Doctor Who Prompts

Create or use fanfiction prompts for the amazing sci-fi show that is Doctor Who! Crossovers, one-shots, and multi-chapters are all allowed. Feel free to come and join the fun.

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Welcome, Doctor Who fanfiction writer! Feel free to add your own prompt or fulfill one of the ones given. This is the first challenge I'm creating, so I may have messed up. If so, I'll try to fix it in the coming days.



Can I submit a prompt if I haven't answered any?
Sure! You don't have to respond to a prompt in order to post one.

What type of works can be written to fulfill prompts?
Works must include elements from either Doctor Who or one of its spin-offs (Torchwood, Class, etc.). Crossovers are allowed, but if the prompt says not to write one, don't write one. Both one-shot and multi-chapter stories are allowed, though if the prompt giver specifies one or the other, please follow their instructions.

Can I modify prompts?
Only if the prompt giver says you can.



Anyone can create a plot. All prompts must be fulfilled with a Doctor Who story, or a crossover that includes Doctor Who. If the person writing the prompt gives any additional instructions, please follow them. If you do not want your prompt to be fulfilled by stories with certain ratings, parings, etc., please say so. I have discovered that it displays the maximum rating you choose as the rating for the prompt. If you have a minimum rating please state this in the text of the prompt.