The Aurors Prompt-Fest

A prompt fest for The Aurors, a fan trailer for a TV show that never existed (but should!). Think "Harry Potter + Cop Drama," and you have the general idea.

(Open, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)

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The formal challenge is over; our thanks to everyone who participated! The collection remains open for new stories, though. If you want to claim a prompt, fulfill an old claim, or just write a story that fits the vibe of The Aurors, feel free to add it in.


Are you fan of cop dramas on TV? Is Mad-Eye Moody one of your favorite Harry Potter characters? Ever wish the series had chucked Quidditch in favor of more Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Then you would like The Aurors, the TV show that, alas, never existed. Except here, in fanfic form! This is a prompt meme inspired by that fan "trailer," for readers and writers who would love to see a grittier, more adult Harry Potter, focused on the men and women (and possibly some non-humans, too) who defend both the wizarding and Muggle worlds against evil magic.

Signups are now closed, which means no new prompts can be added. You can still claim prompts (i.e. stake out one for writing), whether you're signed up for the challenge or not, and you have until January 8th at 8 p.m. EST to write and upload your work(s). They'll be anonymous to begin with; author reveal will follow a week later. (If you need an AO3 account, ping swan_tower or starlady38 on LJ, or starlady on DW. We'll hook you up with an invite.)



1) Does this have to involve the canon characters?

Nope. It can -- if you want to submit a prompt for the Further Adventures of Harry Potter, Rookie Auror, go ahead. But you can just as easily make up new characters. In fact, we expect a lot of OCs to show up in these stories.

2) Do I have to stick to what we see in that fan trailer?

Not at all. If you want to see a story about that new Auror or that recruitment agent, you can certainly ask for it; but you're also welcome to imagine any other possibilities. (Including non-human Aurors: canon has restrictions on house-elves etc using wands, at least in Britain, and certainly there are logistical difficulties with having a centaur charging around in public, but this fest is open to any revisions in that regard.)

3) Can the stories be set in places other than Britain?

Absolutely! Just as cops are found in many parts of the real world (but aren't necessarily the same in every place), you can treat Aurors as a widespread concept in the wizarding world. Feel free to ask for a story about Aurors in Chicago or Shanghai or Tel Aviv.



(If you're unfamiliar with prompt challenges, go to the bottom for clarification.)

You don't have to sign up to claim prompts! If you just want to write for this, and don't have any requests, that's just fine. Likewise, if you really want to see a particular idea out there, but don't have the time or interest for writing anything, you can sign up but not fill any prompts.

You may submit up to seven prompts.

There is no "fandom" field because all the prompts are assumed to be for the Harry Potter series. If your prompt involves a crossover, you can mention this in the description.

You may specify characters if you wish to, out of the canonical tags existing in the AO3 database, but it isn't required. Many, if not most, of these stories are likely to be about original characters.

The freeform tags are what it says on the tin: freeform. There are some on the AO3 that are common (like "crossover" or whatever), but you can also make up anything you like.

You are welcome, but not required, to specify a rating (e.g. if your prompt is uber-violent, you can mark it as "Mature," or if it's comic, choose "Gen"). If you choose multiple ratings, it indicates you'd be happy with a story at any of those levels.

The only required field is the description -- that's your prompt! In brief or at length, tell us what kind of story you'd like to see somebody write.


For those new to prompt challenges
Unlike a gift exchange, this doesn't involve one-to-one matching, one writer, one recipient. Instead, it's more like brainstorming: your signup consists of ideas for "Aurors" stories, and then participants can browse the list and "claim" prompts they want to write. Multiple people can claim the same prompt, and the same person can claim multiple prompts. We ask you to be careful that your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach, though; don't claim nine prompts if you're not sure you can write nine stories.

This does mean it's possible that a given participant may find, at the end, that none of their prompts were claimed. The idea is just to produce stories of a "Harry Potter Cop Drama" variety; we hope you'll enjoy the results as a whole.