Inter High 2017

A fanart and fanfiction exchange dedicated to sports anime and manga, back for our third year! See our Profile for more info or visit tumblr or twitter. (Icon credit: revolving)

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Sat 01 Apr 2017 12:00AM EDT
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Nominations: January 14-31
Signups: February 1-26
Assignments sent: March 1
Check-In: March 18-20
Works Due: April 1 @ 11:55PM UTC (countdown here / time zone converter here)
Pinch Hitting Period: April 2-9
Works Revealed: April 10
Creators Revealed: April 16

The "Works Revealed" date may be subject to change as required by our pinch hitters.

Nominations Tagset:
Beta Reader Sign Up:
Pinch Hitter Sign Up:!forum/ihx_pinchhit
Dear Creator Letters List:

Mod Contact:
Twitter: @animeESPN



(NB: Throughout this page we say "anime" but really mean "anime and manga"—it was just easier to type.)


What is the Inter High Exchange?
Inter High Exchange is an exchange dedicated to any and all sports anime!

What counts as a 'sports anime?'
We count any anime/manga title that is based on sports competition, especially those that are school-age based and team based. This includes:

-Any anime (regardless of age) based on a real world sport, ranging from obvious things like basketball, boxing, and football (American or otherwise) to more esoteric things like ping pong; and
-Anime that aren't quite sports-based but are focused on a school-age team competing for the top spot against other teams, such as Chihayafuru. These will only be considered if the anime or manga title in question is new (released after last year's IHX).

Fandom rarity doesn't matter. However, as this is an anime exchange, sports RPF and other sports-focused comics/movies/TV shows/etc. are not accepted.

Check the list of auto-accepted titles here, and nominate titles here.

What kinds of work can I submit for the exchange?
Fanfiction and fanart are welcome. By fanart we mean things closer to illustrations than graphic design. Mixed media works are also accepted. If there's a strong interest in accepting more types of fanwork, then we'll consider it; just drop us a line.

-Fanfic must be at least 1,000 words in English.
-Fanart must be at least 600 x 400 pixels in size.
-Mixed media works must adhere to at least one of these minimums.
-No WIPs.
-There is no maximum work limit.
-Gifts must be clearly recognizable as fanwork for the fandom and character specified.



How do I get my fandom into the exchange?
You can nominate fandoms and characters here as long as nominations are open! You can nominate up to 5 fandoms and up to 10 characters per fandom, but you can nominate less if you want. If you want to nominate more than that, recruit your friends to help you nominate things!

Please only nominate fandoms/characters you're seriously considering requesting! To see what's already nominated, click here. Our auto-accept list is here.

All nominated fandoms and characters are accepted, assuming they fall within the exchange's guidelines.

Can I edit my nomination?
You can until we've accepted or rejected it, sure. After that, AO3 locks it.



Do I need an AO3 account to sign up?
Yes, you do! You can ask for an AO3 invite here (you should receive it within 24 hours) or e-mail for speedier service.

How many fandoms and characters can I sign up to write/receive?
The only characters and fandoms that you can pick from are the ones from Inter High's Tag Set.

Requests: Minimum 3, Maximum 8
Offers: Minimum 3, Maximum 8
(Your requests and offers can use totally different fandoms from each other.)

We might consider adjusting the numbers of requests and offers required depending on how many fandoms are ultimately nominated.

When you sign up, you can specify which characters you would like to receive or create a fanwork for, up to a maximum of 10 characters. You can also select "Any Character," which means that you're okay with creating fanwork for any nominated character.

You can't specify ships in the sign up form, but you're very welcome to mention them in your Optional Details and Dear Gifter letter.

Can I specify what type of fanwork I create/receive?

Can I edit my sign up?
Yes, but only until sign ups close.

Do you allow Dear Gifter Letters?
Yes, they're encouraged! These letters are usually hosted on your own Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Tumblr, etc., and they're used to give your anonymous gift-giver more information on your likes and dislikes, why you picked these fandoms/characters, what ships you'd like to see, more info about your prompts and/or what kinds of work you'd be looking to receive, etc. It's also a good place to link to other places your gift-giver can find you so they can get a better handle on what your likes and dislikes are, if you want to. These letters are optional, and your gift-giver doesn't have to use your letter if they choose. (You can ignore your recipient's letter too, if you wish.) Should you choose to write one, there's a space on your sign up where you can link to the URL.

You mean my gift-giver can ignore my requests? That bothers me!
Signing up for this exchange guarantees you to receive one fanwork based on at least one character from at least one of the fandoms you requested—no more and no less. This is fairly standard practice for multi-fandom exchanges, because it's just too hard to match everybody otherwise!

With that said, people don't generally sign up for these types of exchanges looking to screw each other over. Your gift-giver is probably eager to please you—as much as you'll probably be eager to please your own assigned recipient! An exchange like this requires a little good faith and trust on everyone's part, but they generally go a lot more smoothly than you'd expect. And if you really hate the gift you've received, go poke around the exchange as a whole once works are revealed. You'll probably like something, even if it wasn't explicitly made for you.

Can I help the exchange even if I don't want to sign up?
You sure can!
-Spread the word about the exchange so that more people can participate.
-Sign up to our pinch hit list.
-Sign up to be a beta reader.
-Create treats for our participants based on their requests!

