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A glorious ballpit of idfic in mini-bang format. A smorgasboard of shamelessness.

Welcome to Iddy Iddy Bang Bang! We're a panfandom mini-bang challenge for >5k idfics, art and mixes.

Been wanting to write that epic frotfest where woobie slave! Steve Rogers runs away with werewolf Loki and they ride off into the sunset? Come on in, we'd love to have you!

• July 10: Sign-ups and prompt pool open
• July 17: Sign-ups and prompt pool close
• Aug 15: Check-in
• Sept 05: Check-in, redux
• Sept 08: Drop date
• Sept 12: Assignments due, posting begins.
• Sept 19: Iddy Iddy Bang Bang concludes!

• Sept 26: Amnesty date 1
• Oct 12: Amnesty date 2

Sign-ups are at Dreamwidth! Right here!

We're also on Tumblr!



General questions

What is Iddy Iddy Bang Bang?

A panfandom mini-bang for >5k idfics.

Has your Captain Kirk/OC tribble-milking extravaganza never seen the light of day, but now you'd like it to? Do you not care who takes how many of what where? Then you're in the right place!

What is the length requirement?

Stories must have a minimum of 5,000 words. There is no upper limit.

What kinds of fanwork are eligible?

For 2017 we will be accepting stories, art (including comics) and fanmixes. If you want to make fanwork for any other medium, let us know and we’ll be happy to add it!

What is idfic?

Fic that tickles your id! Maybe it's the fic you make up before you fall asleep. Generally speaking, idfic is that sweet spot where the answer to the question "Is this too filthy/sappy/wrong/just plain weird?" is a resounding "No!”

We are not defining what content qualifies as idfic. Your story doesn't have to be porny, though it may be.

Can I participate if I don't have a Dreamwidth account?

Yes! You can sign-up with an email, though you will need a Dreamwidth account to post your work to the community. You can sign-up for Dreamwidth here. If you have LJ you can use Open ID.

If you don’t want to make a Dreamwidth account:

You can send us your work to be posted for you. Otherwise, you can post directly to the platform of your choice (remember to tell us where) and we will link your work.

Is RPF allowed?


Can I use a WIP?

You can, as long as it hasn’t been posted previously. We're tickled to be incentive for you to dust off your best OH JOHN RINGO NO drawerfics and finish them.

Can I write more than one story?

Yes! Just indicate in your sign-up that you're writing more than one story, and check in for each one when check-in time rolls around.

Do I need a beta?

No, though you may request one or offer to beta at the post here.

I'm still not sure what an idfic is!

For further reading on what constitutes an idfic, please see:
Fanlore's entry on idfic
: "At what point, in meme's opinion, does something become idfic?"
Our idfic primer

What can I write that's iddy and not porn?

A nonnie had some great ideas for non-porny idfic here!

The full faq is over at Dreamwidth!



Stories must be a minimum of 5,000 words. There is no maximum length.
Stories may be any rating, with any kind and number of relationships.
Stories do not have to be beta-read, but it is highly encouraged.
AUs, crossovers, RPF and origfic is allowed.
Continuations of WIPs (your own, unposted), previously unposted sequels to your own existing fic, and drawerfics are allowed

Traditional art, digital art, photomanips, comics and vids are all allowed.
Comics must be a minimum of ten panels.
Art may be any rating.
Continuations of WIPs (your own, unposted) or drawerart is allowed

You must be able to post a public playlist on Youtube or another music hosting site.
Mixes may be any rating.

For everyone:
Please do not post your fanwork publicly prior to the reveal period, which is September 15-22.
Should you need to drop out, please let us know ASAP! We won't be mad, promise.
You may write more than one story and create more than one piece of art/fanmix (just make sure you can finish them all).