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Hello everyone! Welcome to the ao3 collection for all the fanfics written during YoonMin week in May and October.

Coming up first is May 2018.

DAY 1 (May 6th): Hanahaki Disease
DAY 2 (May 7th): Spring Break AU
DAY 3 (May 8th): First Time (meeting, date, kiss)
DAY 4 (May 9th): Disability AU (missing limb, hard of hearing)
DAY 5 (May 10th): Pornstar/Camboy AU or Barista AU
DAY 6 (May 11th): Mythical Creatures AU (mermaids, dragons, elves, vampires)
DAY 7 (May 12th): AI/Robot AU

More information on the YoonMin week twitter (@yoonminweek)



Q. What is YoonMin Week?

A. It's an appreciation week where everyone creates and shares content for the ship YoonMin.

Q. How can I participate?

A. You can participate by posting your fanfics to this collection based on the given prompt of each day on each day (you don't have to follow the prompts if you don't want to but it is preferred). If you want to create and share other content like photos, videos, gifs, edits, fanarts, headcanons or prompts, you can do so through twitter.

Q. Can I make content in another language than English?

A. Absolutely! Let's love YoonMin in all the languages we can!

Q. What do I do if I'm too late with my content?

A. The collection will be open year round, so If you find out about YoonMin week after it's passed then don't worry because you can still participate.

Q. I have other questions?

A. Reach out to me through DM on either twitter, email, or curiouscat (https://curiouscat.me/yoonminweek)



1. YoonMin has to be the main ship of your story. Other side-ships are allowed but the focus has to be on YoonMin.

2. Other ships that include either Yoongi or Jimin still aren't allowed.

3. Please tag and rate properly!

4. Do not steal other people's works! This includes reposting, claiming, any kind of plagiarism.

6. Last and most importantly, have fun! <3