Shousetsu Bang*Bang

Established in 2005, Shousetsu Bang*Bang was founded with the intention of being an online, English-language text equivalent of one of those All Yomikiri Bimonthly Summer Special 100 Extra Pages!! manga phonebooks where every story is a complete romance, self-contained in 30 pages, and heartwarmingly predictable. It has evolved to include explicit queer content between participants of various genders, sexualities, and bodies. All stories in the issues contain stories of sexy romance, are between 1500 and 25,000 words (save for the December issues, which have no upper word limit.) Though tone and subject vary from story to story, the spirit of the ‘zine is one that encourages true love and happy endings.

This Collection is the AO3 archive for stories that ran in past issues of SSBB.

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