Unofficial FFA Hurt/Comfortverse Collection

The original idea:

I've been bouncing around an AU in my head, similar to the a/b/o or D/s verses, except it's hurt/comfort themed. The very short version, sometimes people are born with a biological drive to comfort and take care of anyone they care about who's in distress. Similarly, some people absolutely crave the fussing over any time they're hurt. Part self-indulgent plot reasons to write the hurt/comfort scenes I love without building up why two particular characters would so easily fall into these roles or mash together rival/enemy characters in a "I hate you but you're in pain, it's not personal." "Don't lie, you have to care at least a little." sort of way. In addition, getting into some worldbuilding about how people like that are subject to stereotypes based on it and may try to hide it.

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