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Lost in You

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It was a very sunny day in 1950 when the first day of his last college years started. Not really the first day of class, but the day he went back to the university. He was wandering around the campus. Looking at the buildings, tall trees, and the field, he was thinking about how he will miss his two idiotic friends when they graduate. Well, not sure yet if he will survive. Donghae, at the age of 21, barely passed the last academic year.

“Will I survive this year?” is all he whispered. Sighing, he walked towards his new dorm. He was not focused on the hallway, for still he was in his deep thoughts when he bumped into someone. The guy's books fell on the cement pavement.

“Yah, you should look where you are walking! Aish, my books!” The stranger yelled, awakening Donghae’s senses. It was his batchmate, Hyukjae from the same faculty as him, but in a higher section.

Donghae dropped his belongings to help Hyukjae pick up the books from the ground. Their fingers tangled as they were about to pick up the last book. He quickly removed his hand and let the owner get it.

“Ah, I’m sorry, man. I should have looked on the road. I gotta go,” Donghae spoke while getting his belongings. He hurriedly walked past to the other, hurrying himself to go to his dorm without looking back at him.

What he didn’t notice is that, as he walked away, the other man was looking at him, starstrucked.

It was their first interaction.


It was another day when their formal first day of class started. Donghae is the type of a student who enters very late to class. Not really late, just exactly when the professor is about to enter the class too. He often does that to ‘have enough sleep’, but just a fucking excuse to stay up all night to compose and play his unheard songs, and sometimes going on band gigs. He really wanted to be a singer, but he also thought it was not enough for a living, so he entered the Faculty of Engineering, Department of I.E. instead. He didn’t know why he chose that course, probably did an eeny meeny in all of the available courses for him so that he can continue studying.

Not that he doesn't want to pursue his dreams, but he only gets small gigs, which his earnings are just enough to pay for his daily needs. He also tried to sell his songs, but being independent or not signed to any record labels won't get him anywhere. So, he just decided to sing on the bar, in hopes the people will like it and share it with their friends.

As he entered the class, he saw Hyukjae beside an empty chair. He wondered at first if he really entered his class or just got lost, but he was greeted by his friends Leeteuk and Jongwoon, improperly seated at their seats and waving their hands to him.

“Yow, long time no see Hae! How are you?” Teuk called him and at the same time, the professor entered the room. Hae quickly ran to the empty chair and fixed himself. The professor did his greetings and announced some things that I don’t know if it’s relevant or not (let’s just focus on the story lol).

“Teuk, did I enter the wrong room? You’ve been promoted in the advanced section?” Hae asked, still wondering why the boy he’s talking about is in the same room as him.

“Are you out of your mind? We’re dumb as fuck, Hae. We barely survived every academic year. Here’s a coffee for you, I think you need it more than me.” Teuk answered with a confused face, handing the drink to his friend. Hae then took the cup from him and drank a good amount of caffeine to kick in him.

“Eh, why is he here?” The sleepyhead asked once again. Teuk directed him to lean his head closer to him and gossiped to him, “He was moved here. His grades went down, down, baby, I guess.” Teuk replied, then smiled at him awkwardly. As Donghae heard about it, his eyes went big, looking at Teuk. He was indeed shocked. As far as he knows, Hyukjae is a type of student who really studies hard to maintain his high grades. He would always see him everytime he got or returned a book in the library. But on second thought, he might be struggling or having problems that caused him to be demoted in a regular class. Well, who knows? He, himself, is also struggling.

“Yah, what are you two talking about? I wanna know, too!” Jongwoon, whose seat is behind teuk, asked them in a quite loud voice. His chair also made a noise, leading the professor to hear them.

“What’s the commotion right there, Mr. Kim?”

“Sorry, Sir,” Jongwoon muttered, sitting back on his chair properly. “Son of a bitch, I just want to know the tea!” He muttered on his own, but audible enough for Leeteuk to hear it, which made the two in front of him laugh silently.

“You shouldn’t have done that, I heard he is really strict. I’ll just tell you later, Woon.” Leeteuk whispered while still laughing, facing his back to look at his friend.


The class for today ended not-so-fine. Donghae can’t seem to focus on the discussion after knowing what happened to his new classmate. He’s been spacing out for the whole day. He knew something was bothering the boy, which could have caused his demotion, for he, himself, has felt it almost every semester. He wanted to ask the boy what happened, but the feeling of entering an unknown and strange world is what bothers him the most.

As he was walking back to his dorm, he saw someone familiar entering the room beside his room. He wanted to approach and befriend him, but the latter already went inside. Well, he didn’t know why he suddenly had the urge of befriending him. He felt like he had to do something to fix him, to pick up his broken pieces and glue them together again.


After a long week, Saturday finally came, and Donghae finally decided to introduce himself to Hyukjae formally. He did not know what made him do this, but he's already in front of the door, so he won't back out now. He brought some bread and soup to offer for breakfast. He is hesitant at first to knock at the boy’s door, thinking he might be sleeping at this hour. Gathering all his courage, he finally knocked.

But no one answered. He knocked once again, and---

“Yah, who the fuck is knocking at my door! You’re knocking on the wrong door--” Hyukjae’s sleepy eyes grew big when he saw the person outside his dorm. He didn’t expect someone to knock at his door. I mean, he had no close friends at all to visit his place.

“Ah, I’m sorry to bother you this early, but I brought bread and soup for breakfast. Uhm, would you mind eating with me?” Donghae asked shyly without looking at his eyes. He doesn’t really know how to start a conversation. He used up all of his courage to utter those words.

Hyukjae’s mind went blank, he really did not expect it.

“Uhm, sure, I guess? Let me fix my room first,” Hyukjae said, obviously just waking himself up with his tone. He suddenly closed the door, leaving Hae shocked.

“Uhm, I guess he won’t be long,” is all Hae muttered to himself. Ten minutes had passed and the soup's gone cold, yet the door was still not open.

Even if it was against his will, or the owner of the dorm might get angry at him for trespassing, he opened the door. He was in awe of what he saw… Hyukjae was sleeping on his couch while holding his blanket. He must have stayed all night, he guessed, as he also does it on a daily basis, except last night. It was a miracle.

He observed the one who’s in a dreamland again. With his soft looks and pouty lips, he thought he looked like an angel. He didn’t notice that he unconsciously smiled at him. After a few seconds, Hyukjae’s eyes are once again opened. He pushed the other with his eyes growing big for the second time.

