Hockey Holiday Exchange 2015

Hockey Holiday Exchange is a gift exchange, with stories going live on January 1st after the Winter Classic!

(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Hockey Holiday Exchange 2015 (hockeyholidays2015)

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Hockey Holidays is a gift exchange for the 2015 holiday season. Gifts will go live after the Winter Classic on January 1st, 2016.

 Signups are open now!





Nominations open: soon!
Nominations end: October 10th
Signups start: October 11th
Signups end: November 9th
Assignments sent out: November 16th
Drafts due: December 26th
Reveals: January 1st (after the Winter Classic!)
Author reveals: January 8th



1. Fics must be at least 1,000 words in length. There is no "maximum" limit.
2. You may write more than one fic, as long as they are all at least 1,000 words in length.
3. Fics do not have to be holiday-themed.
4. If you want to include a fanmix, art, etc, feel free! But you can't just do that; you have to write a thing, too.
5. Please be considerate of the likes and dislikes your recipient provides, as well as any other information they give you to work with. We'll do our best to match people up with things they'll be excited about writing, but remember you're writing a gift to cater to someone else's preferences.
6. No requests or offers including Patrick Kane.
7. Please don't post your fic anywhere else before reveals on Jan. 1st!
8. If you need to drop out for any reason at all, please let us know as soon as possible. We totally understand that life happens, and all we ask for is as much time as possible to find a pinch-hitter for your recipient!
9. You must offer to write at least 4 different pairings, threesomes, or moresomes; you can request up to 6.
10. You don't have to write a "Dear Author" letter but it is encouraged. Please include a link to it in your sign-up form if you choose to write one.
11. When you post, please try to tag appropriately and courteously. If you would prefer not to warn for the default archive warnings, use "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings" instead of "No Archive Warnings Apply".


1. You are required to request 3 pairings. You may request up to 6.
2. Once you have chosen a pairing from the nominated tag set, you can fill in 'Descriptions, Likes, and Dislikes' with prompts for your author, or a general list of tropes you do or do not want to see in your gift fic.
3. If you want gen, either make a note in 'Descriptions, Likes, and Dislikes', or tag "Gen" in the 'Optional Tags' section of the signup form to help with matching.
4. You may link to a Dear Author letter in 'Letter URL' for treats/additional details you want to provide. However, they are not mandatory.
5. Please enter pairing tags the same way they are listed in the tag set (i.e. names in the same order) to help make matching easier for us! Not all of the tags will auto-fill.


1. You are required to offer 4 pairings. You may offer up to 10 specifically.
2. If you are willing to offer more than 10 pairings, or are comfortable writing anyone from a specific team, in the 'Optional Tags' section of your final offer, you may list the additional pairings or the team here. For example, if you're willing to write any pairing involving members of the Dallas Stars, you might list 5 offers and then, in the 'Optional Tags' section, you would put down the team tag. Please note that this means you could get matched on any request involving a member of that team, so be sure!
3. If you are uncomfortable writing certain tropes, please note it in 'Descriptions, Likes, and Dislikes' so you won't be matched with someone who solely wants that trope.
4. If you're willing to write gen for a pairing, either make a note in 'Descriptions, Likes, and Dislikes' or tag "Gen" in the 'Optional Tags' section of the signup form to help with matching.
5. Please enter pairing tags the same way they are listed in the tag set (i.e. names in the same order) to help make matching easier for us! Not all of the tags will auto-fill.