All In The Family 2017

An exchange for relationships between family members.

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Sun 28 May 2017 11:59PM EDT
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This exchange is focused on relationships between family members. The schedule and rules are below.

2017 Schedule:

Nominations begin: March 1
Nominations end: March 16, 11:59 PM EDT
Sign-ups begin: March 19
Sign-ups end: April 2, 11:59 PM EDT
Assignments out by: April 9
Assignments due: May 28, 11:59 PM EDT
Archive goes live: June 4, time dependent on when all pinch hits have been turned in
Authors/artists revealed: June 11

Where I have not specified a time, that means I'll do it when I have a moment that day, but most likely in the morning or early afternoon.

Exchange updates, including any delays, will be posted on the dreamwidth. You can ask questions in the comments there, or email me at If your question would break your anonymity, please email me, but otherwise you're free to use either form of contact.



Does every person in a nominated relationship have to be related to all the others?
At least two of the characters in the relationship must be canonically related, but you're free to add in unrelated characters as well. Example: Buffy Summers & Dawn Summers & Anya.

Are married coupled considered family for this exchange?

Is incest allowed?
Yes, provided it is in the tagset and your recipient has requested it. Relationships with "/" are pairings, while relationships with "&" are platonic, so you may not write incest for "&" relationships.

Is RPF allowed?
For long-dead historical figures, yes. For still-living/recently-living persons or persons with still-living/recently-living close relatives, no. For anything in-between or other borderline cases, it will be at my discretion.

When should relationships be nominated as a crossover, and when should they be nominated under one of the canons in question?
When the characters are from different universes, that is a crossover relationship. Example: Peter Maximoff (X-Men Movies) & Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

If the characters exist in the same universe/continuity, they should be able to be nominated under that universe/continuity. Where that universe/continuity is split in the tag set (examples: the Star Wars movies are split into the original trilogy, prequel trilogy, and The Force Awakens; the X-Men movies are split into the original and alternate timelines), use your best judgement or ask me.

If the relationship you want to nominate is in-between these examples or is borderline in some way, please ask me before nominating/post an explanation to DW when nominating.

Can I make someone something in a medium they didn't request? (A vid for someone requesting art, fic for someone requesting a vid, etc.)
Since matching will include medium, your official assignment must be in (at least one of) your recip's requested medium(s) for that fandom.

Pinch hits must be in the requested mediums UNLESS the pinch hit has lingered a while and gone out again, at which point other mediums will be allowed, provided the recipient has not DNW'd them. (There will always be a mod note specifying this when it applies.)

Treats may be in any allowed medium, provided the recipient has not listed it as a DNW in the AO3 signup for that fandom.

But I don't want to receive [fic/art/vids] for X fandom at all, not even for treats.
If there's a medium you absolutely do not want to receive at all, include it as a DNW in your AO3 signup for every fandom in which you do not want to receive it. If you DNW a medium, go to pinch hit, and linger, I will not allow a pinch hit in the DNW'd medium...but I may contact you to ask you to add fandoms/relationships to your requests instead.

Can I write a letter?
Yes! There is a section on signups where you can link your letter. There will also be a letters post on DW.

Please note that any hard DNWs MUST be posted in your AO3 signup in order to be enforced. Since letters can be edited at any time, this is the only way to be fair to everyone.

My assignment isn't working for me/real life happened so I can't finish it/etc
If you will be unable to complete your assignment for ANY reason, please use the Default button on your AO3 Assignment page. You do NOT need to contact me separately, and you do NOT have to explain why you are defaulting.

I can't finish my assignment by the deadline, but I definitely can before the collection opens. Can I post a placeholder?
Everything in the collection at the deadline should pass the hit by a bus test (meaning, if you get hit by a bus two minutes after posting, your work is complete enough that I won't have to send it out for an emergency pinch hit after the collection opens). It's fine to add material after the deadline, or even make something completely different and swap it out before the deadline, but every version of your posted assignment should pass the bus test when it is posted.

