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Welcome to the Gilmore Girls Adult Fic collection! From 2002 until 2016, GilmoreGirlsAdultFic strove to be a safe place for writers to write about their favorite Gilmore Girls couples without the limitations of the most prominent fic archive of the time, but also provided moderation and proper rules so that those who only wished to write misogynistic works about the Girls were not welcome. Though time has passed and Yahoo Groups no longer exists, the fandom and their ardor to see more about their characters than what broadcast television allowed has not. As the founder and moderator of the group, I am proud to see these stories have a permanent home on the archive, and hope that future generations will see what works this series inspired during its original run and many years in syndication and on Netflix.

Gilmore Girls Adult Fic is closed to new works.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 4 September 2020, and began in April 2021. The archive import was completed in October 2021.

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