the mod if it's going to be delayed), and shortly thereafter all fics are revealed, and you get a tailor-made fic to read.

Can I participate if I post my fic only at AO3? Yes! You'll need to sign up at Dreamwidth with an email address we can send your assignment to, but you can use OpenID or comment anonymously to do it, and after that all you need to do is post your story to this year's subcollection by the due date.

How do I post my fic for the current ficathon to AO3? If it's before the due date, please post directly to the current year's subcollection (so that we can reveal all the works together). Go to the subcollection's page and click the button POST TO COLLECTION. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field! If you're at all uncertain about the process, AO3 has a handy tutorial for posting new works to collections and challenges. If it's on or after the due date, you can post directly to the subcollection, or post from your dashboard and fill out the Add to Collections field (see 'How do I add an older work to the collection,' below).

Can I post my fic for this year's ficathon to the AO3 collection if I'm posting it at the Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal comm? Yes! You can post to either comm (or both comms) and also to this year's AO3 subcollection.

Can I participate if I make fanworks other than fic? Yes! This year we're hosting an After Party for related fanworks.

What is the After Party? It's the ficathon's festival of related and complementary fanworks in all media. For several weeks after the Fic Reveal, you're invited to create and post fanworks that take one or more of the current year's ficathon stories as their source. Podfic, vids, crafts, manips, wallpapers, paintings/drawings/sketches, collages, banners, icons, 3D sculpts and models and renders, remix fic, 'inspired by' fic, poetry, cosplay, action-figure theatre, and all other types of fanwork are welcome and encouraged.

Can I post my After Party fanwork to the AO3 collection? Yes! You can post to your website, your journal(s), the J/D Ficathon comm at Dreamwidth or LJ, deviantART, Tumblr, any/all other journaling services/web platforms you want to, and also here, or only here.

How will I find the fic written for me in this year's ficathon if it's by someone who doesn't post to AO3? A masterlist of fic will post on the due date or shortly thereafter, and will be linked from the profile of this year's subcollection.

Can I post my older ficathon fics to the collections here? Yes, please do -- including works we have bookmarked where they previously posted. The ficathon goes back more than a decade, and readers browsing here often discover works they missed before.

How do I add an older work to the collection?
If you're uploading the work to AO3 for the first time, you can do either of the following: (a) Click the POST TO COLLECTION button at that year's collection. (b) Click the POST NEW button on your Dashboard, and put the collection name (see list below) in the Post to Collections/Challenges field. AO3's a tutorial for posting new works to collections and challenges is helpful if you're in doubt. Don't forget to include your recipient's name in the 'Gift this work to' field! (It's OK to include even if they don't have an AO3 account.)

If you're adding a work that's already posted to the archive: No need to post again! The collection doesn't need to have its own 'copy' of the work; all you need to do is connect the existing work to the collection. To do that, go to the work's page. Right above the comment area on that page, there's a row of buttons, including Add to Collections. Click that button, in the input field start typing "jd_ficathon" -- without the quotation marks and with the underscore -- and pick the year/number you wrote the fic for from the dropdown list.

If the system doesn't offer to autocomplete the collection name, type it in yourself.

Year: Collection
2004: jd_ficathon_i
2005: jd_ficathon_ii
2006: jd_ficathon_iii
2007: jd_ficathon_iv
2008: jd_ficathon_v
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2016: jd_ficathon_xiii