Asexy Valentines

The Asexy Valentines Fest will run from February 7-February 21, giving people a range of time to create and post content for it. Valentine's Day is about affection, not sex; asexual and/or aromantic folks can enjoy the holiday too. This is an opportunity to celebrate love and romance for their own sake, outside the expectation of sexual consummation. All types of material are welcome -- fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, music, etc. All fandoms (along with original content or crossovers) are welcome. See the Ace Manifestos Project for character ideas. (More additions to that would also be great for this fest.) Anything that inspires you in the way of asexy romance is all fine!

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About Asexy Valentines (asexy_valentines)

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In terms of characterization and relationship dynamics, this includes:
* canonically asexual and/or aromantic characters.
* canonically plausible but unspecified characters written as aces/aros.
* canonically sexual and/or romantic characters rewritten as aces/aros.
* sexual characters who don't feel like rushing into the sex but want to enjoy the romance for its own sake.
* people of any orientation who service the romantic action (florists, chocolatiers, movie ushers, etc.).
* self-affection and other intrapersonal matters.
* relationships that occupy similar conceptual territory and experiences, such as queerplatonic.
* any flavor of primary relationship that is nonsexual and/or nonromantic.
* any combination of the above.
* anything else with some kind of asexy romance context.

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