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"The Mitchells will inherit the earth: the meek don't move fast enough." Kansas, my ass. An SG-1 shared universe.

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So ivorygates and synecdochic made up a bunch of crazy Southern relatives, operating under a policy of, "Fuck Canon, Fanon Makes More Sense, Dammit!" and before long there were several hundred thousand words of epic, and other people got in on it, and the plotbunnies kept multiplying, and there were spin-offs, and AUs of AUs, and ficathons, and well. The Mitchells shall inherit the earth.

Clan Mitchell is not necessarily a shared-continuity set of stories -- use as much or as little as you'd like -- but a shared-character-list and a place for people to build a shared-world. Grab a Mitchell and start writing. Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated. And probably baked for.



1. We're not fussy about which AU you're writing in. If your Mitchells hail from Black Mountain, we wants 'em. We want your JD Nielson, too, even if he's Cameronless. If you're not sure whether you belong here, err on the side of, "Yes, please!"

2. We have communities on Dreamwidth and Livejournal where you can find family trees and timelines, as well as fiction and art.

3. Synecdochic's SG-1 fiction, including the original Clan Mitchell story, Broken Wings, lives on her website, the world is not enough.