Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang 2011

A Big Bang Challenge Community for the Hawaii Five-0 (2010) fandom. It’s based on the traditional big bang challenges from other fandoms, where authors produce novellas of at least 20,000 words and artists claim stories to produce art for.

Feel free to contact the mod either via a PM on Dreamwidth or via e-mail to h50bigbang.mod[at]gmail[dot]com at any time. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (2011)
Rules/Guidelines (2011)

February 1: Author and Artist Sign-Ups Open
March 15: Author Sign-Ups Close
May 10: Story Rough Drafts Due | Artist Sign-Ups Close
May 15: Story Claiming by Artists
June 25: Art Drafts Due
July 1: Posting Begins

Main Challenge Site: Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang
AO3 Collection: Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang Collection

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