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Rose Takes Charge

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Rose looked from the Doctor to Jack and back again, her tongue caught between her teeth, eyes sparkling.

“D’you know what, fuck it,” she said finally, marching over to the Doctor, taking his face between her hands and kissing him soundly.

“Language, Rose!” he choked out once the kiss broke. Rose stood in front of him, hands now on her hips.

“Jack,” she said. “Get over here.”

He came over so fast he could have teleported. “Yes, Rose?”

“Kiss him,” she said, her head jerking toward the Doctor, who looked slightly dazed.

“Yes, ma’am!” Jack answered. He kissed the Doctor like everything depended on it, like obeying Rose’s order was the most pleasurable thing he could do.

The Doctor was breathing hard by the end of it but recovered the shreds of his dignity.

“My turn,” he said, and lunged for Rose. The kiss was awkward, sweet and slow. Rose wound her arms around the Doctor’s neck and held on.

“Come with me, both of you,” she said, slightly breathless. She led them out of the console room, down the corridor, to a bedroom with a large bed which had black sheets covered with stars that glowed in the dark.