Chocolate Box - Round 1

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Sun 07 Feb 2016 11:59PM EST
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Chocolate Box is a low commitment exchange for both ships and gen combos, to be revealed for Valentines Day.



What is Chocolate Box?
Chocolate Box is an annual gift exchange for all fandoms, focusing on ships and gen combos. Participants must create either a story of at least 300 words, or a nice sketch that is not on lined paper. In return, they will receive a story of at least 300 words, or a nice sketch not on lined paper.

General schedule:
Nominations: 20 - 29 December
Signups: 1-7 January
Assignments go out: by 10 January
Posting deadline: 7 February
Story reveal: 14 February
Author reveal: 21 February

How does Chocolate Box work?
Chocolate Box has four stages: Nominations, Signups, Assignments, Reveals.

During Nominations, people use a form on the AO3 to submit the names of five fandoms they want to request or offer fanwork for, with up to 20 character combinations for each fandom.

During Signups, people use a form on the AO3 to sign up to request and offer to create fanwork in fandoms from the nominated list. While all participants are required to request at least three (with a maximum of ten) fandoms they wish to receive a gift for, they are only obligated to create one fanwork in a fandom they match on.

After signups, participants are matched up based on what they offered and requested, and Assignments are sent out. Participants have about four weeks to create a fanwork that fits the minimum criteria (but can, of course, exceed it!).
Stories must be posted to the Chocolate Box challenge on AO3 by the deadline of 7 February, where they will automatically appear as anonymous "Mystery Gifts" for the recipients.

On 14 February, the stories are Revealed, with author names still hidden. If authors wish to comment, they can but they will show up as Anonymous Creator until authors are revealed.

On 21 February, all authors will be revealed.

What can be nominated for Chocolate Box?
Anything! There are no restrictions.

I don't want to sign up for the challenge, but still want to participate. How can I do that?
You can be a beta reader or editor, cheer people on, create treats (read: additional gifts) for any requests that catch your eye, or pick up a pinch hit.

How is genfic and shipfic defined?
For this year, it's being defined by the Ancient Greek categories for love.
Shipfic: Eros
Genfic: Agape, Philia, and Storge.





How does nominating work?
Nominations will open on the AO3 collection on 20 December. Participants can nominate five fandoms, and 20 character combinations from each.

For this exchange if you want shipfic for characters then the nomination should look like this: Character A/Character B
If you want genfic for characters then the nomination should look like this: Character A&Character B.

As participants are matching based on the nature of the relationship, please choose your / or & carefully when nominating! Nominating Character A/Character B when you want genfic, for example, will only lead to disappointment later.

Can I change my mind about my nominations after I submit them?
Yes! Though I am approving tags fairly regularly so please keep that in mind.

How will larger continuity nominations be handled?
I will be posting to the comm with how larger continuities have been nominated so that participants can decide how they should be grouped.

You have to request stories in at least three fandoms. You can ask for up to ten fandoms if you want.

For each fandom, you can request 1 to 20 (nominated) character combinations. You can also request "Any" if you are happy for story about any character nominated. Please only choose "Any" if you really would like a story about any character combination in the tagset.

Please keep in mind that / and & mean very different things for this exchange. For example, if you want shipfic between Character A and B, and Character A&Character B is nominated, do not choose Character A&Character B and request shipfic in your prompt. This will not end well for anyone.

For each fandom you can request fanart, fanfiction, or both.

What are the details on my sign-up?
The details on the sign-up are any details you'd like to see in your gift fic. These details are optional to include, and are optional for your assigned writer to follow. The only thing your writer is required to follow are your fandom, character combination, fanwork preference and anything that you state is an absolute "do not want".

"Do not wants" do not include times where Character A/Character B is requested and the recipient says "I do not want shipfic".

What can I put in my details?
Anything you like. Your optional details are a guide to your assigned gifter about what kind of fanwork you would like. You can talk about characters you requested and what you like or don't like, characters not nominated but that you wouldn't mind appearing, what your thoughts are about crossovers and what they can be, plot ideas, or kinks you would like or not like. It is also where you tell your author what you do not want. Remember that these details are not required. It's ultimately your assigned gifter who decides what goes in the work. Please also remember to structure your additional details to address the fanwork. If you want art, for example, think about what prompt will help your artist create the fanart most suited to your preferences.

Dear Writer letters
"Dear Writer" letters are letters posted to journals or other spaces that give your assigned gifter a bit more information about why you picked the sources you did, what your likes and dislikes are, more detailed prompts, and so forth.

Like the "optional details" field, letters are entirely optional. You don't have to write one, and you're free to ignore your recipient's letter for the most part while creating your fanwork. Anything listed as a "Do Not Want", however, must not be included.

People who choose to write a letter can put the link in their signups, so that it can be found easily.




