Froday Flash Fiction Little & Monthly Specials 2018-2019

Subcollection for FFFC's special challenges 2018-2019.

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About Froday Flash Fiction Little & Monthly Specials 2018-2019 (fffc_monthly_2018)

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This is a subcollection for all of FFFC's special challenges between 2018 and 2019.

Amnesty works created for any of these challenges go here as well.

Please submit no other works, as they will be removed.



Visit our LiveJournal or Dreamwidth communities for current challenges and more.

Monthly schedule:
1st Froday: Regular Challenge
2nd Froday: Little Special
3rd Froday: Regular Challenge
4th Froday: Monthly Challenge for the following month
5th Froday: Froday Madness Special

Last Froday: Amnesty

Full FAQ on LJ // Full FAQ on DW.



Little specials go up every 2nd Froday and end within a week. Monthly specials go up every 4th Froday of the previous month (eg. 4th Froday in May for June) and usually run through the complete month. Works will only be accepted until the deadline (11:59 pm GMT), with the exception of works posted to DW or LJ before said deadline: Those may be added to the respective AO3 collection at any time (and vice versa).

We welcome all sorts of fanworks in all fandoms, including RPF, and original works.

Happy creating. Also: Tell a friend :o)