“Yah, why are you inside?!”

“Shh, let’s eat breakfast, I'll just reheat the soup.”


And that is how they ended up eating breakfast together.

Hyukjae, with his blank mind, had no idea why the man who he bumped to last few days is in front of him, eating his breakfast quietly. He wanted to shoo him away so he could continue his sleep, but he had no energy for that. Silently sipping the soup from his spoon, Donghae got his attention.

“Uhm, I forgot to formally introduce myself. I'm Lee Donghae, and I'm sorry for interrupting your peaceful time. Uh, I wanted to befriend you." Donghae said, breaking the noisy silence. As Hyukjae was about to say something, Donghae added, "I'm your new neighbor, by the way. I always make friends with my neighbor, that's why I'm here today."

Well, it was just an excuse. In fact, Donghae never bothers himself to befriend everyone around him. Back in their first year, Leeteuk and Jongwoon were his very first neighbors. They were the ones who made friends with him. His neighbors also made friends with him in his later years, but their bond wasn't comparable to Teuk and Woon. They were like the three idiots when together.

"Oh, I see. Lee Hyukjae," the other man introduced himself, offering a handshake. The other accepted it.

He still can't seem to imagine how these things happen. Yep, he admitted to himself that he kind of liked the boy in front of him, and he didn't know how and why. It felt like the world and the universe was on his side.

The two finished their meal with a silent noise. As Hae is about to pick up Hyuk's plate, Hyuk suddenly talks.

"Thank you for today, Donghae. I appreciate it. I hope, someday, I can repay you."

"Ah, no need to repay me, Hyuk. I just really wanted to make friends with you."

Hyuk silently washed the dishes, while Hae roamed around the dorm. As he saw an object that made him excited, he picked it up and played. He then strummed the six-stringed instrument.

"I'm just the boy inside the man,
not exactly who you think I am
Trying to trace my steps back here again, so many times
I'm just a speck inside your head,
you came and made me who I am
I remember where it all began, so clearly

I feel a million miles away,
Still you connect me in your way
And you create in me,
something I would've never seen
When I can only see the floor,
you made my window a door
So when they say they don't believe,
I hope that they see you and me"

As soon as Hyukjae finished washing the dishes, he heard Donghae singing while playing a guitar. The song is not just anything, but his favorite song. He went to the couch, where Donghae could be, but he heard the guitar stopped playing. He won't lie, he felt disappointed. He wanted to hear more.

"Oh, why did you stop playing?" Hyukjae asked as he finally saw Donghae sitting on his couch, spacing out.

"I don't know, either. I felt like I had to."

"Why? I like it though. It's calming and deep."

"But it made me feel like shit."

"Did you write the song?" Hyukjae asked, out of his curiosity. He didn't know why he had the urge to ask that one, and it could be somebody than him tho. But his guts are thinking he is the one who wrote it.

"Well, I originally wrote that song several years ago. It was meant for her, but she broke up with me before I could sing it in front of her. I was just a fling for her. I sold it and it went very well, I guess cuz you even know it. I didn't receive any royalty on it because they credited somebody from it." Hae answered with tears in his eyes, getting teary. Hyuk felt bad after hearing his words. He also felt lucky he got to meet the composer of his fave song.

Donghae stood up then put the guitar back in its place.

"Well, I gotta go, Hyuk. I still need to do something today. Have a great day!" Donghae waved his hands, and went out of Hyukjae's dorm. The next thing Hyukjae realized was that his heart was pounding harder than it should.


Well, it's just another day, and weekdays came fast again. Hyukjae always notices the boy coming late, bringing a cup of coffee, and spacing out in the class. The latter's obvious eye bags must be the reason; he's staying up past midnight. The boy wondered what would be the reason for Donghae staying up late. He just interacted with Hae twice, and now he's interested in the boy's lifestyle.

The next few days, he discovered the reason why.

It was a Saturday night when Hyukjae decided to go out for a drink. Well, his mom and he fought again through the phone. She heard the news of him being transferred in the regular class, and she didn't really like it. Well, she acted as if she wasn't the reason why it happened, and that made him angry. He needed fresh air to breathe.

He and his mother were not on good terms ever since his cousin outed him to her. One time, he saw Hyuk on a date with his ex-boyfriend. Her mom kicked him out of their home and never gave him any allowance for his daily expenses after that. That’s why he had to work his ass off after his class ended so he could have his own money, which made his grades drop drastically and demoted from the special section.

"Good evening, everyone. I am back again with another original composition to play for all of you. I hope you will like this." The singer in the bar announced, which made Hyukjae look at him. The voice seemed familiar to him, but he was far away to see if it was really him.

"It’s hard to fit in
When you’re on the outside
Feels like someone’s getting to my head
Was it somethin’ I did, or just somethin’ I said?
I’m not an idiot, but I feel like one a lot
‘Cause every time I try I end up here
Right where I started, just feelin’ unguarded

I don’t care if it comes out perfect
As long as I can spit it out

Then He said
Take your time, take what you need to
Peace of mind, should never leave you
You’ll be fine, just let them see you
On The Inside
Hurt takes time, don’t be afraid of
You will find, it’s gonna be alright
So let’s go!"

Hyukjae felt like the singer spoke to him. It was perfect timing, he could say. He needed to hear those words. The song ended, and it made him want more.

After three songs, the band wrapped up their performance. Hyukjae looked again for the singer, but he couldn't see him anymore. He felt sad, he just wanted to thank the singer for composing such an amazing song.

"Oh, Hyukjae. What brings you here?" Someone asked him, which made Hyuk shocked. He looked at the person, and it was really Donghae.

"Uhm, I had a bad day, I guess. I need to calm myself a bit," Hyukjae answered, chugging the alcohol down his throat. He refilled the shot glass and offered it to Hae, but the other declined it.

"Sorry, I don't drink."

"Oh, I see. So, you're doing gigs here?" Hyuk asked after he drank a shot.

"Ah, yes. I sometimes busk in parks, or join some indie festivals. By the way, I have to go first. I need to go somewhere." Hae replied, fixing the straps of his guitar bag.

"Anyways, I'm glad I've got to see you perform. It was perfect timing, I guess. See you in tomorrow's class?"

"Of course, but I'll be late tho." Hae said, bidding his goodbye to Hyukjae. The other just laughed at the singer's reply.


Hyukjae can't help himself, but falls in love harder on Donghae.

