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Lots of people love I Saw Three Ships, but it doesn't work for them for one reason or another: they'd rather make icons than write fanfiction, they don't want to be assigned their prompts, they don't want to deal with deadlines.

This is for you.

Pick a prompt, make something threesome-y for it, and post it here. Everyone loves a surprise!



Can I post a prompt without signing up for the regular I Saw Three Ships?

Yes. Anyone can post a prompt for the Cookie Jar.

I want to make a cookie that the Archive can't host, like images or a vid or audio. How do I get it up here?

Send an e-mail to with your files attached. I will upload them to and e-mail you back the URLs, and then you can include those as download links. If you want to embed, use one of the following services: Youtube, Vimeo,, Dailymotion, Viddler, Metacafe or 4shared.

Is this prompt meme anonymous?

It's only anonymous until January 13, when makers are revealed here and authors are revealed for I Saw Three Ships

Are there any minimums or maximums?

Nope! Post as much or as little as you are inspired to do.