The Foresmutters Project

The Foresmutters Project is an anarchic effort to put material from the earliest days of slash online. FSP materials so far are all K/S, but we are strongly interested in other pairings and other fandoms, especially from 1980 or before.

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About The Foresmutters Project (foresmutters_project)

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This is the new home of the Foresmutters Project, an archive dedicated to preserving some of the earliest slash - found in zines or otherwise passed around pre-internet - online. All authors of works in this collection have been contacted and given permission for their work to be archived by the Foresmutters Project, originally hosted at



In August of 2010, M.E. Curtin, the founder of the Foresmutters Project, transferred the domain name the Open Doors committee of the Organization for Transformative Works in order to preserve the archive for future generations. Although the original domain is no longer active, the stories are accessible through a mirror on the Open Doors site.

The archive's original project manifestos can be found on this page.