BDSM Fanfiction

BDSM fic set in any fandom. Consentual only, please. Dub-con accepted.

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About BDSM Fanfiction (bdsm_fic)

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A collection for any fan work involving BDSM practices, so long as more than a passing mention is made in the story.

Should be a consentual act between two (or more) people. May involve some dub-con, so long as it is made obvious that the one struggling is not struggling against the idea, but their own feelings/preferences/something else.

Pain-play (including bloodplay)
Bodily fluids

Not Allowed:
Torture (of the painful kind without consent)
Fics that tear down BDSM practices



What genres of stories are allowed (ie, het, slash, femslash)?
All types of pairings are allowed. Even solos, threesomes or moresomes. Please make sure your story is tagged appropriately so that readers will be able to find your fic easier.

I have a fic centered around a certain BDSM practice that is not on your "allowed" list. Can I post it?
So long as both partners are agreeing to the practice (even if not "onscreen" in the story itself), then yes, it is allowed. So long as your fic doesn't violate the other two non-allowed rules.

I don't see my fandom on the list of currently collected works. Should I add my fic to this collection?
Please do! The more the merrier. I know there are many more fandoms out there that have BDSM practices. I would love this to become a well-rounded collection.

My fic is very tame/extreme compared to what I see collected here. Maybe it's not right for this collection?
All ratings and styles are welcome here, so long as consent is given. Just because your fic seems tamer or more extreme doesn't mean we wouldn't like to have it in the collection.