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WORDS: 3,997
NOTES: Story #3 of the “Two Words” Series

Many thanks to my Beta, Jadzia, and to CeeCee for reading my prototypes!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. JKR owns everything.

* * * * *

“This one,” Draco stated succinctly and grabbed Harry’s hand, yanking him through the automatic doors of yet another designer clothing store.

Harry had been so enthralled with zeroing in on the coffee stand a few paces ahead of the store that he was taken off guard and almost fell flat on his arse through the door, which slammed shut, only missing Harry’s heel by centimetres. “Bloody fuck! Draco!” he snapped, regaining his footing and glaring at his boyfriend. “Didn’t we just go into this store back there?” He waved his hand half-heartedly in a westerly direction.

“No we did not,” Draco said in horror. “This is Dior,” he added the emphasis as if he was speaking a holy Gospel language reserved for some divine Beings.

Harry whined, flopping against the nearest wall and dumping all of Draco’s shopping bags messily on the marble floor. “No more, I can’t take it!” he moaned.

“I can’t hear you,” Draco replied in a singsong voice, ignoring Harry further and sauntering off into the store.

“I’m not your bloody bag boy!” Harry shouted after him and a young store assistant smirked at him as she walked by with an armful of clothing. “I’m going to get a coffee! You can come get me when you’re done spending our life savings! You bloody prissy tit,” he added in a mumble at the end.

Draco came flying back around the corner, skidding on the shining floor. By the time he reached Harry, his hands were on his hips and a sneer was marring his face. “You will not leave those bags here,” he spat. “And you’re coming with me. You need new jeans and pants. I refuse to be seen with you in those rags you call clothing.”

“I told you I’m not bloody going out in buggering public in my jocks! What is it with you and voyeurism?” Harry sniped.

“I didn’t hear you objecting, cowboy man,” Draco retorted.

“Says the Titanic lover,” Harry tossed back and moments later they were sniggering at each other.

“That was a good night, wasn’t it?” Draco mused. “I still have the camera…”

“Bugger off,” Harry scoffed. “You know, we could always go home now and –”

“Absolutely not,” Draco cut in. “We’ve barely started. There are at least four perfectly good purchasing hours left in this day. Come on.” He turned and started back into the store.

Harry huffed, gathering up all the bags again. “Can’t we just go to Marks and Spencer back there? That’s where I got my jocks from last time. They were great! Six pairs in a pack!”

Draco stopped walking and spun around. “If you ever say that name to me again, I will vomit all over you. Better yet, if I ever see another garment in your wardrobe with a tacky little tag that spouts M&S, I will burn your whole side of the wardrobe. You are forewarned.” He sniffed and then nodded, before spinning on his heel and stalking away.

* * * * *

“I’m getting these.”

Draco looked up from the rack he was browsing through and found Harry holding up a pair of red coloured cargo pants triumphantly. “No, you are not,” Draco stated and went back to his browsing.

“Yes, I am,” Harry said back.



“They are appalling!” Draco argued.

“I’m still getting them.” Harry flung the trousers over his arm and moved onto the Sales rack, but Draco stepped in front of him.

“Take another step towards that rack, Potter, and I will tell the next person who walks by that you have a freckle the shape of Australia on your dick,” Draco hissed.

Harry laughed. “Do you think I would be ashamed of that?”

“HARRY! DRACO!” a voice called from behind and they both spun around to find Hermione and Ginny waving at them and weaving their way through the clothing racks. “What you are two doing?” Hermione asked.

Before Draco could spout out a scathing and sarcastic remark, Harry jumped in. “Draco’s shopping for Y-fronts,” he said with a shrug. He turned to Draco and found his boyfriend a furious bright red, mouth open to say something, but words failing him from the horror of Harry’s statement. “And corduroy pants. Brown ones. He gets turned on by the wiff-wiff sound they make when he walks.”

Draco made a choking sound followed by an obscure squeak before he furiously threw a pair of jeans in Harry’s face and stomped over to the changing rooms, slamming the door with a loud bang.

“Ooo, you’ve pissed off the wife, Harry babe,” Ginny teased. “Better make it up to him.”

Harry looked at her curiously and then turned to gaze at the closed dressing room door, a wicked grin spreading across his features. “What are you thinking?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Harry said lightly, his green eyes wide in the picture of innocence.