What's a pinch hitter?
A pinch hitter is a writer or artist who fills in instead of a participant who had to drop out. Pinch hitters are an essential part of every exchange to ensure everybody who participates gets a gift. If you'd like to know when a request goes up for pinch hit, join our pinch hitter list! (If you don't have a gmail account, e-mail and ask to be added manually.)



I got my assignment—now what do I do?
You're required to create a fanwork with at least one character from one of the fandoms requested in your assignment. You don't have to fill more than one request, but you have to fill at least one—any one you'd like, whether you signed up for that fandom or not!

The details provided to you in the "Optional Details" box, as well as "Dear Gifter" letters, are optional. While you're encouraged to take note of them (especially things your recipient explicitly says they don't want), you can ignore them if you can't get any ideas out of them.

Can I fill more than one request, or fill a request more than once?
Sure! You have to create one gift for your recipient that meets the exchange's minimum requirements first. But after that, you can fill as many requests as you'd like for as many participants as you'd like. Those extra gifts are considered treats—click here for more information!

I hate my assignment!
If your assignment is an actual error (it matches you to none of the fandoms/characters you requested), please contact the mods ASAP and we'll try to sort it out. But if you just dislike your assignment, take a moment to sit back and think about it. Breathe. Talk it through with a friend or two. Remember that the optional details and dear gifter letters are optional and that you're only required to create something for the fandoms and characters you signed up for. We believe in you!

What's the Check-In?
Halfway through the creation period we'll ask everyone to fill out a quick form that asks how your gift is going, whether you need an extension, etc. It takes two seconds to fill out. If you don't submit a response to the form by 48 hours, though, we'll assume you're dropping from the exchange and call in a pinch hitter. This might also impact your ability to get a gift yourself! Therefore, please keep an eye out for the check in notice - a link to it will appear on our tumblr, and we'll also try to e-mail everyone with a link.

Can I talk about my assignment?
The exchange is more fun if it's a surprise, so try not to do it in public, or at least keep it as anonymous as possible. In private you can talk about whatever, of course. Also, please don’t talk to your prompter about your gift directly, not even on anon—if you have any questions, email them to us and we’ll act as proxies.

Can I cross-post my assignment?
Please hold off on cross-posting your gift until after creators are revealed! It's more fun that way. :)

What are treats?
Treats are fic or art pieces created purely for fun, based on the requests of those participating in Inter High. Anyone can create a treat! There is no work minimum and no deadline. Submit treats to our main collection with the recipient's name in the "Gift this work to:" field. For more information, click here.

How do I drop from the exchange?
Log into your AO3 Account and go to My Dashboard (accessible by clicking on your username on the top right). On the left side you should find a tab called ‘Assignments’. Click on it to access your assignment, then click on default.

Do I have to leave a thank you comment on my gift fanwork?
Absolutely. It's only polite! If you didn’t like your gift, just say thank you and move on.



How do I post my gift (or treat or pinch hit)?
Taken from Night on Fic Mountain:

Go to your Assignment page on AO3, which you can find under the "Assignments" link on your Profile page, or on the Inter High collection page in the right-side navigation bar as "My Assignment". You should see two buttons at the bottom of your assignment: "Post to fulfil", and "Default".

Click "Post to fulfil", and you'll be taken to a posting form. This will automatically post your work into the current year's challenge. It also has your recipient's name already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.

AO3 also has a "rich text" option in the upper right corner above the main work entry area that might prove useful to you, especially if you're submitting fanart. Visual example.

If you're posting a Treat, you won't have an assignment or "post to fulfil" button. Instead, go to the current challenge page on the AO3, and click on "Post To Collection" under the challenge title. This will take you to a form with the challenge collection name already filled in. Fill in the recipient's name manually, then fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.

Do fics need to be beta read?
No, but it's very strongly recommended. If you need a beta reader, go here to find one.

How soon can I post my gift?
As soon as assignments are sent out. Early gifts are our favorite gifts. You can also edit your work at any time. Make sure that your credited beta-readers and your author/artist's notes don't give your identity away before creator reveals, by the way!

I have a question not answered here!
Please contact the mods by sending a twitter message (@ihxexchange) or e-mailing us (, and we'll address it!



1) Don't bash any fandoms, characters, ships, prompts, or gifts/treats/created works. Be excellent to each other!

2) Fill at least one request for your assigned recipient, using at least one of their prompted fandoms/characters.
-Fanfics must be at least 1,000 words in English.
-Fanart must be at least 600 x 400 pixels in size.
-Mixed media works must adhere to at least one of these minimums.
-No works in progress (WIPs).
-There is no maximum work limit.
-Gifts must be clearly recognizable as fanwork for the fandom and character specified.

3) Please don’t talk to your prompter about your gift directly, not even on anon—if you have any questions, email them to us and we’ll act as proxies.

4) If you're having trouble with your deadlines or with creating your fanwork, please talk to us. We promise that we will never yell at you or think badly of you, and we might actually be able to help you. The earlier you let us know what the trouble is the better a result we can probably achieve, but any kind of communication is better than no communication at all.

5) Enjoy the created works and don't forget to thank your creator for their hard work!