It was one in the afternoon of Thursday when he decided to go to Donghae's dorm, in hopes that they could study together for the upcoming quiz tomorrow. He was about to knock on the door when he heard a guitar being played.

"You light up my sky
Just like a butterfly
Your words are more than just a passing breath
I wanna feel alive
I need you in my life…"

And after those lines, Hyukjae can't hear the guitar anymore. Donghae must have stopped playing. He finally got the chance to knock on the door.

"Who's outside?" Hyukjae heard the other asking. It’s unusual for Donghae to have visitors knock on his door, since Leeteuk and Yesung would tend to open the door without his permission, and he doesn't mind about it anyway.

"It's me, Hyukjae." After a few seconds, Donghae opened the door, looking completely disheveled. Bags under his eyes, and coffee in his hand. “This man must have stayed up late again,” Hyukjae thought.

“What brings you here, Hyukkie?”

“Ah, I would like to study with you if you want? We’re having a long quiz tomorrow and I can’t seem to concentrate since it’s calculus-”

“Holy shit, the long quiz! I entirely forgot about it!”

Donghae hurriedly ran back to his room to fix it, completely forgetting Hyukjae outside. He picked up his guitar and placed it on its proper place, folded and returned his blanket on the bed, and picked up the empty coffee cups rolling on the floor. He immediately went back on his door to welcome his blockmate.

“Ah, I’m sorry for that. My room was kinda messy and you might be uncomfortable, so I needed to fix it first, hehe,” Donghae talked, scratching the back of his head. They finally entered the room and sat on the couch, placing the book on the table.

Then, Hyukjae asked, “So, should we get started?”


They wasted almost half of the day studying the lessons for tomorrow’s agenda. It was a really good idea that they studied together, every lesson felt so easy. Who could have thought they learned them more quickly than they thought?

It was undeniable for Hyukjae that he got motivated on studying after that session with Donghae. It felt like he saw a light in a room of darkness, where his mom threw him after he came out. It was really a very bad day for him that even made him lose hope in humanity.

Well, snapping off his thoughts, he heard the guitar being played with another unfamiliar, yet beautiful harmony being made by the six strings. "Hae must have stayed up late again for the Saturday gig," he thought, while rewriting the notes they wrote for them to ease studying. What he didn't know is that Donghae writes the original composition being performed every Saturday night.

"You take the words out of me
Right out of my mouth
You make me feel inside out,"

As Donghae spoke those words, he was looking at Hyukjae with his endearing sparkly eyes, without realizing he was already smiling. Hyukjae looked back as he heard the musician singing, and met his hazelnut eyes. Hyukjae felt like he was Hae's whole world. He's rather confused than happy, he didn't know why the man was looking at him like that.

"You take the breath out of me
It's hard to believe
You make me feel inside out"

As Donghae continued the song, Hyuk just fell harder on the boy. His heartbeat was beating faster than normal like it was about to explode anytime. He didn’t know anymore if he really just admired him or if he had fallen for real in the hole.

Donghae stopped playing the guitar, but kept on staring at Hyukjae. They had at least a minute of them, eye-to-eye. The musician started to close the gap between them. It’s a shock for Hyukjae that he didn’t flinch. He would usually panic in these kinds of situations. Every second, the gap between them decreases inch by inch, until…

“Hello, to my dear friend, I brought some food—?” Teuk was cutted off after seeing the scene in his friend's dorm. His friends are just about to kiss.

On the other hand, Donghae and Hyukjae panicked, startled from the sudden arrival of their friend. They sat on the couch a very… wide distance from each other.

“Damn Jesus, why does he have to interrupt today?” Donghae muttered, but surely Hyukjae heard it. He’s not sleeping, the man might have liked him for real.

They just laughed silently, probably annoyed at Leeteuk interrupting their moment.

"Uh, I think I should go now. See you around, Hae." Hyukjae announced, gaining Teuk and Hae's attention.

"Ah, yes. Thank you for studying with me. It helped a lot." the musician replied. After locking eyes with each other, Hyuk left the room. But before he left, he heard Leeteuk talking to Donghae about something, so he decided to eavesdrop.

"What was that, Hae? I can't believe it! You almost ate each other for lunch.You two are about to eat each other for lunch. What a shame, girls didn't have a chance on you. Just kidding, but you have a lot of explanation to do, right now, Hae. When did it start?"

"Uhm, how can I say this… I don't know if I really like him more than friends, but being with him is comfortable. I also don't know how we just almost kissed. I just knew I wanted to kiss him. Ugh, I don’t know anymore, Teuk.” Donghae expressed his thoughts, confused about what he was feeling about his neighbor.

“Well, do you like him?” Teuk asked, sitting beside his friend. Hae can’t seem to answer the question, fearing his friend might hate him for loving the same gender as him.

“Bro, I won’t judge. Love is not just something between a man and a woman. Love is when you feel the want of taking care and living with a person you adore for the rest of your life, and that’s in any gender, no limitations. It’s the homophobes who keep on insisting love is only for opposite sex.” Leeteuk explained, easing his friend's feeling by assuring he don't care about his gender.

“I don’t know either, Teuk. I really don’t know.” the musician answered, running his palms on his face, flicking back the bangs that cover his eyes.

“Well, I think let’s eat lunch for now, and I’ll leave you alone after we eat. You need time to thoroughly think about these things, so you won't be confused and play his heart. Gay or not, you're still my dearest friend and we'll be here for you, okay?" Teuk told him, giving his friend a helping hand to stand up. Hae smiled at his friend's words, and held his hand. They went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch his friend brought and put them on the the kitchen to prepare the table

What they didn’t know is that Hyukjae heard it all. He immediately went to his dorm and grabbed his wallet to eat outside the university after Teuk invited his friend for lunch.


After the incident, Hyukjae can’t sleep that night. He kept on thinking about the boy he admired after meeting just a few times. He can’t believe he really fell in love with him that fast. He felt crazy, he still can’t believe they almost kissed. The brown orbs he looked at for a minute, plus the thin lips were very inviting. Down on his mind, the thought of Donghae giving in to him because he just had the urge, but unsure of his feelings saddens him.

On the other side of the wall, Donghae was rather confused. He didn’t know what he thought that made him do it. He was sure that Hyukjae was really looking so inviting to be kissed. But the thing is, he wasn’t sure of what he felt about the other; either he likes him, or his blockmate was just looking very tempting. I mean, who would not be tempted with the boy’s plump and pinkish lips and piercing eyes?


