Taking Methos' advice, Richie decides to go to college in Washington DC. Joe Dawson's friend Ducky becomes his Watcher and gets him a part-time job at NCIS.

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This is the collection NCIS/Highlander crossover stories written by Idontlikegravy and StrangeVisitor7.

Stories are listed in chronological order and not necessarily in the order they were written.


If You Can Take the Peanut from My Hand... by StrangeVisitor7: Methos gives some sage advice to Richie.

Getting Back on Track by Idontlikegravy : Richie returns to racing to earn a little money for college

Empty Nest by StrangeVisitor7: Richie is going to college and Joe needs to find him a Watcher

Abby and The Immortal by StrangeVisitor7: Walking home Abby stumbles upon an improbable scene and meets an unusual man.

Educating Abby by Idontlikegravy: After witnessing a Challenge, Abby demands some answers from Richie Ryan....

Meet The Mallards by StrangeVisitor7: Richie finally meets the Mallards and moves in. He is still unaware that Ducky and Abby are co-workers.

Immortal 101 by Idontlikegravy: Ducky begins to teach Abby what it means to be a Watcher.

The Tattoo by StrangeVisitor7: Abby finds out about the Watcher tattoo

Common Ground by Idontlikegravy : Richie has a tech job at NCIS and meets Tony

Bonding over Beer and Babes by Idontlikegravy: Tony and Richie go out for a drink.

This Is How It Works by StrangeVisitor7: Abby finally sees Richie duel and fulfills her first duty as a Watcher.

A Day in the Death of Tony di Nardo by : Richie reflects on his friendship with Tony

Renewed Acquaintances by Idontlikegravy : Richie and Ducky have a large headache when an unexpected guest arrives in autopsy...

A Lie Well Told by Idontlikegravy: Gibbs questions Methos about the death of his 'brother'.

Ducky's Nephew by StrangeVisitor7: Gibbs has his suspicions about Ducky's nephew Richie but isn't getting any answers


The Blaine Identity by StrangeVisitor7: Gibbs' gut tells him Richie isn't who he says he is and Gibbs' gut is never wrong.

The Blaine Ultimatum by StrangeVisitor7: Gibbs is closing in on the truth. Richie decides he has no choice but to leave Abby and Ducky behind.

The Gibbs Supremacy by StrangeVisitor7: Gibbs wants the truth and he wants it now

The Gibbs Sanction by StrangeVisitor7: Ducky and Abby have told Gibbs all about Immortals. Will he allow Richie to keep working at NCIS or have him arrested for using a false identity?

A Tangled Web by Idontlikegravy: Now that Gibbs knows about Immortals he confronts Adam Clifford (aka Methos) about the murder of his "brother".

Manhunt by Idontlikegravy: The search for Methos' "killer" continues with the FBI wanting a piece of the action

You show me your by idontlikegravy: Abby and Methos talk tatoos