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Identity V Kink Meme

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Welcome to the Identity V Kink Meme!

A kink meme for the mobile game Identity V.

Please follow the rules as instructed in the rules section, but most importantly, have fun!



What is a kink meme
A kink meme is a prompt challenge of sorts, catered around kinky things. Anyone can submit a fic prompt and then someone will come along and fill it. It's that simple. The 'kink' part of it all is that this can/is 18+ based, but gen prompts are more than welcome.

What kinks are allowed?
Any kink is allowed here. It wouldn't be a kink meme if any of them were restricted! A good list of kinks can be found here -

Are hunter/survivor pairs allowed?
All pairings are allowed. No exceptions.



Your Kink is Not My Kink and That's Okay
No kinkshaming - I understand that in this day and age everyone is more conscientious of what they consume and that isn't a bad thing, but people who indulge in darker aspects of fiction are not to be shamed here. If a kink really bothers you, you just need to ignore it and scroll on past. It's that simple.

All prompts and fills should be posted anonymously unless you feel comfortable posting it as yourself.
To post a prompt anonymously, please make sure the 'semi-anonymous prompt' is checked.
Fills should automatically be anonymous as long as the prompt is - but if you'd feel safer using AO3s Anon collection, you're more than welcome to. (

Use the tags
Please make sure you format your prompt properly with the proper tags, pairings, and be as specific as you need so the claimant will know exactly what to write!

Hate will not be tolerated
If any prompt promotes hatred geared towards any sort of group (race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc), it will be removed asap.