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Holly Poly is, as the name implies, a poly exchange. OT3s, OT4s, OT6s, orgies, open relationships, sedoretus, whatever strikes your fancy, so long as it involves more than two entities and is consensual between all parties.

We're also open to more than just fanfic. Participants will be able to offer and request fic, art, vids, meta, or podfic. Written work should be 1,000 words or more; art should be at least 5 images or panels if doing things like iconsets or a comic, otherwise they should be bigger than a breadbox; vids should be at least 2 minutes; podfic should be of works that are at least 1,000 words long.

For more information, please see the dreamwidth comm.



Nominations for the tag set run September 23-October 13.

Signups are open from October 16 to November 7th.

Assignments will be due January 10th, and posted on the 13th, with reveals on the 14th.

(dates subject to minor revision once posted to comm, if they change it will be noted here)



Number of Requests: The minimum is three, of different fandoms.

Relationships: All relationships must involve a minimum of three characters. The only maximum limits are those defined by the AO3.

Fandoms: You must request/offer a minimum of three fandoms. You can choose any fandom, large or small. Megafandom versus individual fandoms must be worked out during nominations - where possible megafandoms will be preferred, unless characterization or plot points are wildly different.

Crossovers: You may request crossovers, but it may not be one of your three minimum fandom requests. So if you request a crossover, your minimum number of requests is four. Crossover relationships should be nominated under the 'crossover' fandom.

Media Types: You can choose from fic, podfic, remix fic, meta, vid, or fanart. You can specify more than one in the same request so long as the rest of the request is the same. This is not a request for both, it is a request for either. If you are requesting a remix of an already extant work, you must provide a link to an author statement that provides a blanket approval for that work, or provide me proof that it is okay for the work to be remixed in whatever form you're requesting. If you do not have approval before you submit your request and are not comfortable doing so, please state that and I will make the request for you. If you do not do one of the above options, the request will be deleted.

Requesting Podfic or Remixes: While you may make a request for a specific fic to be podded or remixed within the details of the request, that cannot be the extent of the request. Podfic recording time varies a lot based on the podficcer and the amount of supplemental material added to the podfic, and it is unfair to demand a specific work be read & reinterpreted given the minimum length requirements of the fest. That is to say, no one is obliged to remix Stealing Harry into a threesome masterpiece just because the requestor asked for it. Any requests that consist solely of requests for a specific work to be remixed in whatever fashion (podfic, fic, meta, etc), will be sent back to the requestor for clarification. If clarification is not received after one week, the request will be deleted.

Request Details: Everything else goes in request details. This can be as broad or as limited as you like. Ratings and requests to avoid triggers or certain content type (please do not use the word ‘squick,’ be respectful of everyone’s kinks) must be fulfilled in the request, but like Yuletide, story suggestions or details are secondary to fulfilling the relationship and fandom parts of the request. They are simply suggestions, not mandatory.

Other: Please note that for all of these fields you are welcome to put Any or All.