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For fiction having to do with The Establishment RPG.

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Q: What can I post here?

A: Any fiction, including game logs and chats, connected to the Establishment RPG.

Q: What kind of permission do I need?

A: You must have the permission of every writer involved with each piece you publish. So, if you publish a game log/chat/journal entry/etc, the writers for each character involved must have given you permission. If someone writes to one of the owners and tells us that they didn't give you permission for the work to be posted here, we will delete it.

Q: Wait! I see fic for the same characters being written by different authors. What gives?

A: As this is fiction based on a long running RPG, there are occasionally characters who have been played by more than one person throughout the life of the game.



1. You must have permission from every player involved in whatever fiction you post.