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Welcome to Artifact Storage Room 3! This collection is a fanfiction archive for the television show The Sentinel, created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo.

For information about The Sentinel, please check out this Wikipedia entry.

Artifact Storage Room 3 is open to new works that meet the requirements.

The import of this archive to the AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee on 20 November 2017, and began in February 2018. The archive import was completed August 2018.

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This collection contains works originally located at Artifact Storage Room 3, which were imported to the Archive of Our Own through the Open Doors Project. You can learn more about the import in the import announcement.



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Submission guidelines from the original site (some details may no longer be accurate and links may no longer work):

Artifact Storage Room 3 is a fan fiction archive for the television show, 'The Sentinel'. Therefore fiction posted here should be about the characters in the show and not the actors.

Categories There is a wide variation in the use of certain categories depending on fandoms and personal preferences. Artifact Storage Room 3 uses the following definitions:
Gen - Stories with no romantic or sexual relationships of any kind.
Het - Stories featuring romantic or sexual relationships between persons of the opposite gender
Slash - Stories featuring romantic or sexual relationships between persons of the same gender
For the purposes of these definitions, rape is not considered to fit within any of these categories, and the gender of the participants is irrelevant. A gen story might include references to, or depictions of, rape, but should have appropriate warnings and ratings for violence. A het story might include references to, or depictions of, rape committed by a person of the same gender as the victim, but that is not the same as slash.

Crossovers are welcome, but should give TS characters at least equal time with the crossover characters of the other show/film/book etc. The archive has a disclaimer for The Sentinel, but please add suitable disclaimers for the specific show/film/book/s included in your story.

Plagiarism is theft: i.e. taking another person’s work and claiming the benefits (e.g. fannish accolades) from it - and will not be tolerated. If clearly, deliberately, plagiarised stories are found on this site, the stories will be removed and the author banned. For examples of this type of plagiarism you may wish to visit the stop-plagiarism community on Livejournal.

Where issues are less clear-cut, a particular story may be removed, and the author requested to alter the doubtful material. Plagiarism accusations create difficult situations and the admins will do their best to resolve them. Their decision will be final.

Most subject matter is accepted, so long as warnings and appropriate ratings are attached. The archive doesn't accept paedophilic stories, however, by which we mean stories depicting young adolescents or pre-pubescent children in explicit or suggestive sexual situations. Stories dealing with the sexual abuse of children or adolescents should clearly identify that the situation is sexually abusive and should not be overly explicit. Where your story may involve characters under the age of legal consent (which is eighteen in the USA, and sixteen in the UK or NZ for example) engaging in consensual sex, please warn appropriately.

Please use the summary field to give readers an idea of what your story is about, and please use the warning option, especially if your story may be triggering in regard to subjects such as incest, rape or abuse.

If you feel that the warnings may spoil the story for some readers, you can use the "Unspecified" warning option, but must also indicate the nature of the warning in the "End Notes" field, which will place the warning at the bottom of the story. Sensitive readers should take responsibility for reading any such warnings before reading the story. If there are appropriate warnings in the story, then no complaints will be accepted by the admins regarding the content of the story.

Everyone makes a typo or misses something in the proof-reading. However, please make every effort to ensure that your story is readable and not riddled with errors. Some members of this archive are willing to offer beta services. You can also remove your stories for further editing, or use the online edit feature. Please see the Technical FAQ for information on how to do this.

Artifact Storage Room 3 accepts both completed stories and WIPs (Works in Progess). Other categories are Round Robins and Series. Please be sure to label them correctly when uploading the stories, however the story settings can be edited afterwards if an error is made.

Series are designated by the author and can be open for other authors to contribute, or closed. If the series is closed only the original author can add to the series. The series does not need to be finished in order to be uploaded.

For the purposes of this archive, a series is considered a group of stories, complete in themselves but forming a longer arc of stories. If you are uploading incomplete stories (i.e. chapters) to a series, please don't mark as completed. However if the story is complete in itself, although part of a series, then it should be marked as completed.

Round Robins are open for all members to contribute to. Each part should be appropriately rated and warned by the contributor.

Art can be posted, subject to the size restrictions of maximum 500 pixels in height and/or width. See the relevant FAQ for more information on how to do this. All artwork should be warned appropriately and have the relevant categories and a summary included when posting.

Music vids and Audio fic cannot be posted directly to the archive, but a link to the video or audio files can be posted. Again, all Music vids and Audio fics must be appropriately labelled and warned for. In addition, please include information about file size, format, and any other relevant information.

In the case of Audio fic, the poster must include a disclaimer that they are posting with the express permission of the person who wrote the fic. See the relevant FAQ for more information on how to do this.