In the next two weeks, both of them didn’t talk to each other, despite them being beside each other in the seating arrangement. Well, normal conversations related to class were an exception, but aside from that, they didn't talk about anything, they avoided to talk about that certain day.

It was another day for Hyukjae to feel worried about their friendship. They just built it this past week, yet he felt like he's about to lose another friend. He's scared of losing a friend. I mean, he already lost a ton and no one stayed beside him, and he didn't know if he could bear losing another one. But on second thought, he gives time for Hae until the musician is ready to talk to him. It’s either he likes him back or not, but his patience doesn’t agree with him. His brain is debating if he should approach him first or not. He can’t take it longer because it just pains him thinking about the situation they are in.

Sitting at the bench and looking at the sunset with his untouched food on his hands, he thought he couldn't take it anymore. He felt very impatient, so he ate a little of street food, threw the leftovers in the trash bin, and finally decided to confront Donghae and clear everything that's bothering the two of them. It must be a risk for him if the other boy doesn't really like him, but at least there will be no more misunderstandings, and he can move on as early as he can and accept that they are just friends.

He went directly to Hae’s dorm after he finished his food. He felt shivers on his spine, but tried to be as calm as he could or he might back out and go directly to his dorm. He breathe in and out as he go upstairs, stomping his feet to lessen the stress he’s having, and curling his fists while cracking the knuckles

He finally walked past his dorm, stopping in front of Donghae’s door. He breathed in and exhaled for the last time before knocking at the door.

“Oh, who’s there?” the musician asked, barely audible for Hyuk, which made him ignore the question. He waited for a good minute for the door to open.

After a good minute, Hae finally opened the door out of curiosity. No one answered when he asked, so he went to check if it was a ghost, or someone left something in front of his door. His eyes grew big after he saw Hyukjae in front of him. He didn’t expect the boy to be in front of him after they ignored each other’s presence for weeks.

“Uhm, hi Hae. Sorry for interrupting your night, I guess?” Hyuk told him with a low voice, putting his hands together out of his nervousness. He didn’t know what to say after that, but he kept on thinking that this is the first and last chance for him to clear anything to the boy. He didn’t realize it had already passed a minute of loud silence, until Donghae started to talk.

“What brings you here, Hyukjae? Would you like to have dinner--” the musician was interrupted when Hyukjae suddenly pulled him closer by grabbing his collar, kissed him chastely. The other was shocked with the boy’s sudden move. His eyes grew big, and his body froze for a moment. After a millisecond, he responded in the kiss, putting his both hands on Hyukjae’s cheeks, deepening the kiss. He licked the bottom lip of the other, asking for permission, which Hyuk allowed him by opening his mouth. Their tongues fought and explored the cavern, as their bodies also closed the gap between them.

Donghae then pulled Hykjae inside his dorm without separating from the kiss, and closed the door by pinning the other in it. Hyukjae tangled his hand on the musician’s neck and pulled him closer to him again. Donghae then moved his head to Hyuk’s neck, sucking the skin, which made the boy's head lean back on the door.

The musician then pulled the boy, dragging him to his couch, still not breaking the kiss. He pinned Hyuk on the couch by topping above him. He pulled up Hyuk’s shirt, unraveling the boy’s soft and flat upper body. Hyuk then removed his shirt, which made Donghae attack his tummy with his lips with his hands roaming around the boy's body.

After a quite long makeout session, Hyukjae suddenly realized what he just did. He then pushed Donghae forcibly and sat up on the couch. He felt the coldness of the night wind entering from the windows and shivered, wrapping his body with his arms. Still breathing heavily after their short makeout session, he spaced out, eyes unfocused.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that—" Hyukjae's words got snapped when Donghae suddenly spoke.

"What was that? Why did you do that? You're making me more confused. Making out with me, then hanging me alone?" Hyukjae paused for a while, then looked the other in the eyes, "What the fuck was that, Lee Hyukjae?"

"I lost control, I'm sorry. I should be leaving you now," Hyukjae muttered with a low voice, but still audible for Donghae's ears. When the boy got up and was about to leave the room, Hae suddenly stopped him, grabbing the other by arm. The move made Hyukjae span around and face the musician. He felt scared with the sudden change of mood.

"Hyukjae, do you like me?" Donghae asked, ending the noisy silence that surrounded them.

“Uhm, if I do, what would you feel?” Hyukjae asked back, shutting his about-teary eyes, losing the hope he had.

“I would not kiss you back if I didn't like you, too.” As the musician answered back, Hyukjae widened his eyes in shock, meeting the other’s brown orbs, who was also smiling widely to the boy.

“Is that for real, Lee Donghae-ssi?” Hyukjae asked once again, with still wide eyes.

“What should I do to prove it more to you except kissing, hm?” Donghae spoke with a very deep voice, cornering the boy on the door with his hand beside Hyuk's head. He looked at the boy with pure lust eyes, a smirk appearing on the corner of his lips.

“Do whatever you want, except the nasty thing on your head today. You’re not getting that for now, horny mister.” the boy put his palm on Donghae’s chest and pushed him lightly. This time, Hyukjae flashed a smirk on his face, laughing in mind about Hae’s obvious semi-hard member.

“Well, you look like you have not eaten dinner yet. Let’s eat outside, what do you think?” The musician asked the boy, getting his purse from his mini table.

“I ate some street food before I went here, but okay. It was not enough for me, I guess.” Hyuykjae replied, chuckling with the thought that the street food he ate was not enough for him. His body must have consumed a lot of energy for the confrontation, which made him hungry— or maybe that makeout session made him hungry, “are you paying for my meal tho?”

“Of course, I’m taking you today in a date, babe.” Donghae smiles while uttering those words, throwing a wink on Hyukjae. The boy just looked up, releasing a grunt expressing the cringeness he felt while witnessing a very flirty Donghae. He just then followed the musician’s lead.

"Woah, we're getting endearments this fast, bro?"

"Really, bro?"


After a few good minutes of walking in the streets, they entered a restaurant, which made Hyuk shocked. He’s not the type to eat there for he can’t afford buying food in it, and his situation with his mother made it worse.

"Yah, it's expensive here. Can we just… get a takeout in a fastfood and just eat in your dorm?" Hyukjae asked, almost whispering, for they are already in front of the restaurant's door, and the employee is throwing them a very judging look.

