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Welcome to H/D Fan Fair, a collection dedicated to Harry/Draco fests with special themes!

Previous fairs: H/D Career Fair 2009, H/D Travel Fair 2010, H/D Career Fair 2012, H/D Book Fair 2013, H/D Career Fair 2014, and H/D Pottermore Fair 2015, H/D Pet Fair 2016, H/D Career Fair 2017, H/D Food Fair 2018 and H/D Fan Fair 2019.

If you have participated in previous fairs organised by hd_fan_fair, you may add your entry to this collection!

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About Harry/Draco Fan Fair (hd_fan_fair)

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The Rules for

Harry/Draco Fan Fair 2019
H/D Fan Fair is a Harry/Draco fest, thus all stories and works of art must have Harry/Draco as the primary romantic/erotic pairing. Pre-slash should be marked clearly in the header information. Their relationship doesn't have to be the primary focus of the story/art, but it is important that both Harry and Draco play an important role in the story/art.

For this year's Fair we'd love for you to come up with prompts, write stories, create artworks and read podfics that feature • creative occupations – muggle or wizarding!

and you must pair it with ONE of the themes below that we have explored in our past years (except for Food Fair)!

  • Travel Fair – travelling around the world, travelling through time or travelling to an alternate universe!
  • Pet Fair – any kind of animal, animal-shaped magical creatures, Patronus animal forms, or animagus forms!
  • Book Fair – be inspired by any of the over 100 books mentioned in HP canon!
  • Pottermore Fair – be inspired by any of the information on the old Pottermore website!

The only career exceptions for this fair are: Aurors, Bakers, Chef/Cooks, and Diner/Restaurant-owners!


A Career + Travel example would be:
Draco is a Fragrance Magiochemist who develops scents for magical perfumes. He travels to East Indies to find more sperm whale ambergris, a rare and expensive ingredient in perfumes. Guess who is the local whale conservation volunteer who Draco keeps running into?



Fest Timeline:
Prompting: June 5 (Draco's birthday) – June 21
Claiming: June 23
Submissions due: September 18
Posting starts: October 1
Big Reveal: November

How do I go about prompting?
Prompting opens on June 5, which is Draco's birthday! On the day, the Prompting Post will go up on the Collection's LJ Community.

  • You may post as many prompts as you like, but do prompt only a handful at a time to allow others a chance to prompt.
  • If making multiple prompts, please put each prompt in its own separate post.
  • You can claim your own prompt.
  • Anyone (anonymous too) can submit prompts. You don't have to write/create art for the Fair to be eligible for prompting.

What about claiming?

  • Each prompt can be claimed once for art and once for fiction.
  • Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date.
  • Once you submitted your story or art, you are welcome to claim a second prompt.

I can't meet the deadline, what do I do?
While deadlines are not carved in stone, please try to keep to them. Still, this is not an exchange fest, so we won't feed you to Fluffy chase you down if you cannot manage the deadline or have to drop out of the fest. But please let us know as soon as possible, so we can re-arrange the posting schedule.

If you are having problems in getting your submission finished in time, please contact us sooner rather than later. We will do our best to help.

The mods can be reached at: fanfairmod [at] gmail [dot] com



Submission Guidelines:
All fiction and art must be new and written/drawn specifically for this fair. It should NOT be posted anywhere else until after the Reveal in November.

All submissions must feature the Career Theme as the main component of the entry.
Further guidelines according to Secondary Themes:
- Book Fair: you must include the book OR have scenes or characters be inspired by the book, as detailed by the prompt.
- Pet Fair: you must include an animal, animagus, patronus form or animal-shaped creature, as detailed by the prompt.
- Pottermore Fair: you must have scenes or characters be inspired by the Pottermore entry, as detailed by the prompt.
- Travel Fair: your entry must partly be set in a location outside of the UK OR an alternate universe (not canon book verse) OR time travel, as detailed by the prompt.



  • Stories should have a minimum of 1500 words.
  • All work should be a stand-alone and MUST not be part of another series or a sequel.
  • All submissions must be beta-read and free of spelling mistakes. Please include the name(s) of the beta(s) in the story header. A header template will be provided before the submission deadline.
  • All submissions will be checked before posting for faulty html and SPaG. If necessary, the mods or proofers will make general spelling, canon spelling, tag changes and minor grammatical corrections.


  • Art should be a stand-alone piece, but can be in the form of a comic, a fanvid or other forms of traditionally or digitally drawn works.
  • The art work should be more than a quick sketch and show effort and time invested in the piece.

Flames and Unsolicited Beta Comments/Concrit:
Under no circumstances is flaming tolerated. One warning is given; if flaming persists the mods will ban you from the LJ community and delete your comment from the AO3 Collection. If you feel you've been flamed by a member of this community or a commenter in the fest, please immediately contact the mods.

The mods reserve the right to screen comments made to fest entries that include unsolicited beta advice. Comments are love! But please keep in mind that H/D Fan Fair is a fannish celebration of Harry/Draco and not a writing workshop. If you have valid concrit, please ask the author or artist after Reveals whether they are interested in hearing it.

Here are some helpful guides: