We Heart Peter 2018

This is a Valentine's Day fic gift exchange that centers on pairings including Peter Hale from Teen Wolf.

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Wed 14 Feb 2018 12:00AM EST
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Wed 21 Feb 2018 12:00AM EST
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Welcome to the We Heart Peter 2018 fic gift exchange! Who doesn't love getting gifts, especially on a day like Valentine's Day?

This exchange is for people that enjoy reading and writing fics centered around Peter Hale. Do you want to see him woo someone (or someones)? Do you want to read about Peter being woo-ed? Maybe you just want some good old fashioned smut, or angst, or fluff featuring our favorite snarky resurrected werewolf.

Ask, and you shall receive. In turn, you will get the opportunity to fulfill someone else's Peter Hale request. Everyone gets something, and everyone writes something. Simple as that.



Important dates:
Nov 1-Nov 30: sign-ups are open
Dec 6: fic assignments are sent out
Jan 14: author check in
Feb 7: due date for fics
Feb 14: fics are revealed
Feb 21: authors are revealed

Signing Up

• Sign ups will open on November 1 and run until November 30.
(Here is info on how fic exchange fics work.)
•To make this easier, I decided to keep all ships strictly Teen Wolf cast only. No cross-overs. You can request fusion fics with your TW Peter ship of choice.
You must make at least three requests, but may make up to five.
You must offer at least three pairings, but may offer up to six.
•For each prompt and offer, you will be able to mark any/all Archive Warnings you are willing to read/write.
•While prompts don't need to be Valentine's Day themed, they should focus on Peter. Platonic and poly/moresome as well as incestuous ships are also welcome.
• During your sign-up, please list likes and dislikes. Detailed info helps your author produce something both of you will enjoy.
•Space is given to link to a Dear Author letter. If you would like to link me your DA letter to be added to a round-up post, please fill out this form.
• Authors need to check in with me on January 14 to give a general indicator of progress.

Pinch Hitting
•Pinch hitters are real MVPs in the fic exchange world. Sometimes people need to drop out of an exchange for family or personal reasons. I will be opening a sign-up form via my tumblr closer to the author check-in date.

•Assignments will be sent out by December 6, giving writers 8 weeks to complete their assignment due February 7.
•Please remember: prompt assignments are suggestions to get an author started. The finished product may not exactly resemble the prompt, because of creative differences, writer's limits, or even a fickle muse. All prompts are given and filled in good faith--flaming the author is not appropriate.
Submitted fics should be at least 1,000 words. Treat fics may be any length.
•Treat fics may be posted to the collection at any point before or on Feb 14.
Beta readers are not required, but they are encouraged.
•This is an anonymous fic exchange. Please do not discuss the details of your assignment on public platforms until after author reveals Feb 21.
•Please check in with me on or by Jan 14.

•Fics will be revealed Feb 14, anonymously
•Authors will be revealed Feb 21.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact me on on tumblr.



•Fics must be at least 1,000 words in length (no maximum length), complete, and stand on their own (not part of an existing series) when posted.

•There will be no shaming of kink or pairing preference. Be nice to each other.

•If you end up needing to back out of the challenge, please let me know ASAP so I can find a pinch hitter.

•Fics must be posted to the collection by the due date, but you may tweak and edit your fic after posting until the day of gift fic reveals. I will be checking each fic to make sure it is complete before turning them live.