"Well, I agree with that idea. Let's go. "


When they already got the takeout food, they walked back to the dormitory. Donghae, with his free hand, brushes his fingers to the boy. After a few tries, the musician finally tangled his hands to the other and held it tight. Hyukjae's eyes widened with the other's action, and looked at him on his brown orbs. He kind of panicked because they were in a public place.

"Don't mind them, Honey. Let's stay like this for a while. I like it," Hae uttered, which made Hyukjae get eased with his worries in his thoughts. It was really an unusual feeling to him because with his past relationships, they tend to be hidden, afraid of being judged in the worst way just because they loved a person. He felt glee for the first time. It was his first time to hold hands in public.

Despite that joyful feeling, he is still scared to do it often. His mom might appear in nowhere and attack him, or Hae might be in danger, too. He's still not out to his parents, so he is mostly worried about him if he will experience the same things like he had.

"Hyuk, you okay? You've been spacing out." Hae called him for the last time before they stopped walking. It made him come back to his senses. He didn't notice that the musician was calling him a few times already.

"Ugh, I'm okay. Let's get home."


After a few more minutes of walking, they finally arrived at the gates of the university. They removed each other from the hold before entering the premises.

As they were finally in front of their doors, Donghae asked, "In which room should we stay?"

“Can we stay in your room?”


After they ate their dinner peacefully, they decided to hang out in the living room, bringing Hae’s guitar with them.

“Hae, can you play me a song?” Hyuk requested the musician, lying flat on his stomach and elbow on the couch, putting his chin on both of his palms

“Of course. Well, I wrote this one when I was thinking about how I feel. I put all of my thoughts in this song. I hope you like it.” Donghae answered, picking up the guitar pick from the desk, and grabbed the neck of the guitar. He placed his left fingers on the frets, forming a chord. He then started to fix his position, so he could play comfortably. After comfortably sitting on the couch, he started playing the intro of the song, looking at his right hands playing the right string.

“These are the eyes and the lies of the taken
These are their hearts but their hearts don't beat like ours
They burn 'cause they are all afraid
For every one of us, there's an army of them
But you'll never fight alone
'Cause I wanted you to know

Before he started singing the chorus, he glanced at the boy with full adoration.

“That the world is ugly
But you're beautiful to me
Well are you thinking of me now”

As soon as Donghae finished singing, Hyuk commented, wiping tears on his eyes, “Yah, Donghae-ah. That’s…” he stopped talking midway, as he already couldn't speak more.

“Yah, why is my Hyukkie crying? Come, I’ll give you a hug, Babe” Donghae told him, putting down his guitar and guitar pick. He then opened his arms widely, inviting Hyukjae to hug him, which the boy did in a split second. Hyuk then laid his head on the musician’s shoulder.

“The day hasn’t ended yet you’re making me cry, you fucker. That was the most beautiful song I have ever heard!” Hyukjae exclaimed, which made Hae in full glee.

They had not noticed it was already midnight. After a few more jamming sessions, songwriting and eating snacks, they cleaned the place.

“Hyukkie, will you go back to your room?” Hae asked, feeling a bit sad. It was kind of obvious in his very expressive eyes.

“I have to. We still have a very early class tomorrow, and we should not be late. We might not be able to sleep and wake up early if I stay.” Hyuk explained, and winked after he said the last sentence, implying what kind of activity they might be doing if they will sleep together.

“You're a very naughty boy, aren’t you?” the musician questioned, giving the boy a smirk as he leans on the door frame, crosses his arms under his chest. Hyuk blushed at the musician’s remark and felt shy.

“Yah, Lee Donghae. Good night!” Hyuk said for the last time, hurriedly walked to his dorm and closed the door to avoid Hae’s stares. He directly went to his bed, lying on his stomach and shutting his eyes.

“Good night, my boy. Dream of me.” Hae exclaimed to make sure the other could hear it from the other side of the door. After a while that he couldn't hear the boy anymore, he went back to his room, flopping down on his bed. He thought back on how the happenings today are so fast, yet so slow. But there is one thing he is very sure of...

He’s now very sure he is lost in him.


As the days went on, they would go on dates usually in their own dorms frequently to avoid the piercing stares from the strangers. They would just make music, study, cuddle, make out, and finally, sleep together, literally or figuratively.

Leeteuk and Yesung noticed how the glow in Hae became very blindly as if he became a sun. They’re very happy for him because he finally found the one they’re hoping to make him happy. Only the two of them witnessed how miserable the musician’s path is. It pains them that the boy needs to enter a course that he entirely doesn't have any idea about. But the downfall of it, their best friend doesn’t give them time anymore. It was already a long time ago when they last went out to their safe place, the cafe nearby their school. But as long as their best friend is happy, they are happy, too.

And now, the two of them went out together in the cafe, trying to study for their upcoming midterms. But it seems like they can’t focus. Instead, they are talking about the friend they are missing.

"Who could have known he'll meet his someone after he got curious about what happened to the boy. Our baby boy has grown up," Leeteuk expressed as he emoted about their younger brother exploring new things in life. Teuk then picked up his coffee, removing the dryness of his throat caused by silently crying.

"I didn't expect he'll do all those things. Befriending a neighbor? That was so unusual of him. Wait, I'm gonna cry. He’s finally dating!" Yesung replied, wiping the imaginary tears on his eyes with his handkerchief, and sniffing the imaginary mucus.


After a few months, something unexpected happened in their lives.

As usual, Donghae and Hyukjae had their study sessions in the musician’s dorm. Their books and notes are on the floor in a pure mess. Clothes hanging in the arm rests of the couch, the musician and the boy were kissing passionately, tongues were fighting. Hae laid hyuk down on the couch, putting him in between his legs.

He then leaned down on the boy’s collarbone, sucking it to purple. His right hand roamed the chest and played with the boy's left nipple, while the other went down under his stomach. Crawling down to the boy’s crotch, Hyuk felt the chills, which made his back arch. He moaned quite loud when Hae reached and palmed his clothed member.

"Don't make a noise, the next door might hear you. I should be the only one hearing your beautiful and lustful voice, boy." Donghae spoke with a very deep voice. Adding to the stimulation, he ran his fingers from the boy's balls to his wet patched part of the boxers as he used his left hand to cover Hyukjae's mouth.

Donghae grabbed the boy's waistband and freed Hyuk's leaking member. He then brought up the boy from the couch, carrying him to the bed.

"I can't risk my couch to be traumatizing to my friends, yet. Let's just buy another bed sheets" Donghae whispered to him, making Hyukjae chuckle.

