Dark Agenda Archive

A collection for fanworks created in the spirit of Dark Agenda, but not produced for any other challenges we've hosted, e.g. Chromatic Remix Redux, Chromatic Yuletide, Kaleidoscope and Racebending Revenge, to promote representation and responsible portrayal of chromatic sources, characters or people.

We welcome artworks, fiction, graphics, vids and other fanworks in English, in non-English languages or in both, but particularly in English dialects and non-English languages associated with chromatic cultures, from all sources with chromatic characters or people, especially sources by chromatic creators: from animations to books & literature to folklore & mythology to movies to music to real people to sequential art to theater to TV shows to video games and including anime/manga/manhua/manhwa, Bollywood, C-Pop/K-Pop/J-Pop, fantaserye/telefantasya, komiks, lakorns, Nollywood, telenovela, tokusatsu and wuxia to name a few commonly known and region-specific genre terms. However, any fanworks submitted to this collection must be centered around at least one chromatic character.

(Open, Unmoderated)

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