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Founded in 2000 and originally entitled "Boys in Chains: the slave!fic archive," the Chains archive is devoted to powerfic: stories about emotional bonds between people of different ranks or status. For example: master/slave, boss/employee, lord/liegeman, guard/prisoner, mentor/protégé, client/prostitute, officer/soldier, seme/yuke, or dominant/submissive.

Stories can be about gen relationships (such as family, friendship, romantic friendship, or smarm) or about relationships based on sexual attraction: m/m, f/f, m/f, or f/m. Transgender and genderqueer stories are welcome. Fan works, RPF, and original works are all welcome. See our collection's Profile for more about our history and rules, and this announcement post to learn more about the import.

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About Chains: The Powerfic Archive (chains)

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Back when we started in 2000, we were the best-known multifandom archive devoted to slavefic. Since then, we've expanded our mission to include fan works on all types of power-based relationships, as well as original works, RPF, and characters of all genders.

To quote from Fanlore: "Boys in Chains was a multifandom slash fan fiction archive (with a companion mailing list, boysinchains) devoted to fanworks about 'power inequalities' or 'structurally unequal relationships.' The original archive categories were slavefic, prisonfic, hookerfic, and Tie Me Up Fic (the archive's category for BDSM themes). The mission statement was expanded on 29 May 2007 to 'make it clear that list members may post fan fiction and original fiction in the categories of m/m slash, f/f slash, gen, and het. Yaoi, yuri, and gay/lesbian fiction are also welcomed.'"

You can read more at Fanlore about our history (NSFW).

Our LJ: powerfic (with ideas on the bottom half of the profile page for various types of power-based relationships).

Our list: boysinchains.

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This site was created and is maintained by delicate, etiquette-oriented young women who are looking for academic discussions about how slashing characters built in a capitalistic system reclaims our power.

**Long look**

Did you buy that? Poor, innocent sod.

Honestly, we like fic, we like boys and we like chains (although RavenD's not at all opposed to leather). This is a happy home for all of the above.



We just moved in and are in the midst of moving our archive, with the help of Open Doors.



(In the rules below, the word "story" means any type of media that AO3 accepts. We've been multimedia-friendly from the start.)

Difference in rank (power difference, hierarchy) must play an important role in the story. The story must be about people who form emotional bonds.

In addition to stories focussing on people of different ranks, stories can be included in which the people of different ranks aren't the sole focus of the story – for example, a mistress/servant story in which two servants form emotional bonds with each other.

The characters can be emotionally bonded for a long period or a short period. The bonds can be positive, negative, or both.

Please tag for the types of relationships in your story (for example, master/slave, servant/servant), so that readers can easily find the type of story they want to read.