“You are so bottoming tonight, Potter, you bastard!” Draco’s voice wafted from the dressing room. “Corduroy! I can’t… you just… Urgh!”

Hermione and Ginny sniggered. Harry shook his head. “I can’t hear you, darling, I’m too busy looking at a pair of overalls on the Sales rack!” he called back. He was met with silence moments before a single shoe came flying from Draco’s direction, missing Harry’s head by inches. “Oh look, a denim vest!”

Draco came storming out of the dressing room in just a tight black singlet, white boxer-briefs, and red socks. Harry caught Hermione and Ginny eyeing Draco’s hot body. The singlet was short, and the underwear low, showing off a few inches of Draco’s stomach, including his pierced bellybutton and tasty line of blond hair leading from his navel down into the waistband of his boxers.

“Is that a freckle or a tattoo?” Ginny blurted out, pointing at Draco’s right hip.

“A freckle?!” Draco squawked. “I don’t have freckles,” he sneered. “It’s a tattoo, of course!” He pulled his boxers down lower for the girls to see, flashing a tiny glimpse of his golden pubic hair and Hermione nearly choked on her sharply drawn breath.

“Draco!” Harry cried, grabbing Draco’s boxers and yanking them back up abruptly. “I don’t want you flashing yourself in front of everyone!”

“Ow! Fuck!” Draco shrieked. “You gave me a wedgie, you dick!” He slapped Harry’s hand away.

“It’s bad enough you’re standing out here in your jocks, but you don’t need to give them a sneak peak of what’s underneath!” Harry snapped.

“I was just showing them my tat,” Draco sniped at the same time as Ginny purred, “We’ve already seen what’s underneath…”

“Oh my god,” Harry groaned, rubbing his face.

“Show me the tattoo,” Ginny encouraged and Draco stepped out of arms reach of Harry and pulled his pants down slightly again to show her. “Awwwwww, that’s adorable! It’s a H and D.”

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. “It’s not adorable. He did it one night when he was pissed. Tripped over in the doorway of the tattoo parlour and decided it was a good idea. He wanted a Big Mac tattooed there, but the Tattooist talked him out of it. Can’t even remember getting it done, can you, honeybunch?” Draco pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes as he stuck his nose in the air and pointedly turned away from Harry with a huff.

“A Big Mac?” Hermione sniggered. “Malfoys eat McDonalds?”

“This Malfoy does,” Harry snorted.

“I do fucking not! Food of the commoners, that is!” Draco protested.

“You ate four Big Macs, nine McNuggets, two large fries, drunk half my shake, and promptly barfed it all back up again over the statue of Ronald McDonald,” Harry said with a smirk. “Commoner, indeed.”

“I had food poisoning,” Draco sneered. “And I did not barf. I was being delicately ill.”

“Food poisoning my arse,” Harry scoffed. “You were as a pissed as a fart and can’t hold your liquor. There was not one thing delicate about you that night. You tried picking a fight with a telegraph pole and fell in the gutter… twice!”

“It’s all lies,” Draco said dismissively. “I have no recollection of anything of the sort.”

“If he was so drunk, how did he know to get your initials as a tattoo?” Hermione asked, struggling to keep her eyes off Draco’s ‘package’. Draco suddenly became very interested in a nearby display of socks with cartoon characters on them.

“That tattooist asked him his girlfriend’s name, to which he replied ‘Harry’,” Harry laughed. “The guy got great amusement out of telling me whole story when I finally realised where Draco had gotten to after he mysteriously disappeared from the club when I had my back turned. I turned up at the right time too, because he passed out the minute the needle touched his skin.” Draco was glaring at Harry now, but his silence indicated to Harry that he may have just revealed more than Draco wanted their friends to know. Harry cleared his throat. “So, um, what are you two doing here in the blokes’ clothes section?”

“Blokes’ clothes section!” Draco spat. “This is a designer clothing outlet, you… you… urgh! How are we still together?!” He stormed off into the changing room again, his bare feet slapping against the tiles.

“Because you like me licking honey off your naked arse!” Harry called to him.

“I want a divorce!” was Draco’s response.

“We aren’t even married,” Harry laughed.

“Then I want to get married so I can divorce you!” Draco screeched. “I hate you!”

“Now, now, baby,” Harry cooed loudly. “No need for tantrums in the designer clothing outlet.”