"That's so sweet of you, Hae. Let's continue now, I'm feeling cold." Hyukjae replied, which made Hae put him down the bed.

Donghae then started to crawl onto Hyuk's top again. He reached his zippers and unzipped it, making his boner more obvious to look at. He slid down his pants with his boxers, revealing the cock that destroyed the boy a kinda… a lot.

"Mhhhmm, yummy," Hyukjae hummed to himself. He sat down and took Donghae's cock in between his lips. He bobbed down his head at a slow pace, making Donghae move his hips to meet Hyuk's pace. Rolling his tongue around the member, he hummed when the tip of the cock reached his throat.

"Fuck, hngh Hyukjae. You're so good at this. Such a slut for me, you take my dick so well." Donghae praised his boy, reaching Hyuk's back hair to hold onto. As he could feel his climax, he removed himself from the boy's mouth, laying him down again.

"Suck my fingers for me, boy." Donghae commanded and the boy did it happily. As the fingers are wet enough, Hae licked his fingers, and added more saliva in it. He then started to insert his fingers on the hole adding one at a time, stretching it.

And the rest of the night continued.


The next day, the two of them are still lying down on the bed, naked. Hyukjae woke up first, feeling the warm hug from the other. He's about to stand up, but Donghae wrapped his arms, pulling Hyuk's body closer to him.

"Hae, I'll just cook food for us." Hyuk told the sleepyhead, trying to get out from the tight embrace.

“Boy, did you forget I already ran out of ramen. You can’t cook anything else aside from that. Let’s just buy outside.” Donghae teased his lover, smooching on Hyuk’s neck.

As they were already dressed, they opened the door. They were shocked when they saw an old woman in front of the door.

“What the fuck is this, Lee Hyukjae? You disgusting piece of shit!” Hyuk’s mother exclaimed, slamming the door wide open. The two hurriedly stand up from their current position. She then directly went in front of them, slapping Hyukjae so hard that it stinged with an obvious red hand mark of her mom. As he looked at her, she saw red in her very dilated and wide eyes.

“So, this is the reason why you were not in your dorm the last time I visited, huh? Well, you boy, end everything you have with him.” She looked at Hae as she said those words.

"I'm sorry, but I refuse to do that Ma'am. I love your son and there is nothing wrong with—" Donghae said, stepping forward to Hyukjae behind him. He was about to finish speaking when she interrupted him with a slap.

She spoke and held the musician's chin harshly, "Don't you dare refuse my command, young boy! You don't know what I can do, so better stop everything you have before this gets worse."

"Yah, Donghae. Just break up with me, so she can leave us alone," Hyukjae spoke weakly while holding the other's arms, almost on the verge of crying. Donghae then looked at Hyukjae in the very back of his peripherals as he speak, "I will not end the thing between us just because of the homophobic's remarks about us. I told you, you'll never fight alone."

"Ahhh, such sweet and flowery words to hear. I'm not done on the two of you, yet. You started this undying fire. You'll burn in your own flame soon, young lads. I have to leave you now, sorry for bothering you.” Hyuk’s mom said her goodbyes cheekily, smirking at the couple. She then closed the door with a bang, making them startled.

“She's kinda scary though. I was shaking the whole time.” Donghae said jokingly, trying to shrug off the feeling he had.

The other then slapped the musician's arm, "Yah, I told you, we should break up. You don't know what my mother can do. I don't want you to be involved in our—" Hyukjae replied, but was cut off by the musician's finger shutting his mouth up.

"I already told you, you'll never fight alone. I don't care what it may take, but I'm ready to fight for you."

With teary eyes, Hyukjae asked once again, "Are you sure with that, Hae?"

"More than you can think of."


As days went by, things also got worse.

"What the fuckery am I hearing from everyone, Lee Donghae?" The musician’s dad, who is a general, calmly asked his son when he first stepped on their gates. It was their semestral break, so he decided to go home and spend his free time for himself.

"What do you mean, Dad?" Donghae asked back as he saw his dad leaning in the doorframe. His dad then turned around to look at his eyes. Raising his right eyebrow, he looked at his son from head to toe.

"Such a shame, we might have raised a baby girl,” his mom softly uttered, walking out from the door towards him. As his dad’s shoes click on the polished cement, he throws a very sharp glare on his son. It was the first time in his life that he felt shuddered.

“Disgusting, kid. What has got into you?” The mister then threw a slap on his son. “Gay, such a trash.” It was the time when Donghae realized what his dad was talking about.

“I am just in love, Dad! I am just in love--”

“In love with someone you should not be, Donghae! You should only bring women in this household and give us grandchildren!” his dad answered back, snapping him off.

“You can’t just force me to do that, Dad! I love him!”

"You ain't no son of mine for what you've done, Donghae. Should we really need to find you a place so that you will come back into your senses and beg for us for our forgiveness?

“Why should I ask for your forgiveness, I did nothing wrong--”

“Falling in love with someone who also has a dick like you is a sin, child!” Her mom yelled at her with her eyes balled out.

“As if you don’t have any lies hidden between the two of you, should I tell everyone about it?” Donghae spoke, tilting his head and looking at his parent’s eyes with a sharp stare. With that, his mother’s eyes widened, and looked at his husband.

“I’ll let you do what you want, but in a condition.” His dad stated, crossing his arms. He flashed a smirky smile at his son, who was still looking at him.

“What is it, Dad?” He asked with a very small voice, due to his stiffness. He had not moved a leg after the strong slap his dad gave him. His dad ran his index finger and thumb on his chin, pretending to think.

“Enlist in the military. If you still have feelings for that boy after your discharge and the same as him, I’m letting you two be together.”

“Deal.” Donghae proudly accepted the challenge without a second thought.


"Finally, the semester break is done. I could finally see Hae and tell everything." Hyukjae muttered happily, looking forward to being with his lover. He stayed somewhere far from school, near a beachfront. He wanted some space and self-time, so he asked Hae to know his plans.

He was on his way back to the university when he heard whispers from some of the students he passed by. As he went up to the dorm to put his things down, he noticed the other door was still locked. He tried to open it, and it was really locked.

"Maybe he has not arrived yet." He thought.

After he finished putting his things down, he directly brought his books and notes to attend the first class.

As he arrived, he saw Hae's friends already talking to each other, but the weird thing was that they were wearing a sad face. It is very unusual seeing them with that expression. He walked towards the two.

