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The Passionate Reaver to his Meat

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The Passionate Reaver to his Meat

The Passionate Reaver to his Meat

Come die with me and be my meat,
Of you I'll make a special treat,
You'll struggle, yell, scream, and cry
As I rip and cut, munch and sigh.

And we will set upon the ship,
You cattle can't give us the slip.
Your blood flows like rivers and falls, Which sounds, to us, like madrigals.

And I will make of thee beds of skins
Stuck together with shiny pins.
A cap of scalps, and a kirtle
Made from your dear cousin, Myrtle.

A coat downed with the finest hair
I'll pull and pluck till you're bare.
Fair lined boots for the Black is cold, From the carcasses of your old.

Why do you mew about escape?
When your sweet flesh longs for rape.
For those who live, the fate is worse
They will join and bear our curse.

So, cry for mercy all you want,
Your teary eyes do not me daunt.
We're here now (your heart skips a beat) You will die and be my meat.

Based on Christopher "Mack Daddy" Marlowe's, The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (1599)







Title:  The Passionate Reaver to his Meat
Series Name:  Valentines from Villains
Author:  Phaedra
Details:  Series  |  PG-13  |  gen  |  0k  |  02/15/05
Characters:  Other - Reavers
Summary:  The Reavers Want You! To be their Valentine