I will be checking all works at the deadline to make sure they are at least 1000 words, or are a complete drawing/video. Anything I find that's clearly a placeholder at that time will be sent to pinch hit. Placeholders located after the collection goes live will result in banning next year if I run this exchange again.

Is there a penalty for defaulting?
If you default, and your assigned person also defaults, you will not go to pinch hit. Other than that, there is no penalty.

I really hate my already-posted assignment and want to default after all?
If it's before the assignment deadline (May 28, 11:59PM), delete it and default. If it's anytime after that, you're better off orphaning it or sticking it in an anonymous collection. The eleventh-hour deletion of an assignment/pinch hit will be considered malicious in nature, and you will be banned from this exchange and any other I run in the future.

But what if I want to delete my fic like a year from now? Is that still a bannable offense?
Nope! The above rule is in place solely to help ensure the exchange runs smoothly. While I strongly prefer people orphan gift fics instead of deleting them, I am not going to try to control what people do with their own works once the exchange is over.

How does pinch hitting work?
Pinch hits will be posted on dreamwidth with comments screened. You may claim a pinch hit by posting on the screened post, or by emailing me ( Pinch hits are first come, first served. Please make sure to include your AO3 username and the pinch hit #/AO3 username associated with the assignment you are trying to claim.

Pinch hits that go out at least a week before deadline will have the same deadline as regular assignments. Pinch hits that go after that will have a later deadline, which will depend on what day they go out.

Can I have more than one outstanding pinch hit?
No. Please finish and post your first pinch hit before attempting to claim another.

Can I sign up with multiple accounts?
No. Please sign up with only one account. If you sign up with multiple accounts and I catch it before assignments go out, all of your known signups will be deleted. If you sign up with multiple accounts and I catch it after assignments have been sent out, you will not be sent to pinch hit if any of your accounts are defaulted on unless/until you have completed your assignment for that particular account (note: this will apply to proven and suspected multiple accounts).



For the purposes of this exchange, characters are considered related if they are canonically family by birth, marriage, fostering, adoption, or otherwise consider each other family in canon. If you're not sure if a relationship you want to nominate counts, or you want to make things easier and explain a non-obvious relationship to me (ALWAYS appreciated!), please contact me on DW or email me (

"&" denotes a platonic relationship, while "/" denotes a sexual/romantic one.

Requests: You may request 1-20 relationships in 3-10 different fandoms.

Offers: You may offer 1-20 relationships in 4-10 different fandoms.

Assignments: Fics must be a minimum of 1000 words and complete, art must be a finished piece (not on lined paper), and vids must be a minimum of 1 minute long and complete. Your assignment must be in (at least one) of your recipient's requested mediums.

Treats: May be any length/size, but must still be complete. Treats may be in any medium except those DNW'd by the recipient.

While you do not have to create a work using your recipient's exact prompts, you must respect any DNWs included in their AO3 signup (with some exceptions, mentioned below).

In the event that DNWs conflict with the actual request, you may create a work based on what you offered. If someone prompts only "&" for a relationship, but requested the "/" tag, you may create a "/" work for that relationship. If someone says "no fic" but their request is tagged "Fic," you may write a fic for them.

In the event that a DNW seems to be an attempt to force you to write only one specific prompt (Example: "DNW: Anything except a post-movie scene where Peter tells Erik he's his son."), you may ignore that DNW. If in doubt, email me to ask (

If you are unable to complete your assignment, please default via AO3 as soon as possible. If you default, and your assigned person also defaults, you will not go to pinch hit.

Pinch hits will be posted to DW with the comments screened. Each person may have only one outstanding pinch hit at a time.

Works should at least appear to be complete when posted to AO3. Any obviously incomplete works or placeholders I find at/after the deadline will be defaulted and sent to pinch hit.

Unless the gift(s) you receive contain DNWs, you should take the time to read/look at/watch it and leave a comment for the person who made it for you.

Bannable offenses include: plagiarism; placeholders/incomplete works found after the collection opens that cause an emergency pinch hit; creating troll works for the purpose of upsetting your recipient; the eleventh-hour deletion of an assignment or pinch hit (meaning a deletion occurring after May 28).