"Hello, how are you— have you been crying? Why?" Hyukjae asked them, clueless about what was happening. It was already weird that he heard the students gossip this early in the day.

As Yesung sniffed, Leeteuk answered, "You really didn't know, did you?"

"What are you talking about?" Hyukjae asked innocently, feeling scared of what Teuk is about to spill.

"Donghae enlisted. We don't know why.." It made his world crumble when he heard it. Maybe, it's a year and nine months of misery. He doesn't have his safe place anymore.

"But… is it possible tho? His parents let him? How about his studies, he's graduating!" He replied with an obvious panic in his voice.

"His dad is in the military. He could have been the reason behind it.” Teuk replied with a monotone voice, making Hyukjae more confused.

“What do you mean, why would his dad do that?”

“He could have found out about you two. I heard he is a terror kind of general. He must not have liked the news about his son.”

After the heartbreaking news, Hyuk went to his dorm, crying his heart out. He’s been blaming himself for dragging Donghae into his mess. He can’t focus on anything. Exams are upcoming, yet he didn’t have any energy to study.

He just cried silently, hugging himself with the shirt Donghae gave to him the last time they saw each other before the semester break. The smell of his favorite perfume still lingers on the shirt, making Hyuk miss his lover more. He wanted to do anything to get him back, but he had nothing to win over their parents.

He looked up at his window, watching the stars shine bright in the sky.

“I need your loving hands to come and pick me up, Hae. I miss you. I hope we’re looking at the same stars tonight. ”

He can only cry on his own.


Days have passed, yet Hyukjae has not been attending the class. He hasn't made his appearance since that day. Leeteuk and Yesung were already worried about him, so they decided to visit his dorm.

After the dismissal of their class, Hae’s friends went up to Hyuk’s dorm to check up on him. They also brought food in case he hasn’t eaten anything yet.

When they were about to open the door, they knocked at it at least a few times. Waiting for the response, they didn’t get any. With that, they opened the door, yet it was locked.

“Ye, can you borrow the keys from the guard?” Teuk asked his friend, which he obediently followed. Teuk tried to look through the windows, but it was dusty enough to cover the view inside the room. After a while, Yesung went back with a lot of keys, holding a specific one for Hyuk’s dorm.

Seconds passed and they finally opened it. They were so shocked with what they saw. A room full of mess, the cabinet's empty and wide open, and the trash from food packaging almost covering the whole kitchen, implying he only had snack food for a living.

"What the actual fuck is happening?" Is all Leeteuk could say.


Months have passed, and still the two had no idea what the actual fuck is going on their friends. Even Hyukjae's mother had no idea where her son was, already gave up on finding him and never gave a fuck. For sure, Donghae is striving hard to survive his military life. But Hyukjae… we're not really sure about him.

He didn't give any single idea or hint of his plan after leaving the university. He has already dropped out of school, so he can't go back there anymore.

Ten months later, Donghae was given an opportunity to have his vacation, but was told not to see his lover. As he received the news, he then told his friends that he is going out today three days ago by sending a letter to them.

As he went out of the gates, he saw his friends waiting for him with food in their basket.

"Teukie, Aesong! I missed you two!!” Donghae exclaimed, running towards his friends to hug them, which the two of them gladly embraced. The tear ducts stuck in their eyes a while ago came to fall on their cheeks.

“Our baby Hae is crying, aren’t you? We miss you, too!” Yesung gleefully replied, messing with his friend’s hair. “You hungry, we got you food! We’re going on a picnic!” Teuk added, smiling while looking at his friends.

“Well, let’s go!”


As they reached the park, they placed the mat on the ground and spread it widely so they could sit. They set the basket then and sat down. Opening it, they took out the food and put it down.

“We brought you your favorites, I know you miss them so much.” Leeteuk told his friend as he was getting the food and smiled at his friend.

“Look, I also helped in cooking!” Yesung replied, getting the ramen from the basket, feeling proud of his contribution.

“Luh, you only cooked the ramen. That’s not cooking, tho.” Teuk answered back, laughing at his friend, which made Hae laugh, too.

“Yah, I did it perfectly. I got the measurement of water right!”

“Whatever you say, you still did not cook!” Teuk replied, showing his tongue on Yesung to tease him.

“Fuck you, Teuk!”


They spent the day catching up to each other, since Hae missed a lot. Teuk and Ye finally graduated five months ago, and currently have their jobs. It was a miracle for them that they survived their fifth year, yet still feels bitter because they weren’t able to graduate together.

“Oh, by the way. I haven’t heard anything from Hyukjae. I feel sorry for disappearing from him without any warning. I am not allowed yet to see him tho.” Donghae told his friends, saddened from the words he spoke. He missed his lover so much, it’s been almost a year since his disappearance.

“Uhmm, Hae, I don't know how to tell you this. We actually brought you here because… uhm, can you follow us?” Leeteuk told him, offering his hand on Donghae, which he took it and got up.

He then followed the two when they finished picking up the trash and mat from the ground. After a few minutes, they reached a grave.

"We're sorry Hae, he didn't make it. After your disappearance, he had not attended classes, and we're just shocked one day that he wasn't in his dorm anymore. We were very shocked when her mom went home after a week of going out of town, and found him in their home full of bruises, hanging with rope around his neck." Yesung told his friend with an obvious sadness in his voice. Donghae just bursted out in tears, dropping hard on his knees.

"Hyuk, I'm sorry, I wasn't able to tell you. It was so selfish of me to decide without thinking about you." Donghae cried his heart out, putting his palms on the tombstone with his head over his hands.


After Hyuk's disappearance in school, he actually tried to find Hae's parents and convince them to free him from the military. But they told him to back off from their child while he is still not aware of what is happening outside.

Before leaving from the camp's gate, where he went and saw his lover's dad, he was beaten until they drew blood on his mouth and nose. What his dad didn’t know is that he saw what happened to his lover.

A week later, they just found Hyuk hanged himself in their home, which made her mom scream in fear when she opened the door.


"I'll make them pay for this. I promise.” Donghae only whispered to himself, with his hands forming a shaking fist.


It was Hae's discharge day, in which her mother waited outside the camp. She wanted to take him out to a restaurant because she thought he missed the outside, and she can't cook either.

After an hour, instead of seeing his son, she heard a loud static from the speakers being turned on.

"Mom, let's play hide and seek. Come find us or your husband won't make it!" A loud voice announced, which made her eyes widened. It was her son.

