Earth-1796 Fanworks Challenge

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We'd like to thank all of you so much for being part of what's been a really exciting journey for the two of us. You have all played such an important role in helping us shape this story and this world, and we'd like to invite you to contribute more (and maybe have the opportunity to send a few of you a very special thank-you)!

To that end, we're hosting the Earth-1796 Fanworks Challenge, a fanfic and fanart contest for readers of 1796 Broadway.

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Voting is now open, here!. You will be able to vote until midnight, Sunday June 22, 2014.

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About Earth-1796 Fanworks Challenge (earth17962014)

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Here's how it works:

We're inviting you to submit 1796-inspired fanworks for the next four weeks. We've created a collection for this purpose, here:

When you submit your work to the collection, it will be invisible through June 7, 2014.

In a month, we'll open the entries to voting. All entries will appear as "anonymous" entries. Readers will vote for the three best art entries and the three best fiction entries. Each of the top three vote-getters for each category will get one of the following prizes:

Screen-Accurate Steve Rogers Dog Tags

Avengers Assemble Lunchbox Grab Bag

Comfy Cozy Captain America Fleece Throw and Marvel Kawaii Collection Socks 4-Pack

NYPD “America’s Finest” Captain America Coffee Cup and Journal

Rain and Tea will each select an additional "Authors' Choice" prizewinner, someone whose work we particularly liked but who did not win, and these winners will receive a prize as well.

The first-place vote getters will get to choose from the pot of prizes first, then the second, third, and then the Author's Choice winners, so that everyone gets the fairest shot at the prize they want most.

Voting is now open, here!. You will be able to vote until midnight, Sunday June 22, 2014.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We'll be happy to answer!

Thanks once again for being the best readers ever!

--R & T



The rules are as follows:

--Entries must be submitted by Sunday, June 8, at 12:01 am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
--No more than one entry per person, per category. (One piece of art, one piece of fic)
--All entries must be clearly inspired by 1796 Broadway or supporting works in the Earth-1796 series. Crossovers and AUs are permitted, but they must be clearly tied to this world and not just any Marvel canon.
--Fiction should be at least 1000 words in length and no more than 5000 words in length
--Art must be entirely created by you. Photomanips and tracings are not permitted. However, sculpture and other mixed-media art is welcome (Just post a photo)
--Art must be hosted on an anonymous account so that people cannot check the URL of your image to tell who you are. (imgur should work fine for this.
-- Any rating is acceptable - but any NSFW work should be clearly labeled NSFW in the title.
--You may have ONE beta reader/viewer for your fic or art. You do not need to use the same beta if you are doing an entry in each category.
--Do not share your fic or art with anyone who is not Tea, Rain, or your beta. Sharing your work in an attempt to stack voting will result in disqualification.
--You do not need to be a regular reader or commenter on 1796 Broadway to enter.
--Tea and Rain reserve the right to remove a work from the running at our discretion (which we hope we won't have to use).
--Obvious as these are physical prizes winners will be asked for their addresses in order to receive their prizes!
--We will ship prizes anywhere in the world, but if you live outside the US, we may have to ask you to paypal us the shipping difference.
--Voting is now open, here!. You will be able to vote until midnight, Sunday June 22, 2014.