Ginny giggled. “Do you two actually do anything other than fucking and arguing?” she asked in amusement.

Harry glanced in the direction of the changing rooms and lowered his voice. “The arguing always leads to bloody fantastic fucking, so I like to wind him up.”

“You’re in the middle of a store!” Hermione cried.

Harry cocked his eyebrow at her and ran his tongue along his bottom lip. “Yes, we are,” he stated. “So, why are you two here? This is very much a Draco-esque store, but I can’t see why you would need anything in this department. I don’t even need anything here and I’m a bloke.”

“Ummm, I’m looking for some… er… underwear for Ron…” Hermione said evasively.

“Bollocks,” Ginny sniggered. “She’s looking for a jockstrap for him. The kind with the bare arse so she can cater to her new found spanking fetish.”

“HERMIONE!” Harry gasped and then snorted in laughter. “Oh, I don’t know whether to laugh or hurl!” The laughter won and soon tears were streaming from his cheerful green eyes.

“Bite me, Potter,” Hermione huffed.

“No thanks, that’s Ron’s job,” Harry cackled.

“You aren’t the only couple with a monopoly on all things kinky,” Hermione sniffed.

“Admit you get off on watching Draco and I fuck and I’ll leave you alone,” Harry bargained with a wide smirk to rival Draco’s own.

Hermione blushed and looked away. “Fine,” she mumbled.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that,” Harry teased. “What did you say?”

“Oh honestly!” Hermione said, flustered. “Fine, I get off on watching two gays guys fuck! Happy now? It’s not just you and Draco, you two are just there with it all hanging out.”

“Shit, Harry. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get her to admit that?” Ginny asked incredulously.

“She just doesn’t want me mentioning Ron’s shiny spanked arse in front of him at our next get together,” Harry said dismissively.

Draco banged open the door once again and strode out to study himself in the mirror under the better lighting. He was in nothing but a pair of light jeans, and the sight of his toned, pale chest went straight to Harry’s groin. Draco was pointedly ignoring Harry as he turned to try and see his arse in the mirror.

Ginny followed Harry’s eyes and sniggered. “We’ll leave you to it then.”

“Yeah, sure, bye,” Harry said distractedly, already stepping away from them. He came up behind Draco and placed his hands on his boyfriend’s hips. “They suit you.”

“Oh, so now you want be to all sappy and lovey?” Draco sniped. “Bugger off. I’m still pissed at you.” He tried to wriggle away from Harry but Harry tightened his hold, is arms snaking to Draco’s front. He swirled a finger in Draco’s bellybutton and kissed the side of his throat softly.

Draco watched the reflection of their embrace in the mirror and his breath hitched. It was fucking hot watching Harry do this to him in the mirror. “You’re not pissed at me…” Harry murmured.

“I might be,” Draco said back, trying to remain stoic but failing dramatically. “Fuck me in front of the mirror and I could change my mind.”

“What?!” Harry laughed. “This mirror?”

“I have no particular preference to what reflective object you choose,” Draco stated. “I want to watch you fuck me. Full length.”

Harry finally looked up at the mirror before them and found Draco gazing intensely back at him via the reflection, his grey eyes slightly narrowed and full of lust. “I should know not to ever think you are joking when it comes to fucking, shouldn’t I? You’re actually serious. Wasn’t watching ourselves on film enough?!”

Draco licked his lips and then turned his head, capturing Harry’s mouth in a hungry kiss. Harry tried to struggle out of it, fearing that they might be watched by fellow customers or staff, but Draco held on, spinning Harry in his arms. He continued to kiss his boyfriend, his tongue roving deeply in Harry’s mouth as he moved forward, pushing Harry back into the changing room. The door slammed shut behind them with a loud bang.

“Draco, we can’t –” Harry started, finally prying himself from Draco’s mouth.

“You can’t deny you were thinking of fucking me in the change room…” Draco purred, hooking his leg behind Harry’s knee and rubbing his hard cock against Harry’s leg. “I saw the way you were looking at me. You can’t ever say no to getting off with me…anywhere…”

“Not through lack of trying,” Harry panted, falling back against the mirror as Draco slid his tongue back into his mouth. This time Harry responded to the kiss, knowing Draco had once again gotten him exactly where he wanted. “This is the mirror then?” he mumbled around Draco’s lips.

