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The Day everything changed

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Character belong to J.K. Rowling. I do not own them, I merely play with them.

The day everything changed


Harry just returned from a friendly game of Quidditch played by him and some of his friends. Sirius had been there too, but he left when he game was over. Harry and some friends, including Ron, Charlie, Seamus, Dean and the twins, decided to go to a pub for a bit before going home. They had a couple of drinks and Harry had been talking to Charlie. They had had a short fling after Harry left Hogwarts but decided that they were better as friends. They had been flirting mildly throughout the game as well.

“Siri? Are you there?” twenty-two year old Harry Potter called out when he entered the house he and his godfather had been sharing these past few years. Nobody answered, so Harry shrugged and went to take a shower. He was kind of sad that Sirius had left so early but there was nothing he could do about it. Harry realized that he was in love with Sirius some time ago but knew that Sirius probably thought of him only as a godson and a friend.

Sirius had heard Harry enter the house earlier but ignored him. Seeing him and Charlie flirt during the game had made him realize that he had feeling for his handsome and sexy godson. Sirius realized that what he wanted to do to his godson was not very well, innocent. He knew that if he kept thinking these thoughts, he would have to take a cold shower before his Harry came home. He quickly walked towards the stairs when he heard a loud noise coming from upstairs.

Harry stood under the shower, letting the water wash away any stray thought. But it didn’t quite work when Sirius popped into his thoughts. His godfather had looked very sexy during the game, his black hair flying in the wind and blue eyes sparkling. Harry moaned and his hand strayed to his hardening prick. Just thinking about Sirius made him hard. He slowly stroked himself, thinking about how Sirius would look in the throws of passion, fucking him senseless. He tossed his head back and moaned loudly. He moved his hand even faster, moaning Sirius’ name loudly, not knowing that the object of his affection was in the same house.

Sirius raced up the stairs when he heard his name, opened the door to the bathroom and simply stared at his wet godson pleasuring himself in the shower. He let out a loud moan, his cock was hard instantly at the enticing sight and Harry’s eyes flew open. Harry’s eyes flew open and came the minute he saw Sirius in the room. His orgasm was ripped from him and he sagged against the wall. Sirius immediately sprang to action, jumped in the shower, clothes and all, wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed him for all he was worth.

The moment their lips touched sparks flew. Harry’s eyes opened once again and he started to kiss back with enthusiasm. Sirius’ tongue traced his lips and he quickly opened his mouth to allow entry to Sirius’ persistent tongue. The water kept streaming over them but the two men no longer noticed or cared. All that mattered were the brutally passionate kissed they were sharing. When the need to breathe became too much, they broke apart panting. They gained their breath for a bit before Sirius dove back in again, once again he and Harry kissed like their lives depended on it. Harry tasted like love, innocence, chocolate and freedom; Sirius like love, power, control and a hint of playfulness.

The next time they broke apart they smiled at each other before attacking again. Harry quickly started to undress his wet godfather and his hands touch every bit of skin he could reach. Sirius moaned and let his head fall back against the wall before he gathered his scattered wits and began to retaliate. His hands roamed over his godson’s wet skin. Both men were hard and panting.

Sirius growled as Harry twisted one of his nipples and decided that it was time that he took control. He spun his godson around and Harry placed his hands against the wall. Sirius fell to his knees and traced Harry’s ass with his hands. He spread the younger man’s cheeks and leered as he saw the twitching hole. He touched the hole with his finger and a loud moan was drawn from the man facing the wall. Harry wailed as he felt a tongue touching his hole. He could not believe that his dream was coming true.

Sirius, kneeling behind his godson and spearing the hole with his tongue was in heaven. He finally got his hands on the object of his affection. His tongue left Harry hole and Sirius asked “do you have lube?” Harry nodded frantically and pointed at the medicine cabinet. Sirius quickly acciod the lube and spread the slippery stuff over his finger. He then entered his godson with two fingers and Harry screamed in pleasure. The fingers already felt amazing. They quickly found his prostate and pleasure was shooting through his body.

Sirius saw the blissful expression on his godson’s face and moaned. He knew he needed to fuck this amazing young man quickly. “Harry,” Sirius rasped, “are you ready, Harry?” Harry, having lost all coherency, nodded and Sirius quickly lubed his cock. He placed his cock at Harry’s hole and slowly eased himself inside. When he was inside Harry completely, he stopped, not wanting to hurt Harry. Harry had never felt like this before. He felt full, loved and cherished.

When Sirius stopped moving he looked over his shoulder and moaned at how feral his godfather looked. He slowly pushed back on Sirius’ cock and Sirius gave him a feral smirk. He almost pulled back and thrust back in Harry with force. He set a brutal pace, pounding Harry’s prostate with every thrust. Harry was incoherent with pleasure and could do nothing but hold on for the ride. Far too soon Sirius could feel his orgasm approaching. Harry whined and Sirius reached for the younger man’s cock. He stroked his cock in time with the brutal thrusts and they both came second after each other. Harry could feel Sirius flooding his insides with come and he too let go and seconds after Sirius’ orgasm his sperm coated the wall.

Together they sagged to the ground and Sirius wrapped his arms around the exhausted young man. They exchanged gentle soft kisses for a few minutes before Sirius got up and turned of the shower. He gathered Harry in his arms and quickly dried him off with a towel. Harry blinked at him sleepily and gave his godfather a brilliant sated smile. They did not need to speak the words to know the feeling there were between them. Sirius tenderly picked up his godson and carried him to the master bedroom. There he placed Harry on the bed and crawled in with him, vowing to protect the young man forever. Harry sighed and crawled closer to his godfather, knowing that Sirius would always love him and protect him. Sirius wrapped his arms around his godson and entwined they fell into a deep sleep, both realizing that this was the day everything changed.


The End