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They think he hates them.

He does.

Kind of.

Except for when he doesn't. And he doesn't most of the time now.

But they don't need to know that.

"Hey, Rocket? It's your turn to babysit Groot!"

"I am Groot!"

"Which one of you vermin stole my undergarments again?"

"I am Groot!"

"Drax does not steal! Take it back!"

"I am Groot!"

"Yeah, Groot, we heard it the first billion times! Branch out, will ya?"

Rocket pauses at the door of the sleeping quarters he shares with his best friend. A slow smile spreads across his face, lips curling back to expose his teeth as the bickering continues throughout the ship. Quill cheats by using the intercom. Everyone knows it, but nobody stops him. They all just want to win when they can and screw whose turn it is to watch Groot or who stole Gamora's clothes or who… Rocket chuckles darkly, muttering, "Yeah, the big guy hasn't found that yet, has he? You're gonna die when he does, Rocket, but it'll be worth it."

And then he clears his throat and forces his smile to the appropriately surly snarl they're used to before stepping out into the corridor. The din of his crew, his family, bickering and fighting only grows louder.

"Grow up, all of you idiots! Can't a guy nap in peace around here?"

"Shut up, Rocket!"

"I will smite you, vermin! Give me back my things!"

"I am Groot!"

"I did not steal anything!"

H wouldn't change any of it, not for all the credits in the galaxy.

Okay, maybe he wouldn't go that far…