Draco was trying to tug Harry’s t-shirt up his body to get it off, but not willing to break the kiss. Once the stretchy fabric was bunched up under Harry’s chin, Draco broke away for barely a few seconds as he ripped the t-shirt over Harry’s head, getting his glasses caught in it and sending them falling to the floor with the rumpled shirt. “Yep,” Draco confirmed with a succinct nod.

They were both just left in jeans now; Draco in the yet-to-be-purchased pair and Harry in his own worn, but fitted ones. Draco tickled Harry’s nipple with his finger and then smirked. “You know –”

“I’m not getting a fucking nipple ring,” Harry snapped impatiently.

“Why not?” Draco whined. “I think it would feel great on my tongue, not to mention how fucking orgasm-worthy it would look.”

“Orgasm-worthy?” Harry sniggered. He reached over and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Draco’s jeans. “Like you are in desperate need of anything to induce orgasms. You demand them at least four times a day, you nagging bitch.”

“Your bitch,” Draco stated and pushed Harry back against the wall of the tiny cubicle.

“That too,” Harry agreed as Draco started nibbling on his ear. “Don’t leave a hickey. I have work tomorrow.” Draco ignored his request and nimbly unzipped Harry’s fly and pushed his jeans down off his hips.

“Why are you wearing these?!” Draco squawked and flicked the elastic in Harry’s Buzz Lightyear boxers. “These are almost enough to cause my hard-on to seek refuge behind my dick! Anything without wording on the waistband is off-limits! Got it?!”

Almost being the operative word,” Harry grunted, hastily pushing said underwear down his legs and kicking them away with his jeans. “Quit your whinging and turn around!” He undid Draco’s jeans and spun him around so Draco’s back was once again pressed against Harry’s front.

Draco felt his cock twitch at the force of Harry’s words. Harry pushed his hand down into Draco’s underwear and cupped his dick, massaging it gently under his palm. Draco watched every movement of Harry’s fingers through the mirror, his breath quickening in response.

Harry pushed Draco’s jean off his slender hips so the waistband was sitting just below his arse cheeks. Draco braced himself on his hands splayed either side of the full-length mirror, watching as Harry spat into the palm of his hand and slid a finger into Draco’s arse.

Draco turned his head to invite Harry in for another kiss, which Harry didn’t hesitate to accept. Harry was fingering Draco purposefully, trying to ready him as quickly as possible. Draco was moaning into his mouth and melting back against him. Harry quickly glanced up into the mirror and the sight was almost enough to cause him to come immediately.

“Do it,” Draco whispered with a slight nod, dropping his head back onto Harry’s shoulder as he tried to regain his breath. Harry gave him a moment to compose himself, beginning to rub his hand up and down Draco’s erection slowly in anticipation.

Draco lifted his head and opened his eyes to watch while Harry positioned himself and pushed his dick deep inside Draco in one controlled, purposeful motion. “Ungh, yes,” Draco grunted. “That feels fucking fantastic!”

“Do you know how much I’ve wanted to do this to you all day, baby?” Harry breathed into Draco’s ear as he picked up his pace, pumping in and out of Draco in rhythmic motions. He wrapped an arm around Draco’s chest, holding him close to his own, and began pressing small kisses to Draco’s jaw line and down his throat.

Draco sucked in his bottom lip and continued to watch Harry fuck him in the reflection of the mirror. Harry hitched his other hand under Draco’s thigh, urging Draco to lift his leg and put his foot on the small bench of the fitting room. This new position gave Draco a clear view of his hard cock and balls. Harry smoothed his hand across Draco’s hip, briefly caressing the tattoo lovingly before moving to fondle Draco’s balls, rolling them in between his fingers and sliding his palm up occasionally to rub at Draco’s erection.

Harry continued thrusting into Draco’s hole, nuzzling the side of Draco’s face. Draco turned his head, and they began to kiss again; briefs pecks accompanied by more prolonged teasing of their tongues, but Draco didn’t allow this to linger. He turned back to look into the mirror, mesmerised by the picture before them. Harry’s eyes met his own through the reflection, and Draco’s breath caught in his throat. Harry smiled softly and then bit down gently onto Draco’s shoulder, nibbling at the soft flesh.

