Focus on Female Characters

For fanworks centered on female-identified characters.

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About Focus on Female Characters (female_focus)

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The goal of this collection is the celebrate the numerous awesome female characters in our various fandoms. The focus of the story should be on a female-identified character, and her life, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and adventures--and not solely on the men in her life.

Collections of interest

Ladies' Choice - These stories include erotic scenes where female characters have sex for their own pleasure and without shame.

Ladies Big Bang - A female-centric panfandom big bang challenge open to all types of fanworks.



Stories of all ratings and genres are welcome!

Gen, het, and femslash are all acceptable here (so too is m/m slash, so long as the primary focus is on a female character, who is present and active in her own right).

RPF (real person fiction) is also allowed.

For the purpose of this collection, any character who self-identifies as female is welcome.