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Not So Tranquil

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Tranquility Spa was eerily perfect, Yasmin thought, as she walked with the Doctor through the entrance of a beautiful garden that Ryan had suggested they visit. After all, how had they magically been granted a two-week stay? Not that she was going to shake her head at it, but she was used to things not being as they seemed.

“These flowers are lovely,” The Doctor smiled up at her, her face sunny. “I think I recognise them, but I can’t remember the name.”

Yasmin, impulsive, reached out to pick one of the flowers and stick it behind The Doctor’s ear. She could’ve sworn she saw her blush a little. “They smell stronger than most flowers I’ve had experience with,”

“Oh, Yay,” The Doctor smirked. “I’m sure you’ll smell many different kinds of flowers eventually.”

Was that an innuendo? That seemed like an innuendo. But that was impossible. The Doctor never made sex jokes, and from what the TARDIS had told her about her general disposition, she wasn’t a particularly sexual being. The TARDIS slightly liked teasing Yaz about her crush, but it was good-natured. Apparently, Yaz’s crush was one of the “cuter” crushes that The Doctor’s companions had had on them, which made Yaz feel a weird combination of smug and insecure. Sometimes it was weird, traveling with and secretly being in love with a nigh-immortal woman who’d known so many different kinds of humans, some intimately.

As they took a turn into a more secluded area of the garden, Yasmin’s phone rang with a text. She opened it to see a series of wink-y faces from Ryan. She scrunched her face up in confusion and looked up to see the Doctor, looking at her with a mixture of anxiety and… yes, she was sure the blush was there now.

“Doc, why is Ryan sending me winking faces?” she asked, hoping she might have an answer.

The Doctor’s voice was a little choked up. “Look to your right, Yaz,”

Yaz did so, and saw a four-poster bed, very out of place in the beautiful garden. “Doctor, why is there a bed there?”

The Doctor bit her lip. “I believe this is a pleasure garden.”

“A… pleasure garden? You mean, a garden where people have sex?” Yasmin was dumbfounded. She’d heard of nudist colonies, and BDSM dungeons, but she’d never visited either. She could feel a tingling between her legs at The Doctor’s words.

The Doctor looked up into Yasmin’s eyes, a shy smile on her face. “Ryan seems to have pranked us. This is an… installation with flowers that enhance pleasure for couples. Make them more sexually interested in each other.”

She looked more flustered than Yasmin had ever seen her, and Yasmin’s eyes wandered to the flower she’d put behind her ear. “Flowers that enhance pleasure… and I put one behind your ear.”

“Yes,” The Doctor said, her voice breathy. “Yaz, if you don’t want me to take you on that bed right there, I would suggest you get out of here as fast as you can,”

Yasmin felt a flutter in her stomach as she noticed The Doctor’s eyes wandering over her body, and the tingling between her legs continued to grow in intensity. “That’s quite fine, actually.”

“Really?” The Doctor stepped towards Yasmin, looking nervous. “You’re interested?”

“Oh God, yes,” Seriously, how had the woman not noticed? Her TARDIS had, and Ryan certainly had! “I’ve fancied you for a while now.”

“You’re beautiful, Yasmin, but I didn’t want to scare you away,” The Doctor took one of Yasmin’s hands in hers. “I suppose Ryan decided we needed some help realising our interest in each other.”

Yasmin wasn’t sure whether she was going to punch Ryan or hug him once they got out of the garden. She let the Doctor lead her to the bed, where they both removed their outer clothes. The Doctor was staring at her with a hungry expression.

“I thought… The TARDIS told me you’re not particularly into the whole sex thing,” Yasmin was interested in her Doctor, but she didn’t want to rape her.

“The TARDIS told you? Oh, bother,” The Doctor shook her head. “Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’m not as interested in the whole sex thing as you humans are, but I can find it pleasurable, provided it’s with someone I have an emotional bond with.”

“Oh,” Yasmin nodded. She’d heard of something like that at a Pride parade she attended once. “Like demisexual? Only being attracted to someone once you already feel emotionally connected to them?”

The Doctor smiled as she reached around to undo Yasmin’s bra. “Bit like that, yeah.”

Breathing heavily, Yasmin leaned forward to kiss The Doctor. Up close, the smell of the flower was intoxicating, and she could see why The Doctor was having so strong a reaction. The Doctor kissed Yasmin intensely, like she wanted to devour her whole, as she pushed her down onto the bed. Yasmin’s entire body felt like it was on fire.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman before?” The Doctor murmured to Yasmin.

Yasmin nodded, almost unable to speak properly from the waves of feelings crashing into her. She was sure that the sex she’d had before would pale in comparison to sex with someone as experienced as The Doctor must be, though. She reached out to grab the Doctor against her, hand covering her butt. The Doctor squirmed against her hand as Yasmin removed the cotton-feeling underwear.

How on earth had she gotten this lucky? Sure, traveling with the Doctor meant frequent risks to her life, but it also meant this kind of thing, apparently. A gorgeous blonde alien woman on top of her, kissing down her body. Yasmin’s heart was racing out of control as she grasped at the bed sheets, already desperate. “Ryan is an asshole!” she said, only half meaning it.

“Really?” The Doctor looked up at her, eyes dark. “I think I’d quite like to thank him for this.”

Okay, so that was a reasonable thing to say, too. The Doctor’s head lowered again, in between her legs this time. The flower that Yasmin had put behind her ear brushed her inner thigh, and Yasmin groaned as The Doctor buried herself in her.

She was right. The Doctor was good at this. Her tongue swirled around Yasmin’s clit, giving her enough stimulation to push her to the edge but not quite enough to put her over it just yet. “Doctor, please,” she squealed.

The Doctor lifted her head up again, and Yasmin moaned at the lack of contact, rubbing her thighs together to try to get some friction until the Doctor forced a hand between them, palm to her vulva, holding them apart but not giving her what she needed. “Please, what?”

She lifted her head up from the pillow, looking at the Doctor. “Please let me come,”

“Okay, since you’re so cute about it,” The Doctor teased her, and put her mouth back between her legs, fingers inserted into and fucking her cunt while she teased her clit.

Yasmin came with a burst, liquid coating the Doctor’s fingers. The Doctor sat up and removed her fingers from Yasmin’s cunt, licking them. God, that was hot.

“You’re gorgeous,” Yasmin said, her voice breathy now.

“Yasmin, I want you,” Her eyes looked into Yasmin’s, and she couldn’t possibly resist. She scooted obediently towards the end of the bed, where the Doctor was sitting against one of the pillars, legs spread.

Yasmin leaned forward, pressing her mouth against The Doctor’s body, first kissing gently and then sucking. The Doctor moaned, fingers digging into Yasmin’s scalp. It should have been painful, but maybe the magic of the flowers dulled the pain, or maybe Yasmin was kinkier than she wanted to admit, because right now she couldn’t imagine disliking the Doctor doing anything to her. The Doctor, who had clearly noticed her previous reaction to the flower touching her skin, trailed a hand between her breasts, rubbing the flower against her nipples. Yasmin whimpered against the blonde woman’s vagina, briefly stopping her mouth’s movement before the Doctor pinched her nipples in a clear reprimand, which Yasmin liked entirely too much. She sucked at the Doctor’s clit, and the woman came, crying out.

The Doctor stroked Yasmin’s hair as she sat up and leaned against her. “So, I’m not sure I’d call this tranquility, but it was certainly fun.”

Yasmin laughed, cuddling up to her. “Maybe we should take some of these back to the TARDIS.”