Draco fumbled for Harry’s hand that was still lazily exploring Draco’s groin and entwined his own fingers with Harry’s. He gave Harry’s hand a brief squeeze before wrapping Harry’s fingers firmer around his cock and gave it a few pointed strokes to indicate to Harry that he wanted more.

With Draco’s fingers still entangled with his own, Harry began rubbing Draco’s cock steadily. He moved his other hand to pinch lightly on one of Draco’s nipples and Draco moaned quietly in response, his grey eyes falling closed involuntarily.

“Open your eyes, Draco,” Harry purred into his boyfriend’s ear. “Open your eyes and watch me make you explode with my cock buried deep in your arse…”

“Oh shit,” Draco squeaked. “Must you… always to that… hot talking thing…ohfuckI’mgonnacome!” He bit down on his lip, unsuccessfully trying to stifle a groan as he exploded, come spurting all over the mirror in front of him.

Harry watched the reflection hungrily, only managing to briefly take in the sight of Draco’s intense orgasm before came forcefully himself, pressing his face into Draco’s shoulder to mask any uncontrolled noises of pleasure.

Draco stumbled, his legs weak and still caught in the jeans, and sent them both sprawling to the floor of the changing room in a messy heap. Harry was already sniggering as he helped Draco into a kneeling position. Draco looked like he wanted to slap Harry, but instead grabbed his face between his hands and kissed him roughly, causing Harry to fall back onto his arse.

A soft knock at the changing room door startled them and the scrambled to try and right themselves. “Yes?” Harry asked hesitantly, his eyes flicking to Draco, who was mumbling a string of curse words under his breath whilst trying to wrench the jeans from his legs.

“Sirs?” a woman’s voice queried, sounding suspiciously like she was attempting not to burst out laughing. “We must regretfully insist that you now purchase the clothing items you have taking into the cubicle with you.”

“Ahhh… yeah… okay…” Harry mumbled, feeling a deep flush cross his nose and cheeks.

“What if I don’t –” Draco went to ask haughtily but Harry slapped a hand over his mouth.

“We also feel obliged to inform you that all changing rooms are security monitored on CCTV,” she stated, trying to remain professional but a distinct snort of laughter followed.

“Fuck,” Harry mouthed to Draco, who just shrugged dismissively.

“You are entitled to apply to our security department for a copy of the footage at a small cost,” she continued and Draco began to smirk widely while Harry dropped his head into his hands in embarrassment. “In saying that… our Head of Security has offered you a fifty percent discount on your purchases this morning for such a… a…” she broke off into a laugh, “a wonderful show! And finally…” a box of tissues was slid under the cubicle door, “our cleaning lady feels you may need these.”

“Thank you,” Harry called back, his voice dripping with mortification. There was some more snorting laughter before they heard the woman walk away. “This is all your fault!”

“My fault?” Draco scoffed. “I didn’t hear you voicing any complaints. I distinctly remember it being your dick stuffed in my hole, so don’t think you are blaming me for this one! None of this would’ve happened if you had just agreed to get a nipple ring.”

“WHAT?!” Harry hissed, messily trying to pull on his clothing. “What does that have to do with bloody anything that just happened?!”

“Nothing,” Draco agreed. “But you have to admit it was a clever change of subject. I am the Master of Manipulation.”

“I’ll show you manipulation,” Harry huffed.

“Why won’t you get the nipple ring?” Draco complained. “I don’t ask you for much.”

“No, you just fucking demand it and sulk if I don’t agree,” Harry sniped, shoving Draco’s discarded shirt into his face.

“Get a nipple ring for me and I’ll let you spank me again,” Draco offered.

“That’s a screwed bargain,” Harry said shaking his head. “Bugger off. I am not getting a nipple ring. Are you not even the slightest bit bothered that we just got caught fucking in a public fitting room?”

“No,” Draco replied with a shrug. “If you get a nipple ring, I’ll be your slave for a week… you can order me to do anything…”

Harry stilled in his actions, and then slowly turned to look a Draco. “Anything?”

Anything,” Draco purred, running his tongue suggestively along his bottom lip.

An indulgent grin spread across Harry’s face and his green eyes sparkled. “A nipple ring in exchange for a week of you doing anything – absolutely anything – I request?”

Draco’s own smirk faltered and he gave Harry a wary look. “Yes,” he agreed slowly.

Harry wriggled his eyebrows and reached around to give Draco’s arse a firm pinch. “You’re on!”

- fin -