Happy Holidays

It's the happiest time of year! You love everything about the season! Snow is glistening, people are merry, lights are twinkling, presents are given, family is visiting, and you never want Winter to end.

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Yeah, this is the place for all your happy winter fics. Your characters want to frolic and play? Or would they rather cuddle in front of the fire? Enjoy the winter weather - cold and snowy, mildly cool and clear, or warm and sunny. Enjoy time with friends and loved ones. Give gifts to a stranger to brighten their day, or to your friends and loved ones to show how much you care. Decorate the house or place of work. Embrace the warm feelings of worship. Sing carols and holiday songs.

As long as your fic is happy, warm and fuzzy, fluffy, or just generally positive, this is the place to go.



1. There is only one mod, and that is me (jujukittychick). If there's a problem, I'll be the one handling it.
2. Banners will be made as I'm able to complete them and will use the username that the fic is posted under. It will probably be posted as a comment to your fic
3. The collection will remain open for posting all year (because sometimes you just feel like writing holiday fic), however only those posted by Jan 2, 2017 will be eligible for a banner



1. Fic MUST be happy, overall positive, or end with a happy ending.
2. Fic MUST center around Winter, not necessarily a holiday that happens during that time
3. NO bashing of any other holiday that someone may celebrate
4. NO bashing of any race/sex/sexual orientation/religion/handicap/etc. just for the sake of bashing. If it has a valid plot point in your story, that's fine. For example - Person A is attacked verbally or physically because of Reason X, and is then comforted by Person B
5. This collection is multi-fandom, meaning ANY fandom is welcome here. Crossovers are fine as well.
6. Any pairing is fine - m/f, m/m, f/f, poly (meaning any relationship containing more than 2 people), none (platonic relationships). Make sure you tag accordingly.
7. Songfics are welcome (especially if it's a holiday song!), BUT it must have an actual story. Don't just post chunks of a song interspersed with a line or two of story. If possible, include a link to the song used in the end notes so others can hear it in its entirety. AO3 will allow links so no need to break it up weirdly like you would elsewhere