You have to offer to write in at least four fandoms. You can add two more for a total of ten fandoms, if you want.
In each fandom, you have to offer 2 to 20 nominated characters. You can also offer "Any" characters. Remember: Any means any combination of the characters nominated. Ask yourself whether you are sure you want to write any combination!

You also must offer to create a fic or artwork (or combinations of these) for each fandom.

Can I change my mind about my signup after I submit it?
So long as the signup period is still open, absolutely! You can find your signup form on your AO3 profile page: click on "Signups" in the left-hand navigation pane.

I'm only comfortable with one or two of the fandoms/characters on the list. Can I just offer/request those?
Unfortunately not. Given the broadness of this scope, especially with multiple fanworks, we need as broad a range of offers and requests as possible otherwise matching will be awful. Think of our livers.

I didn't get my assignment – what do I do?
It's possible that your spam filter ate the emailed assignment. Log in to your AO3 account and click the link for "Assignments" in the left-hand navigation pane in your Profile; your assignment should be there.

If it's not there, either, please contact the mod immediately at chocolateboxmod[at]gmail

Can I switch my assignment?
Assignments can't be changed under most circumstances. If the matching was in error on AO3's part (rare, but it could happen), let the mods know ASAP. Otherwise, you're free to contact the mod anyway, but the answer will probably be no.

Can I prepare a fanwork for any of my recipient's fandoms, even if I didn't sign up for them?
Sure! As long as you create a fanwork for one of the fandoms they requested, you're good.

Can I create more than one fanwork?
Sure! As long as by the due date you have prepared a complete fanwork for one of your recipient's fandoms, using the characters and media requested, then you can do as many fanworks as you like. The sky is the limit!

Am I guaranteed to be the only person creating something for my recipient?
No. Sometimes people are double assigned, and sometimes people see a prompt and write treats.

Will I get more than one gift?
It's not guaranteed. You might! But you also might not. You are guaranteed one gift.




How do I post my story?
Go to your Assignment page on AO3, which you can find under the "Assignments" link on your Profile page, or on the Chocolate Box subcollection page as "Your Assignment". You should see two buttons at the bottom of your assignment: "Post to fulfil", and "Default".

Click "Post to fulfil", and you'll be taken to a posting form. This will automatically post your story into the current year's challenge. It also has your recipient's name already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.

If you're posting a Treat, you won't have an assignment or "post to fulfil" button. Instead, go to the current challenge page on the AO3, and click on "Post To Collection" under the challenge title. This will take you to a form with the challenge collection name already filled in. Fill in the recipient's name manually, then fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.

Can I post my story before the deadline?
Sure! The posting form opens shortly after assignments go out. You're free to post whenever you want.

Can I edit my story after it's posted?
Yes, AO3 allows editing at any time.

Can I add author's notes?
You can, but they will be visible as soon as the stories are revealed. Be careful not to put anything here that would give away your identity.




What if I can't finish my story?
If you can't finish in time, you can default. This lets the mods know they need to find a pinch hitter to write a story for your recipient.

To default, go to your Assignment page on AO3, which you can find under the "Assignments" link on your Profile page, or on the Chocolate Box subcollection page as "Your Assignment". You should see two buttons at the bottom of your assignment: "Post to fulfil", and "Default".

Click the Default button, then click the confirmation on the popup that appears. The mods will be notified and will find a pinch hitter to fulfil your assignment.

What happens if I default?
You are no longer required to prepare a fanwork for that person. If you default and then are defaulted on in turn, then you are not guaranteed a gift.

This year there will not be any penalties.


Pinch Hits


What are pinch hits?
Pinch hits are assignments that the original author has had to default on, or rarely, assignments that couldn't be matched to any authors. As people default, pinch hits will be posted on the community so that anyone can choose to write for them.

Do I need to be signed up to be a pinch hitter?
Nope! Anyone with an AO3 account can sign up to be a pinch hitter. If you want to be notified of pinch hits, follow the comm. All pinch hits will be tagged with "pinch hit".

How do I claim a pinch hit?
Drop a comment onto the post with the pinch hit! Your comment will be screened and then the moderators will tell you whether you are assigned the fanwork or not. If you are not, please feel free to treat! It sucks to be defaulted on, especially if it is last minute, and your treat will only make a fellow participant happier.
Deadlines for pinch hits will depend on how late they go out. Last-minute pinch hits tend to get a little extra time.

How do I post my pinch hit?
Go to your Assignment page on AO3, which you can find under the "Assignments" link on your Profile page, or on the Chocolate Box subcollection page as "Your Assignment". You should see two buttons at the bottom of your assignment: "Post to fulfil", and "Default".

Click "Post to fulfil", and you'll be taken to a posting form. This will automatically post your story into the current year's challenge. It also has your recipient's name already filled in. All you need to do is fill in the rest of the form, preview it to make sure it looks okay, and post.