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Welcome to the Vidding Exercises community, Vexercises! This is for newbie, aspiring, and experienced fan video makers alike. This is a stressful time, and I know many (us mods included!) are looking for distraction--we hope this will be a productive distraction opportunity!

We've developed a set of exercise prompts for one minute videos that will help you stretch your creativity within a set of defined constraints. These exercises were originally inspired by the videographic criticism exercises, but these of course are specific to fan videos/fan edits/fmvs, whatever you want to call them!

We'll launch a new exercise every two weeks, with a check-in post in between. As you work, you can ask questions, share your progress, make suggestions for adjusted or new exercises, etc. at the community page.

If you come after the exercises are already in motion, no worries! You can do it on your own schedule, or try to catch up. We've also posted all the exercises in advance in case anyone is feeling particularly like plunging on ahead.

March 17th: First exercise drops!
March 24rd: Check in!
March 30th: First exercise due! (For those of you who need firm due dates, this is very firm!! (For those of you who don't, it's not... :D)
March 31th: Second exercise drops
April 7th: Check in!
April 13th: Second exercise due!
April 14th: Third exercise drops



Refer to this post!



Refer to this post!