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To River From Your Secret Admirers

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Author's notes: Not copyright infringement intended

To River From Your Secret Admirers

To River From Your Secret Admirers

To: Ms. River Tam c/o Amnon's Post Freight and Holding Co. From: Your Secret Admirers

Can't even think
Can't say boo
Two by two we're coming for you

Looking on ships
Bashing in heads
Can't drown us out by taking your meds

Simon can't help
Nor can your friends
You'll never be able to make amends

This series is intended to honor some of my favorite poets and artists, so who better than Joss to style a poem after. The following is based on the rhyme in "Hush." For some odd reason, the Gloves of Blue have always reminded me of the Gentlemen.







Title:  To River From Your Secret Admirers
Series Name:  Valentines from Villains
Author:  Phaedra
Details:  Series  |  PG  |  gen  |  0k  |  02/15/05
Characters:  River, Other - Gloves of Blue
Pairings:  N/A
Summary:  River gets a special note on the 14th
Notes:  Not copyright infringement intended