The armies inside the camp panicked, too, causing them to try finding the owner of the voice. Every side and every room of the camp was already checked, yet they hadn't found him.

"Oh, I forgot to give you a hint, my dear mother. It's my favorite place, ma mére." With another hint, she tried to think of all the possible places he could be. But she didn't give a fuck about him ever since he was in college, so she's not really aware of what's up with her son.

"Last hint, ma mére. Guitar. Come find us! Good luck, xoxo " The voice lastly said on the speaker, and it turned off.

"Could it be… where he performs?"


[i recommend listening to Mama - MCR for this part hehe]

She went to every bar she could find in the street, yet she had not found her husband and son. Visiting the last bar she could see, she then heard a song starting. The finger plucking of the guitar could be heard.

Hae started singing on stage, just standing with the mic on his mic stand. Hearing her son's voice made her go inside the bar, but she didn’t find her husband with his son. She saw a lot of people inside, jamming to her son.

"Mama, we all go to hell
Mama, we all go to hell
I'm writing this letter and wishing you well
Mama, we all go to hell"

"Well mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue
You should've raised a baby girl, I should've been a better son
If you could coddle the infection, they can amputate at once
You should've been, I could have been a better son"

Hearing the next lyrics, she knew it was referenced from what she told him when he went home for his semester break. She thought the lyrics were implying she was right, but seeing her son acting so ironically while singing the lyrics, she realized he was mocking her. She kept on listening to his song.

"And when we go, don't blame us, yeah
We'll let the fires just bathe us, yeah
You made us oh, so famous
We'll never let you go

She said, "You ain't no son of mine
For what you've done, they're gonna find
A place for you and just you mind your manners when you go
And when you go, don't return to me, my love""

With the next two bars, she then got a little angry with the lyrics that were also referenced from her words. She wanted to go on stage to slap his son and make him realize he was the one who was wrong, but she couldn't get through because of the crowd.

"Mama, we all go to hell
Mama, we all go to hell
It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell
Mama, we all go to hell"

As the beat drops into a different and slower speed compared to how it started, the crowd started banging their heads like crazy. Donghae also shouted at the top of his lungs, which made his mom think he was getting crazy.

"Mama! Mama! Mama! Oh!

Singing the lyrics, he looked at his mother with his wide eyes, smiling at her and moving at the stage like crazy. She felt the chills on her spine, she muttered to herself, "my son must have gone insane."

"Mama! Mama! Mama! Ma…"

Donghae then lowered his forehead on the mic. The crowd then left the bar after the music volumes went down. As he and his mom are the people left inside, he then continued.

"And if you would call me a sweetheart
I'd maybe then sing you a song
But there's shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun
You would cry out your eyes, all along"

As he said the word 'gun', he took out a real pistol from his pocket, swaying it in the air with the beat as if it was just a toy.

"Where's your dad, Lee Donghae?!" His mother yelled at him, but he shrugged it off, pretending he did not hear her. She wanted to go up to the stage, but the rails blocked the possible ways.

He sang the next bar with his obvious anger in his voice. He growled when he reached the low notes.

"We're damned, after all
Through fortune and flame, we fall
And if you can stay, then I'll show you the way
To return from the ashes you call"

"We all carry on
When our brothers in arms are gone
So raise your glass high, for tomorrow, we die
And return from the ashes you call"

As he finished the lyrics, he screamed three times more before pulling the trigger, targeting the rope that was tied on to something near the stage. As the rope was cut through by the bullet, a body fell down just beside the stage, and it was not moving.

"It's a surprise party!" Donghae exclaimed, looking at his mom. She was kind of terrified when she saw the body falling on the ground. Donghae looked at his unmoving mother, raising his brows.

“Why won’t you go to your ‘beloved husband’?” He asked his mother. She tried to walk straight, but she was shivering from what just happened. As she saw who was the person who fell from the ceiling, she bursted in tears, yelling as she cried.

“What have you done, Lee Donghae! Are you out of your mind?” His mom shouted at him, tears running on her cheeks.

“Have you asked yourself when your husband tortured Hyukjae when he had not done anything? Have you asked yourself if I am okay with what I had before having Hyukjae in my life? You never cared about me, you motherfuckers. So, I should not care about you either. Just be thankful I have not killed you by now. I’m giving you a chance to live.” Donghae spat out, bringing the gun on his chin.

“What are you doing, Hae!” her mom asked as she saw him pointing the gun to himself.

“I want to be with him, Mom. I can’t live alone.”

“Yah! Lee Donghae, are you crazy?” Donghae just smiled at his mom, tears rolling down his eyes.

“Yes, I am, Mom. I am crazy and lost in his paradise. I am lost in him.” Those were the last words that he spoke.

And he pulled the trigger.


"You light up my sky
Just like a firefly
Your words are more than just a passing breath
I wanna feel alive
I need you in my life
You're like a photograph never changing

I've seen you many places
And I still feel the same
Your loves electric I can feel it when you touch me
No one but you can make me
Feel like I wanna change
I got this feeling that today's gonna be a good day

I just want to get lost in you again
And I just want to get lost in you"

“You, No. 15. You're almost done with your mission, aren't you?” No. 29 asked him, chugging the tea from her cup. They were chilling on the veranda of their mansion. No. 15 put down his guitar, then picked up his coffee.

“I still have one more person to pick up, and I will be eligible for reincarnation. But it’s been a week yet I don't have any clients.” He replied, sipping the hot coffee.

"Well, at least you're about to reincarnate. You'll be with your lover again. I wonder how you still love him after two decades."

"I never thought I would be able to see him again in his reincarnation after he died. He's still the same Hyukjae that I know." Fifteen smiled after he said those words. After a good minute, someone called him.

“Fifteen, the boss called you. Please go immediately.” the assistant told him, turning around after she did the order of their boss. He then followed her upstairs.

As he entered the office, he saw his boss with a new folder, that means, he’s getting his 1000th soul to take to the purgatory after years of being a grim reaper. He showed a smile on his face, knowing he’s finally able to reincarnate.

“Good day, Fifteen. You’re finally free from being a reaper after you finish this one. By the way, this is your final mission. He’s about to die in a few hours. Car accident. He’s the customer of the taxi that will be involved. That’s all, you are dismissed.” His boss told him, handing the folder where the data is.

He wondered why his boss didn't mention any names this time. As he opened it, the first thing he saw was a photo of the person who is about to die. He was shocked as he saw a familiar face.

“Lee Hyukjae?”